Download Google Apps, Services on Huawei Devices 2021 with DualSpace!

If you are a user of Huawei devices, or you are just a fan of the Chinese company’s devices and follow its news, then you will be aware of the current problem between them and American companies ban imposed on them by the former US President – Donald Trump – which is a ban and not dealing with Huawei at all from American companies or technologies The rights to which are also owned by American companies, Huawei is now in an unenviable position in the smartphone market. Therefore, all Huawei devices are currently naturally “not supportive” of the usual and necessary Google Play services for any Android user, such as important applications including YouTube, Maps, Gmail, etc.

Of course, there are some solutions and alternatives, for example you can use YouTube Vanced instead of the official YouTube app, there are also many alternatives to Google Maps – there is even the AppGallery store, which is the official alternative to the Google Play Store for the company’s devices. But even so, all of these things still don’t amount to replacing the official Google services on any Android phone! So, there were some ways to get around the problem and get the Google Play apps on Huawei phones such as the GSpace app, Chat Partner app , and also the GoogleFier app. Some are still working, and some are unfortunately useless! For now, we have a completely new way to be able to download and install the official Google services on Huawei devices, and it is through an app called Dual Space.

There is a new “easy” way to get Google apps on Huawei phones!

Because of the aforementioned, all users of new Huawei devices “or after the last May 2019 from the start of the US ban” who need official Google applications had limited options to solve the problem such as using browser shortcuts to run these apps, and some other methods that unfortunately have become useless now. So, using therd-party tools is now your second choice if you are an existing user of a new Huawei phone.

Fortunately, there is already a new way to use the official Google services on Huawei devices, which has been published at XDA Developers Forum and which has been tried on the Huawei P40 Pro and allowed users to run all the usual services and apps from Google with an app called “DualSpace.”

Google Apps on New Huawei Device
Play Store app\s on the Huawei P40 Pro

In fact, this method is a bit tricky, but nonetheless it “almost” solves the problem completely. DualSpace is somewhat similar to the way the famous VMos app works – it creates “virtual” storage for itself, and simulates within it an Android system in a different phone, allowing you to officially download all the Google applications you need without any compromises except for banking ones for example, and some other exclusive Google services. So, without any further talk, let’s go straight to the method.

How to download Play Store apps on Huawei 2021 devices?

  1. First, download DualSpace v3.2.7 app: here – or an additional link from APKMirror
  2. Install the app, then launch it.
  3. Log in to your Google account.
  4. Open the Google Play Store – download and install the apps you want.
  5. And we’re done! Easy steps aren’t they?
YouTube Working on New Huawei Device
YouTube app works without issue on Huawei P40 Pro by DualSpace!

We used the previous method on the MatePad T 10s tablet, which comes without Google services as well, and we installed Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Meat, and some other apps. Surprisingly, all apps are currently working without any problem.

After performing the previous steps, you can easily create a “shortcut” on the home screen of the apps that you have downloaded within the DualSpace  by holding the app icon. Also, all the apps that we tried work from the operating system directly as if you had downloaded them inside the device’s OS, and not inside a virtual OS.

Of course you are now wondering, the method is really cool, but where are the negatives?! Well, the first and the most annoying one are the ads! However, you can easily close them whenever they appear, just like the usual free apps ads. Also, if you happen to have purchased an app on the Play Store with your account before, unfortunately, you won’t be able to download it again. Finally, you will not get any notifications from the apps that you downloaded in this way, which means that in order to find new stuff, you will need to open each app separately.

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