Poco F1 Support Ended ‘No MIUI 12.5 in sight’: But There’s Some Custom ROMs!

The overwhelming success of the Poco series we have known for a while can be credited to the first Poco, the Pocophone F1. The phone has also been sold as Poco F1 in many other markets and as of the time of writing these words “three years after its launch” it is still a distinctive device and can provide satisfactory performance even by today’s standards, thanks to the leading Qualcomm chip present in it, which was in phones with more than Three times its price at the time.

Poco F1 will not get official updates

But despite that, the phone celebrated its three-year anniversary yesterday, which reminds us that the phone has unfortunately ended its support for official system updates from Xiaomi.

Poco F1 will not update to MIUI 12.5

If you follow, you will find that Xiaomi or even the Poco brand after it’s separation from the Chinese company in fact do not have a clear policy of a specific number of updates. But given that the last official update to the Poco F1 was in February 2021 as a “security patch” after it was updated to MIUI 12 in October 2020, then it is certain that the official support has ended and it will not receive any additional updates. The update at the time, although it was in February, came loaded with the December 2020 security patch – in addition to that it was based on the Android 10.

It won’t even get MIUI 12.5 update!

Thus, phone users were expecting this, and they did not wait for the arrival of the Android 11 update for their device, although we talked before about the possibility of updating it to the latest system because the company had provided the same update for the Redmi Note 8. The hopes at that time were that the phone might get the MIUI 12.5, due to the statements of some Xiaomi support forum moderators that the phone would receive the UI update. But then, another Xiaomi official on Twitter said that was “unconfirmed”!

These statements were from several months ago, and given that the MIUI 12.5 update for Xiaomi devices has already arrived for most users, both for flagship and even mid-range devices, the update will most likely not come to Poco F1 unfortunately.

There is a way to get around this!

So, what now?! What can you do as a user of a phone that will not receive any official updates after today? Well, that’s why we’re here! Since the Poco F1 has been a huge success from the time it was announced until now, it currently has a huge fan base, and therefore very strong support for custom ROMs and “unofficial” tools which may surprise you if you know that it is renewed almost daily!

Android 11 ROM for Poco F1
Derpfest ROM with Android 11 for Poco F1

These versions of Android custom ROMs include famous names, which are:

And a lot of other ROMs that you can choose from in a section dedicated to this phone only, which you can find in the XDA Developers Forum. And if you are really interested in such things, then maybe you should join “Pocophone F1 | “ UPDATES” Telegram group for Pocophone F1 ROMs support and updates.

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