Install stock ROMs on Xiaomi devices using Mi Flash Tool [Beginners Guide]

If you happen to be looking for how to download and install the official firmware on your Xiaomi/Redmi device, you will need a specialized tool to do that. You can download Mi Flash Tool, also known as XiaoMiFlash, the appropriate version for Windows versions 10, 8, and 7. We also include links to download all versions of the tool below, explaining its use and steps to download and install the official software on Xiaomi phones.

Xiaomi Unlike most smart phone manufacturers present at the current time, always provide download links to official ROMs for all it’s devices. So if you decide at some point that you wanted to retrieve the official firmware after using a modified ROM, for example, or that you were having a Bootoop problem – or in other situations like you want to upgrade your phone to the latest system manually. With the Mi Flash Tool  you can simply get the latest update or OTA update package for your device and install it manually.

Now, there are two types of official ROMs, the first is the Recovery ROM, which is an official firmware that you can browse and install using the stock recovery, while the other is the Fastboot ROM, which we will talk about today.

When you install an official Fastboot Rom on your phone, you will replace all system partitions on the phone with a new ones, eliminating any traces of the current system on your phone and restoring it to its official position when you bought it. But to do this, you will need to use a specific tool developed specifically for this, preferably also being fully developed by the device manufacturer.

And in today’s lesson, you can download Mi Flash Tool And install it on your desktop which will help you download and install the official ROM on your phone. In addition to the download, below we will explain how to use the tool and install the official ROM on your Xiaomi/Redmi device.

What is the Mi Flash Tool?

Mi the Flash Tool (also known as XiaoMiFlash) is a utility that has been programmed and developed by Xiaomi. The tool works over a Fastboot connection between the computer and the phone through a USB cable so as to make full format, system tweaks, or flashing entire system. It can also help you recover the official MIUI versions of the software, as well as manually update the system and solve some of the problems that you may encounter with your phones such as system errors or the Bootloop issues.

You should also know that the Mi Flash Tool is mainly developed to operates on Qualcomm devices. But before you start download and installing steps below, you must first have some important items.

Necessary requirements to install XiaoMiFlash tool 

  • Make sure that you first delete and uninstall any earlier version of the tool before you install the latest version.
  • The tool is only support installing on Windows 7 or higher systems with a 32-bit or 64-bit architecture. Windows XP or earlier is not supported.
  • The tool has been developed to run on Qualcomm-only devices. So do not ever try it on phones with MediaTek processors unless you want to hit your phone for some reason!
  • Older phones than Xiaomi Mi 3 are not supported by the tool.
  • In order to use the tool, you must first have an unlocked bootloader.

Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool for Windows 7/8/10

Attached below are links to download all  Mi Flash Tool versions available today. The newer version of the tool comes with  v7.4.25.

Once you have downloaded the appropriate version of Mi Flash Tool from the links listed above, follow the steps below to install and use it on your desktop.

How to install Mi Flash Tool

  • Download the version you want from the top, whether it is a zip-compressed or other version that comes with an .msi extension. If you have downloaded the compressed version, unzip it to get the installation file.
  • Double click on  ‘MiFlashSetup.msi‘ file to start the installation.
  • When asked by the system, select ‘Run‘.
  • In the XiaoMiFlash Install window, click ‘Next‘.

Mi Flash Tool and Installation Mohamedovic 01

  • The installation process will automatically starts. Now, select the installation path of the tool, but if you want to change it, just simply click ‘Browse‘ option and choose the folder path you want.

Mi Flash Tool and Installation Mohamedovic 02

  • After you have confirmed all the installation options, click on ‘Next‘ button to complete the installation.
  • Once the installing is finished, press ‘Close‘ button to exit the installer.

Mi Flash Tool and Installation Mohamedovic 03

Here we’ve finished installing the tool! Now through the following steps we will explain in detail how to use Mi Flash Tool to unlock and install the official software on your Xiaomi device.

Install official firmware on Xiaomi/Redmi device using Mi Flash Tool

  • First, download the latest version of appropriate official stock ROM that is  for your device using the following link:
  • If you have finished downloading the appropriate system version of your phone, now unzip the .tgz file on an accessible path on your computer as an example if you put it in the MIUI file on system partition, the following will be: (eg C: \ MIUI).
  • Now power off the phone.
  • Hold down Power + Volume Down buttons  simultaneously for several seconds to boot your device into in Fastboot mode.
  • You’ll see the Fastboot logo on your screen, a rabbit sketch like the one below.

Xiaomi Fastboot Mode

  • Now connect the phone to your computer using the original USB cable supplied with your phone box when you bought it.
  • On your computer, go to your desktop and open ‘XiaoMiFlash.exe‘ shortcut . If the tool did not create a shortcut on your desktop, just go to  C: \XiaoMi\ XiaoMiFlash  and run the tool from there.
  • In MiFlash tool window, press ‘refresh‘ button to make sure that the computer and the device have known your phone and that the connection is stable.
  • Now, press ‘select‘ and then select the folder where you unzipped the ROM file you downloaded from the top.

Install Stock Firmware on Xiaomi Devices with Mi Flash Tool Mohamedovic 01

  • Now select the official ROM mode you want – either Clean all, save user data, which is the full format option but with the internal phone memory data preserved, that is, it only removes the system. Or choose clean all and lock, which is format the entire phone form option as well as the internal memory and also re-lock the bootloader again.

Install Stock Firmware on Xiaomi Devices with Mi Flash Tool Mohamedovic 02

  • Finally, press ‘flash‘ button to start the official firmware installing process on your phone.

Install Stock Firmware on Xiaomi Devices with Mi Flash Tool Mohamedovic 03

Once the flash is finished, you’ll notice ‘success‘ word appears in the right side of the window. The phone will restart automatically and you can now close the tool window.

Now we are done! Now you can retrieve the official ROM for a Xiaomi or Redmi phone, upgrade or even downgrade the system, and fix any system bugs by checking a new version of the firmware. Was the lesson difficult? Did you encounter any errors while performing the previous explanation? We’ll be happy to get back to you and try to help you get through this via comments section below.

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