Install Samsung Stock Firmware, Updates, OTAs using Odin [Detailed Guide]

Installing an official Samsung ROM (4 files, or 1 file) with Odin. When we talk about a new official update for Samsung devices, these releases are usually released in batches for users in the countries in succession, not one batch for all people. Therefore, you can either wait for the update to arrive, or search for it manually by going toSettings > About phone > System updates.

On the other hand, in the event that you did not find the update, or it’s still not available after the previous step, then you can download it from the explanation that you are reading now, then install it manually on the phone using specific steps listed below in detail without worrying that it is not supportive to your phone or directed to another country, this is because Samsung updates usually do not differ drastically from one release to another.

Installing Samsung Software requirements

Next, there are some tools that you will need during the journey to install an official OS on your Samsung device, and here is a list of them:

  • Download the appropriate official ROM file for your phone with the Zip extension.
  • Extract the contents of the official ROM file on your computer with 7ZIP tool (Do not use WinRAR).
  • Download the latest version of Odin v3.14.4 ( Google Drive link ).
  • Download the latest version of USB drivers for your Samsung device  | Direct link  [install on your computer]
  • Enable Debugging Mode in the Developer options (a backup step, and you probably won’t need it).
    Turn on the Debugging Mode option

Installing Samsung Firmware Steps

  1. Turn off the phone completely.
  2. Now restart into Download Mode or Odin Mode.
    • Press and hold Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time.
    • Once the Samsung logo appears, you will see a warning message on the screen.
    • Now let go of all buttons, then hit the Volume Up button.
    • Now you are in the Download Mode.
  3. Download Odin Tool, then extract the contents of the zip file onto your computer.
  4. Now double click on odin.exe file to start Odin.
  5. Connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable. Now you should notice the Added!! word Inside Odin tool.
  6. Now assuming that you have downloaded the appropriate official ROM for your phone, extract its contents onto the computer which will most likely be in the tar.md5 extension.
  7. At this point, you will need to add each of them in its correct place within the Odin. If it is a single file, then you will only need to add it in one location which is the [AP] field. Otherwise, add each file in its own field and you will recognize each of them through the first two letters in the file name. For example:
    •  Press the BL button in Odin, then go to the location of the official ROM files and choose the file that starts with the letter “_BL”  in its name. Then, in the same way, press the AP button and then choose the file that starts with the letters  “_AP” to  add it.
    • Do not select a CSC file unless you want to create a complete format. Instead, choose the HOME_CSC file .
      Install the official ROM for the Samsung phone by Odin
  8. Now under the Options section (left pane of Odin tool), make sure that only Auto Reboot is enabled and also F. Reset Time.

    auto reboot f reset time odin

  9. Finally, hit the Start button to start installing the stock ROM.
  10. Once installed, you will notice that PASS! appears Or  RESET! Written above, and your phone will restart itself automatically.
    Odin pass screen Mohamedovic

Now we’re done! This was the complete explanation of how to update a Samsung device to the latest Android OS with the releases of the all-new Samsung One UI. And if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

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  1. hi mate, can you help me with this.
    ï’m using galaxy note20 ultra 5G, i’ve bought it when i was in singapore and it is unlock, now i’m in indonesia and i have switch to indonesia’s simcard without any problems,and it’s almost 8 months now without any problems.
    but the samsung pay is not compatible with indonesia, and i can’t download samsung pay indonesian version because the phone region is STH which is singapore, not XID indonesian.
    can i reflash the software version with odin with XID indoesian software from STH singapore?
    the phone is unlock with any sim card, i have used it for 8 months with indonesian number without any problems.

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