Download Frija Tool 1.4.4 [All Versions]: Get Latest Samsung Galaxy Stock Firmware!

Frija tool allows you to make sure that there are any official updates available for your Samsung device, and it also allows you to download the latest official software from Samsung servers, whether it is a smartphone or even a tablet. Frija is a great and powerful alternative and I think it’s even better than SamFirm, which does the same thing, because it hasn’t been updated in a long time. With Frija Tool, you can download the latest official software from Samsung, using some simple instructions that you can follow below.

Knowing how to install an stock ROM for a Samsung device can be useful in many situations. For example, by flashing an official Samsung software, you can restore the phone to the factory state, fix OS problems and errors, recover the phone after facing the problem of frequent booting and hanging on the Samsung logo (Boot-loop) . In addition to the above, you can install the official ROM manually so that you can update the phone to the latest system. To do that, we have already explained how to install stock ROM using Odin.

But to do that, you will need to have the appropriate stock ROM for your phone in the first place. So, how and where you can download official software for Samsung devices? Well, finding the right ROM for a Galaxy phone is not that difficult. You can simply search for it in Google and I think in this case you will go directly to some trusted sources for Samsung system versions like SamMobile, SamFrew, Updato etc.

And I would like to assure you that these resources are great and updated periodically for all Samsung smartphones as well as tablets. However, there is one downside that all of these sites have, which is the problem of slow download speeds (sometimes annoyingly slow) so that these services force you to buy their paid plans.

If you ask me, actually I don’t blame them! The huge number of official Samsung ROMs that they host on their servers in order to download them “for free” requires a very large number of capacity on these servers, which costs them a lot of money in the first place. and believe me, when I tell you that it is very expensive, after many experiences with these companies. Therefore, they will often resort to these paid memberships.

So, I guess you are now wondering, what is the best way to download factory Samsung firmware very fast for free? Well, the answer is the Frija Tool.

What is Frija Tool

Frija Tool is a program for downloading the latest official and supportive Samsung ROMs to install and work on Windows platforms at high speeds depending on your current internet speed. The tool was originally developed by member wssyncmldm of the XDA Developers Forum in partnership with some other developers including CrazyApe and also eragon5779.

According to the official tool page on the xda forum, the tool is named “Frija” which was the wife of “Odin” in Norse mythology and after whom the Odin program is also named. As mentioned earlier, Frija is the best alternative right now, if not better in every way than the SamFirm tool that was programmed several years ago, but still works today.

The tool is characterized as downloading the official Samsung system directly from the company’s official servers. And to improve performance, the tool is even supportive to continue downloading ROMs. If there is any interruption while downloading ROMs, you can simply continue downloading it at any time you want.

The user interface of the tool is made using Google Material Design language which looks great and gives you the feeling that you are not using an outdated tool. Frija tool even allows you to turn on the night mode which converts the entire user interface colors to dark colors for easier use in low light conditions.

In short, Frija tool is much better than SamFirm in a lot of things. The tool provides you with a better user interface, the ability to stop and resume the download at any time, turn on the night mode if you love dark colors, and finally the ability to update the tool on its own without having to download the new version every time.

Download Frija Tool (all versions)

Tool Frija Tool
Version 1.4.4
Size 6.20 MB
OS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.0, 10, 11
Developer wssyncmldm

You may have noticed that version 1.4.4 was described as containing some malware while running on your computer with your antivirus. Ok do not worry! You can find out why by explaining to the developer on the XDA Developer Forum.

Download Samsung Firmware by Frija

  1. First, download the latest version of Frija software on your PC (it must be Windows).
  2. Now extract the contents of the Zip file ( file for example) by 7Zip tool.
  3. Now go to the extracted folder, and then double click on the “Frija.exe” file to start the Frija tool.
    Run the Frija tool to download Samsung ROMs
  4. Now, simply enter the version number of your Samsung Galaxy device in the blank field next to ‘Model‘.
    • For example, if you are looking for the official Galaxy S10 Plus ROM, then type in the number SM-G975Fand not G975F.
  5. Now, you will need to type the CSC code (the area or country code to which the phone is directed) in the empty field next to ‘CSC‘.
    • In the event that you do not know the code for your phone, you can download the INFO SAM app to find out, knowing that the app is for Samsung phones only.
  6. Now you have to activate the ‘Auto‘ option by activating the check mark next to it. (See the following picture):
    Download Samsung ROMs by Frija
  7. Once you have entered all the previous necessary information, simply click on the ‘Check Update‘ button.
  8. At this point, Frija will do the same as SamFirm, which is to search for the latest version of the officially available ROM for your phone directly inside Samsung servers and not any external source. And in the event that the tool fails to find any official ROMs available for your phone, then in this case make sure that there are no new updates according to the CSC code that you entered in the previous steps.
  9. Official ROM information such as the operating system version, file name, or if it is directed to a telecom company, you will notice that it is shown below.
    Freeja tool to download official Samsung ROMs with a direct link
  10. Now, all you have to do is press the Download button to start downloading the official ROM for your phone.
    Download official Samsung ROMs at high speeds


Here we have finished explaining the use of the Frija Tool to download the latest official Samsung ROMs with quick and direct links and support completing the download from Samsung servers. If you happen to encounter any errors or problems while trying to download the official Samsung ROM using the tool, then you can contact us first via the comments section below, or try to the tool’s support page and provide them with the phone version number and also the area code (CSC) as well as what problem you encountered in as detailed as possible.

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