Install MIUI 12-Based ROM on Xiaomi/Redmi Devices [Giude]

After Xiaomi launched the beta version of MIUI 11 last September 2019, developers of ROMs have released the first version of ROM which came based on the Chinese beta version for the latest version of MIUI interface at that time. The situation also did not differ with the MIUI 12 beta update which Xiaomi launched just last month, as the developers launched MIUI 12 ROMs which came based on the Chinese version as well but with a lot of additional improvements to the system and the removal of all Chinese things. Now you can download and install MIUI 12 EU ROM on most Xiaomi, Redmi phones now.

xiaomi eu rom

MIUI ROM 12 European version

As mentioned earlier, ROM generally comes based on the Chinese beta version with some improvements and removal of unnecessary things besides the fact that you will not need to install Google services separately, but it is built into the system like the usual MIUI Firmware. Like the Chinese versions that released days ago, European MIUI ROMs are also available for the same phones that support the Chinese version.

The developers of Xiaomi EU MIUI 12 have been this for several years, and they are always following the releases of the new MIUI interface and amending it as soon as it is released so that other users can install it. So, MIUI 12 update with its new European version is already available for more than 20 Xiaomi phones as well as Redmi with download links for each of them below.

Supported Devices

The strange thing in the following list is that it appears that the MIUI 12 European ROM developers did not include Redmi Note 8 Pro for some reason, perhaps due to some bugs that had no solutions, but nevertheless they will probably add it in the next versions of the ROM. As for the rest of the phones, you can see them in the following image, as well as the download links below.

MIUI 12 Xiaome.EU ROM for Xiaomi phones

Download MIUI 12 Xiaomi.EU ROM

And if you are interested in trying the new system from Xiaomi, especially the all new Super Wallpapers , with MIUI 12 and also the amazing Xiaomi themes , then download the appropriate version for your phone from below, then follow the installation steps after that.

UI MIUI 12.0
ROM version 12 20.4.30
ROM type China Beta
Rom size Multiple
Security patch April 2020
  1. Download: Redmi Note 5 Pro
  2. Download: Mi 6X
  3. Download: Mi 8 Explorer Edition
  4. Download: Mi Note 10/Mi CC9 Pro
  5. Download: Mi 8 SE
  6. Download: Mi 8 Lite
  7. Download: Redmi K30 5G
  8. Download: Mi 9T Pro/Redmi K20 Pro
  9. Download: Mi Note 3
  10. Download: Mi MIX 3
  11. Download: Mi MIX 2
  12. Download: Mi MIX 2S
  13. Download: Mi MAX 3
  14. Download: Mi 9
  15. Download: Mi 9 SE
  16. Download: Mi 9 Pro 5G
  17. Download: Mi 9 Lite/Mi CC9
  18. Download: Mi 8
  19. Download: Mi 8 Pro
  20. Download: Mi 6
  21. Download: Redmi Note 7 Pro
  22. Download: Poco X2/Redmi K30 4G
  23. Download: Redmi K30 Pro
  24. Download: Mi 9T/Redmi K20

Install ROM on Xiaomi Device

TWRP Recovery is required. As we mentioned earlier, all Xiaomi phones are actually developer friendly, so it will never be a problem to find the appropriate recovery for your phone even if it is not officially supported by TeamWin developers . Once you have the appropriate recovery for your phone, follow these steps:

  • Download the appropriate ROM version for your phone via the links included in the download section above.
  • Connect a Redmi / Xiaomi phone to your desktop using a USB cable (preferably the original cable).
  • Transfer the ROM file to your phone’s internal or external storage.
  • Disconnect the phone from the USB cable and then completely turn it off.
  • Long press Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously for several seconds until the phone takes off inside the TWRP recovery mode.
  • In the TWRP main menu, head to the ‘Wipe’ option and drag the ‘Swipe to Factory Reset’ button below to return the phone to the factory setting.

Factory Reset in TWRP to Install MIUI 10 on Xiaomi Devices

  • Once the format step is completed, return to the main recovery menu.
  • Head over to the ‘Install’ option.

Install MIUI 10 on Xiaomi Devices using TWRP Select MIUI 10 ROM ZIP

  • Now browse your device storage files to the MIUI 12 ROM ZIP file  that you transferred to the phone memory in the previous steps.
  • Finally, Swipe the Swipe button below to start flashing the European ROM  on your phone.

After flashing the new system, you will notice that a ‘Reboot System’ button appears – press it to restart the phone inside the system. And when the phone boots inside the system again, you will find that it is now running the all-new MIUI 12. So, now you can start the steps of setting up the new system on the phone for the first time as per your convenience.

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