Download MediaTek Scatter Text Files “22” with Direct Links!

On this page you will be able to download most of the official MTK Scatter Text ROM files for your smartphone running MediaTek chips. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of Android phones that are currently working with MTK processors, especially if it is an old phone from a Chinese company, and the same chips are often also found in famous company phones such as Xiaomi, Samsung, and even Nokia.

These chips are not only popular among regular users, but recently they are also loved by mods geeks and lovers of various customizations as well like rooting, custom ROMs, etc. A famous tool such as SP Flash Tool, whose main function is to flash the official ROM, but it has several great features, including the possibility of rooting MediaTek devices, for example.

However, if you happen to have looked at how any of these things work, then you probably knew that you would definitely need a specific file called Scatter which is what we’re going to talk about next.

While the usual scatter files for MTK Devices are usually attached to the factory ROM files, you may only need this file and do not need the ROM files! So, does it make sense to download an entire OS that might be as large as 3GB just for the sake of a Scatter which is a txt file! Well, you don’t need that anymore, because below we have collected up to 22 scatter files for your different MTK processors which you can download now with direct links.

What is a MediaTek Scatter file?

MTK Scatter File

The official ROM for MediaTek devices comes with a separate file called Scatter, which is somewhat similar to the PIT files for Samsung phones. The scatter file usually comes with the name MTxxxx_android_scatter with the extension .txt and it contains some important information about partitioning your phone’s storage into parts, one for the system, one for the memory available for use by the user, another for the boot files of the system boot, and several other partitions.

Download MTK Scatter File (All Chips)

Depending on what chip your phone has now, you might notice that its scatter file name also has the same name as: MT6572, MT6577, MT6582, MT6589, MT6592, MT6595 and so on.

But if you are wondering about the uses of this file, it has multiple uses as mentioned above, including removing FRP protection from MediaTek phones, for example. So, are you looking for your phone’s Scatter file but couldn’t find it? There is a good chance then that you will find it in our next list, knowing that all the download links are directly from Mediafire.

scatter file Download Link
MT6571 Android Scatter Download
MT6572_Android_scatter Download
MT6580_Android_scatter Download
MT6735M_Android_scatter Download
MT6735_Android_scatter Download
MT6737M_Android_scatter Download
MT6737T_Android_scatter Download
MT6739_Android_scatter Download
MT6750_Android_scatter  Download
MT6753_Android_scatter Download
MT6755_Android_scatter Download
MT6757_Android_scatter Download
MT6761_Android_scatter Download
MT6763_Android_scatter Download
MT6763V_Android_scatter Download
MT6765_Android_scatter Download
MT6771T_Android_scatter_9.0 Download
MT6771T_Android_scatter Download
MT6771_Android_scatter_8.1 Download
MT6797_Android_scatter Download
MT6765 Android Scatter Fastboot Download
Oppo_A5s_Scatter Download

Here we are done! This was our lesson today about the Mediatek Scatter file for MTK phones, what it does and how you can download it, and we will update this list from time to time to add new files as they become available. In the meantime, if you have any questions about this, please leave them to us in the comments section below.

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