Get MIUI 13.00 Super Wallpapers ’19 Walls’ for all Android Devices [Download Inside]

With its new custom interface alongside the Android OS, MIUI 13, the Chinese company Xiaomi has added some new distinctive designs for its mobile wallpapers. But what you may not know is that you can now download and install these live wallpapers on any Android phone and not only for Xiaomi phones. If you remember, Xiaomi started these cool animations in sync with the unveiling of MIUI 12 last year when it first announced Super Wallpapers (the first version of it).

MIUI 13 Super Wallpapers

Xiaomi animated wallpapers at the time, although they were also available to install on all Android phones, at the time required several additional steps, which might have been complicated for some, other than the simple steps required to be able to install MIUI 13 animated wallpapers. So, do you want to get the MIUI 13 Super Wallpapers now and use it on your phone? Well, follow along!

Download MIUI 13 Animated Wallpapers

Wallpapers MIUI 13 Live Wallpapers
Size 373MB
Number 19
Dimensions 1080×2340px

Direct download link: MIUI 13 Sfondi

The MIUI 13 live wallpapers that you downloaded from above basically contain 19 video files that you can use on your phone screen right now. The designs for the wallpapers here are completely new by Xiaomi and they have divided them into two parts. The first section here is Molten Glass, and the second section is Crystalization. And what Xiaomi did here is that it showed how to turn glass into crystal under the microscope in the form of moving pictures in an impressive way if you ask me.

If it just so happens that your current Android phone doesn’t allow you, or doesn’t support, to set animated wallpapers on your home screen or lock screen, then we have a quick explanation of how to do it next.

Installation steps

  1. Download the MIUI 13 Sfondi file from above and extract its contents.
  2. Download the VideoWall app from Google Play.
  3. Open the app and follow the steps to be able to convert the video into an animated gif.
  4. Finally, set the new image as wallpaper.
  5. Enjoy!

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