Download Samsung Odin Tool (All Versions) To Install Samsung Official Firmwares

One of the best features of Samsung smart devices with the Android system is the ease and abundance of the official software and even the easiest and simplest tool to install it. Samsung Odin tool gives you the confidence to take risks and adventure in browsing and installing various MODs for Samsung phones such as CF-Root, CWM, for example, or even to trying different types of modified ROMs, because you know that if something goes wrong or at some point you forget a step, You will simply restore the official firmware and repair your galaxy again.

While most Android devices have a mode called Bootloader with other options such as Fastboot with a two-way refresh option combined, Samsung Galaxy phones are a bit different (I mean better and easier) because you only need to use some buttons in certain formats and configurations that differ from Samsung phone For the other to boot yout galaxy into Download mode, and it’s also called Odin mode and of course the recovery mode.

Odin v3.10.6

If you own a Samsung phone or tablet, sure you are familiar with the Samsung Odin application or tool , Odin is a very useful tool that recognizes your Samsung phone only when it is connected to your PC in Download mode or as mentioned Odin mode and you can browse different files such as custom recoveries or even the official software with extensions (.tar / .tar.md5). Odin was officially programmed and developed by Samsung, and an Odin tool that was primarily targeted and intended for use in Samsung’s approved service centers for phone maintenance and phone repairs in general. In fact, the Odin tool we are using and talking about now is a leaked version of the original one. Most users of Samsung devices may have used the Odin program at some point but with different uses of course.

Odin tool works only with a Windows computer. If you own a computer or laptop with Mac or Linux, you can use the Heimdall tool or the JAVA version of the Odin software from the links below.

Download Odin tool

Speaking of the frequent successes of the official software update by the tool of Samsung Odin for the large number of versions as that for each category of Samsung phones there is a version of the program Odin compatible. You should always use the version of Odin recommended by the explanation you read anyway because each version is different from the other and each of them has its own uses and devices. Odin versions are as follows: Odin v1.85, Odin v3.09, Odin 3.10.7, Odin 3.12.3 or Odin v3.12.7, Odin v3.13.3.

Also download the latest USB drivers for Samsung android devices through this link: USB Drivers for Samsung Galaxy devices.

Note: If you are following an explanation of flashing official firmware or installation of Samsung’s Android device, you should download the appropriate version of the phone which will most often be mentioned in the explanation you are trying to implement.

Heimdall and Odin Java for Mac and Linux

Users of Macintosh and Linux can use the attached tools below to install and customize the official software for Samsung Android devices, CF-Root tools, or .tar / .tar.md5 files.

  • Download the latest version of Heimdall through this link: Download
  • Using the Odin Online tool through the browser: Download
  • Download the latest version of the Odin Java tool through this link: Download

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