How to Install Xiaomi EU, IN, ID ROMs instead of Global? without Unlocking Bootloader!

Here is an explanation of installing the Indonesian, European, or any other ROM on Xiaomi devices without unlocking the bootloader, and without the need for a custom recovery and even without a computer. In today’s lesson, we will guide you in detail about the steps to install Indonesian, European or even Indian ROM on your phone from Xiaomi without the need to unlock the bootloader or recovery, just your phone with a stable internet connection!

What is the difference between Xiaomi ROMs?!

Depending on your current country or where you bought your phone from, Xiaomi marks each region with a specific version of the MIUI ROM that differs from others in many aspects. For example, the global ROM contains Google phone app that warn the other party that you are recording the call now in case you did, while the Indonesian ROM contains the Xiaomi calling app, which by default has the feature to record calls without informing the other person. And if we look at the Chinese ROM, we will find that it is also characterized by the absence of Google apps from the ground up, while the European (EU) ROM is smooth, light and fast performance.

Can I change my MIUI ROM to another ROM for another country?

As you know, in order to change the Xiaomi Global ROM to any other version, most likely you will need to first unlock the bootloader, then install TWRP recovery, and finally download the ROM you want, whether Indonesian (ID), Indian (IN) or Chinese (CN) or any other type and flash it on the phone using custom recovery.

But, what if your phone is still under warranty? Or you do not have any knowledge about these complex operations? Well, now there is a way for you to do that without having to Unlock Bootloader or install a custom recovery first, just your phone and follow the steps mentioned on this page carefully.

Install Indonesian or any ROM instead of Global one

In the following instructions, you will replace the Global ROM on your Mi, Redmi, or Poco device with any other ROM from the following versions:

  • Global (MI)
  • Indonesian (ID)
  • European (EU)
  • Indian (IN)
  • Taiwanese (TW)
  • Chinese (CN)
  • Turkish (TR)
  • Russian (RU)

How can you differentiate when downloading Xiaomi ROMs directed to different regions? Well, you will find that the two characters that characterize any of them are mentioned in the version number of the ROM itself, as an example ROM: “According to the letters, this is the European version “.

Flash Indonesian ROM without unlocking the bootloader

Please do the following steps carefully, especially from step 7 to the last step:

  1. Check the current MIUI version on your device, and to do this do the following:
    • Go to settings> About phone> you will find the version number next to MIUI Version.
  2. You will need to download the same version, so go to the XiaomiRom website.
  3. In the search box above, type your phone’s name, and download the ROM version with the same number you have.
    You must make sure that the ROM you are downloading is Recovery version and not Fastboot and it is the same version that is currently on your phone
  4. Now, following the same steps, download the appropriate Indonesian (ID), or European (EU) ROM for your phone with any version number you want but it must be the same Android version.
    For example: If you currently have Android 11, the other ROMs must also be Android 11 as well
  5. Now you have two files, the global ROM which is the same as your current version, and the Indonesian ROM that you want to flash.
  6. Go to Settings app > About phone > System updates. Now by pressing the three points above list select the phrase “choose the update package” or the Select Update , the Package .
    In case you don’t see this option, simply click on the MIUI logo for 10 consecutive clicks, then the option will appear.
  7. Now, you will choose your “current” official Xiaomi ROM and a message will appear: Your phone will restart automatically with the button: Reboot and update, Leave it and don’t click on it now and leave this page as it is and don’t close it!.
  8. Go to the home screen > file manager > Downloads > then go to the official ROM file that you chose in the previous step and copy its current name “long click with the option to rename and then copy the file name”.
  9. Did you copy the name of the global ROM version? Now delete it!
  10. Again, go to the Indonesian ROM file you downloaded, and rename it, then paste the name of the ROM you copied in the previous step, and do not forget that the file extension is .zip for one time and not duplicated.
  11. Now, go back to the page that I told you not to clos in step 7 and hit the restart and update button.
  12. Now, the phone will reboot, and start installing the Indonesian ROM or any other ROM you downloaded in the first steps on your instead of the global one.

In The End

You may be wondering, what have we done here?! Simply, starting from step 7, the phone told us that we will install the global version of the ROM, so at the same time the system Decrypt it to find out the data of the Zip file of the ROM that you chose, and thus the OS skipped here the stage of making sure that this version is compatible with your current phone.

Then, in step 9 and step 10 we deleted the ‘System Approved’ ROM and renamed the Indonesian ROM to the same name as the ROM the phone approved in Step 7 – so the phone went straight to it since it’s the same name.

It’s probably just a bug in this version of the system, and there’s no info on whether these steps will still be effective at the time you’re reading this tutorial, but anyway there’s no harm in trying it out. The only harm here is that you have to download a ROM or system for another device, so please focus heavily on the previous steps.

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  1. Sir
    I tried this procedure to my device Redmo note 10 pro india rom with Indonesia rom. But I am getting error” Install Update Zip failed”. Is it possible to change India rom to Indonesia rom.

    1. in latest version we cant change the ROM, its not giving option “reboot & Update”
      rather its giving option update
      while we change the name its giving error

  2. There is no restart and update button only update update. After click clicking it I received cannot verify ROM …. Please confirm the error.

  3. Your step by step procedure are not working in my global.. I rename the Indonesian rom into global rom: miui_ROSEMARYGlobal_V13.0.6.0.SKLMIXM_63c46433c0_12.0

    …but nothing happens.

  4. try it to xiaomi 12T ….same … result from rom 14.0.2 EU global to ID ……but i belive thet a time ago on MI 10 i succeded but i remember that this procedure (also that with rename of the new rom into is for those that have not updated the phone to the last version so from for example to (only for exactly next version ROM ) is correct this procedure …. not for me unluckly (because i cant downgrade to the previous version ROM )

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