Download LightHouse .APK “2023” Google Stock Apps on Your Huawei Device!

Get Lighthouse apk 2023 app a direct link of 20MB, and know how to use it to download Google apps on your new Huawei device. Recently, there have been a lot of discussions among users of new Huawei phones about a new app called Lighthouse, which basically gives users of the Chinese company’s phones the ability to use Google stock apps when they download and install them.

At this point, I think we are all aware that Huawei has lost its ability to use the usual Google services on mobile, after it was added to the “Entity List in USA, since 2019 until now. Since that time, Huawei has been trying to improve its mobile services HMS (alternative to GMS from Google), which is supposed to give users a very similar experience, if not better, according to the company’s claim!

It seems that the current Huawei mobile services package is the biggest competitor (if not the only one) for the same services from Google on Android phones, even if Huawei calls it HarmonyOS! But despite this, most users currently depend almost entirely on Google services and its official apps.

Therefore, a while ago, many methods appeared that promised Huawei users (after 2019 and until 2023) to obtain Google apps and the Play Store store on their devices, such as Gspace or GBox, etc., which are the latest tools for that job so far.

And now, a new way that is supposed to be very effective has appeared so that the user of any Huawei phone can download and use the usual official Google services and it came in the name of Lighthouse. But the question here is, what is the Lighthouse app for Huawei phones, and what is its actual function? Is it safe to use it on my phone or not? Don’t worry my friend because we will answer all your questions below!

What is a Lighthouse?

Huawei Lighthouse apk
Huawei Lighthouse 2023

The Lighthouse app we are talking about today has been developed by Skywalker. In fact, we are talking here about two complementary app, the first being called Lighthouse and the second being called LighthouseEX. The strange thing is that the app itself does not contain any other information, whether a video or an official website, only its name and function!

Anyway, the app basically allows you as a Huawei user to log in using your personal Google account on your device, and thus the ability to download “and run” any apps from Google in the usual way and use it without any additional settings or external tools!

The strange thing is that the app, until recently, was completely officially present in the AppGallery store, which gives us an idea of ​​​​how safe is the app is on the data and privacy of Huawei device users, because any app that is placed in the AppGallery store of the company actually goes through four stages of scanning and verification It does not contain any malware, but for some reason it has been removed from the store. But do not worry because we will provide you with a Mediafire link to download it in the following paragraphs.

Download Lighthouse 2023

App Huawei Lighthouse
Size 20MB
Function Enable Google Services on Huawei Devices
Compatibility EMUI & HarmonyOS
Last updated May 31, 2023

Make sure to install the following files in order because we will need them during the next steps below:

  1. LH-v54.apk
  2. LH-EX-v34.apk
  3. Aurora-Store.apk (Play Store alternative for downloading apps)

What Huawei devices are currently supported by Lighthouse app:

Huawei P

  • Huawei P40 series
  • Huawei P50 series

Huawei Mate

  • Mate 50 series
  • Huawei Max Xs 2


  • Nova 10 series
  • Nova 9 series
  • Nova 8i
  • Nova Y90
  • Nova Y70


  • Matepad Pro (2021)
  • Matepad Pro 11 (2022)
  • Matepad 10.4 (2020)
  • Matepad SE (2022)
  • Matepad T10 (2020)

What are the Google apps that can be used through LightHouse and works without errors: 

  • Google app.
  • Google Photos.
  • Google Drive.
  • Google Maps.
  • Gmail.
  • Chrome.
  • Google Sheet.
  • Google Docs.
  • Google Slides.
  • Google Files.
  • YouTube.
  • YouTube Music.
  • Snapseed.

Installation and usage steps

Attention: All the steps have been done and screenshots were taken using Huawei P40 Pro with HarmonyOS.

  1. Download and install the Lighthouse.apk.
  2. Download and install the LighthouseEX.apk.
    Install Lighthose on Huawei Device 01
  3. Now from Settings go to Users & Accounts.
    Install Lighthose on Huawei Device 02
  4. From here, go to Add Account.
    Install Lighthose on Huawei Device 03
  5. Now you will notice that the Google option has become one of the options for registering a new account, click on it.
    Install Lighthose on Huawei Device 04
  6. Here you will see a page that looks like logging in to Google services but is actually for the Lighthouse app. All you have to do here is click on the Sign in button below and put your Google account.
  7. Now, if you go back to the previous page, you will find that the Google account has become registered with your accounts on the phone.
    Install Lighthose on Huawei Device 07
  8. At this point, you will need a way to download the various Google apps on your Huawei device, and unlike all the previous tools here, we will not use the Play Store app itself, but an alternative which is Aurora Store. So, download it from the link attached above in the download section, or from its official website with a direct link, or simply search for it in the Petal Search app .
    Install Lighthose on Huawei Device 08
  9. Here, log in to the Aurora Store either with a Google account or with an Anonymous visitor account.
    Install Lighthose on Huawei Device 09
  10. In the search box above, search for any Google app you want to download, YouTube for example.
    Install Lighthose on Huawei Device 10
  11. Here you will find that the application is simply installed and listed under the list of phone applications like any other application and works without errors, and you can even log in using your Google account inside it.
  12. Rather, you will find that your phone even contains the basic default Google apps that you will find in any Android phone at the present time, such as Maps as well as Gmail, because by taking the first steps while installing the Lighthosue then logging in with your account, you have integrated Google GMS into the phone system.
    Install Lighthose on Huawei Device 13

Here you are! However, there are some notes that you should know first.

  • LightHouse will not download or install the Google Play Store.
  • LightHouse is also constantly running in the background, which will cause the battery to drain faster.
  • While the app will not install the Play Store, Aurora is a great alternative to it, which will not only allow you to download any Google play app, but also allow you to use a guest account.
  • And while the Aurora Store app allows you to download various stock Google apps, it seems that some of these apps do not work, such as the Google app, for example. You can install it using Aurora, but it will not work, but if you install it through the AppGallery store, it will work without errors.

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