Download Android 12.0 Beta 1 Update for Xiaomi Devices [Guide]

The recent Google I/O 2021 conference has been held days ago, and Google reviewed its Android 12.0 beta OS for Pixel devices, and in the same review it also referred to the companies supporting the new Android 12 experimental program other than its smartphones and who are currently working on modifying their custom UI to be ready to appear with the stable version of the upcoming OS. Xiaomi that surprised us that they have the most group of phones supporting the installation of Android 12 beta 1 with the support of all the recent flagship Mi 11 series (other than the Mi 11 Lite) through this official announcement to support the next update.

As for the list of Xiaomi devices that you can install Android 12.0 on now, they are:

  • Mi 11
  • Mi 11 Ultra
  • Mi 11i
  • Mi 11X Pro
  • Redmi K40 Pro

Android 12.0 beta update for Xiaomi phones

Android 12 update for Xiaomi phones

The Chinese company also clarified that these versions are for the purpose of trial and tests only, and they are intended for developers and application programmers and not for the ordinary user, as it will also depend on the opinions of people who will join the beta program so that the company can improve the system stability process and avoid issues with the stable version. But if you are wondering about the new features, this version did not differ much from what we saw with the first developer beta that appeared in February 2021.

Android 12 features

Android 12

However, the upcoming Android 12.0 update came with an entirely new design language that Google called “Material You“, replacing the old design with the name Material design. The new Material You design has changed the way you deal with shapes, colors, as well as animation effects on Android. Basically, this made it clear to us that the 12th Android update has brought new features to customize its own themes without using the custom corporate interfaces as we used to in previous versions.

With Android 12, you will be able to change the system color, such as icons and menus, with different colors depending on the predominant color on the wallpaper that you use on the main screen now, so that everything is compatible with the other. Which means, choose a wallpaper with colors that match your personality, and all parts of the system will change based on these colors, isn’t that cool! The things that will change colors here are the clock, the clock bar and notifications at the top, the Quick Settings, the Settings app, and more.

Download Android 12 Beta 1 for Xiaomi devices

Next, we have put together the full set of Android 12 download links available for Xiaomi devices, specifically the entire Mi 11 series except for Mi 11 Lite, and then you can go to the installation method that you will find at the bottom of the download links. The download links provided below are the developer beta versions and follow the Xiaomi beta program for the next system, and you can download from the following links:

Also, we may see that the beta program may be available for more Xiaomi, Redmi, or even Poco devices in the next few period, so follow this page constantly because we will provide any new links that appear to update the Android 12 beta for any of the company’s phones after that.

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