Download MIUI 12 Live Super Wallpapers for All Android Devices [Installing Guide]

One of the best things about the recent MIUI 12 update from the Chinese company Xiaomi was the Super Wallpapers. These are animated backgrounds that you can synchronize between the wallpaper on the lock screen as well as on the main phone screen, which makes the animated effects of unlocking the lock screen and accessing the home screen something very smooth and beautiful.

Super wallpapers are not the same concept that we know about the usual live wallpapers which are simply just moving images, so if you try the apps of some moving wallpapers available here and there on the phone screen, you will notice that they will not give you the same effect as the new Xiaomi wallpapers. But the very strange thing, that these wallpapers are not available even for most Xiaomi or Redmi phones, even those that received the official MIUI 12 update!

Yes, phones like Redmi K20 Pro or Poco F1 although they have got the latest update, they have not officially supported the new MIUI Super wallpapers. Therefore, as of the time these words are written, there are very few Xiaomi phones that actually support these new kind of wallpapers.

MIUI Super Wallpapers

Of course, the lack of support for running MIUI Super Wallpapers on phones that got the official MIUI 12 update caused a great disappointment for most users who got the new UI version because these wallpapers were among the most anticipated things after Xiaomi announced them. Of course, there are some ways in which you can run these wallpapers on your phone, but they nevertheless require that your phone be rooted, or that you flash different custom ROMs on your device.

Super Wallpapers

And speaking of support for these wallpapers, other phones like Mi 9T have got support for Super Wallpapers by installing Xiaomi EU ROM. Fortunately, there is a method that after implementation you will be able to get these animated wallpapers even without the need to root first. The method we’re talking about today was shared by a user on the MIUI support forums. So, in this lesson, we will guide you through detailed steps to get the new MIUI 12 wallpapers on your device, whether it is Xiaomi or Redmi.

Download MIUI 12 Super Wallpapers

Before anything, you will of course need to download wallpapers on your phone. To do so, simply click on the following MEGA NZ link and download the APK file, then follow the installation method below:


Installing MIUI 12 wallpapers Steps

Once you downloaded the wallpapers files from the link provided above, you will need to install the APK files inside each folder, each of them separately, with whatever mobile file manager you prefer. Once the installation is completed, here you will need to download the Google Wallpapers app from Play Store, or download it from the following link:

[appbox googleplay]

Did you download the Google wallpapers app? Now simply go to the Live Wallpaper section.

miui 12 super wallpapers workaround

In this section you should see the new MIUI 12 animated wallpapers. From here click on any of the backgrounds you want to apply, then simply click on the Set Wallpaper button. Now a new message will appear asking if you want to apply these wallpapers to the lock screen, home screen, or both.

google wallpapers super wallpapers

Of course, choose the last option (use wallpaper on lock and home) and then exit the application. Now you should see 3D animated wallpapers on the phone screen, and now try locking and unlocking the screen again, you will see that the live wallpaper has also been applied to the lock screen.

There is also something you should know, which is that using live wallpapers on your phone that are not officially supported by them will cause the battery to consume more energy than usual. So if you wanted to conserve battery power for a longer time, you might want to go back to regular wallpapers.

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