Install Redmi 9 MIUI 12.0.0 Firmware Update [Download Inside, Giude]

Installing the MIUI 12 update for the Redmi 9 phone. As we talk, Xiaomi is launching the official MIUI 12 update for many of its smartphones, whether from the Mi series or Redmi, and the last of these phones was Mi 9T as well as Redmi 9 which we are talking about today. The Chinese company has finished launching the update for the first batch of phones until mid-July 2020, and is now preparing to launch the second batch from today to August and also September 2020.

Redmi 9 (MIUI 12 update)

And now, MIUI 12 update for the Redmi 9 (Chinese versions) has begun to reach users with a stable final version, while global and European versions of the same phone are supposed to receive the same update soon. So, if you happen to be using the Chinese version of the Redmi 9, then you can make sure the update arrives or not via the phone’s settings.

MIUI 12 update

But even so, if your phone is a global version you can still install this Chinese version and try MIUI 12 before everyone else, but there are some things that you should know first. Android phones destined for the Chinese market do not have the official Google services from the box, so you will notice thatAny official update directed to the Chinese user will be without official Google apps. Yes, there is a way to install Play Store app on Chinese MIUI ROM, but it was something you should have known first.

MIUI of this phone is quite stable and suitable version for everyday use, and you can install it via by Fastboot or the way we will explain Recovery as detailed below. Of course you can wait for OTA update (new update notification when it arrives to your area), but you don’t have to do that because you can download the new system via links directly from Xiaomi and install it on your phone.


  • The attached system below is download links available only for Redmi 9 devices, so never try to install it on other devices.
  • Carefully follow the steps, otherwise you will end up with a phone that does not work at all, we are not responsible for any damages.
  • Although it is an official update and this is a poor possibility, it may scan the phone data. So, back up your files.
  • You must ensure that the battery percentage is at least 50 or 60% in order to avoid accidental shutdown during installation.

Download MIUI 12 update for Redmi 9

The new update comes with MIUI version number and soon it will be available to all users around the world. You can download the official MIUI 12 ROM for your phone by manually checking for a new update by going to Settings> About phone> System updates. On the other hand, you can download stable ROM now and install it on the phone.

The new update has already been launched over the air (OTA) for Chinese users as we talk, and it usually takes some time for it to come to everyone. Nevertheless, you have an opportunity to try the new system now that it has become available for download from an official source, then you can simply install it manually on the phone with some simple instructions shown below.

Device Redmi 9 – lancelot
Channel China Stable
UI V12.0.1.0.QJCCNXM
OS Android 10
Size 2.00 GB
Security patch July 1, 2020
Release Date Monday 27 July 2020

You can download the update from the following link:

Once again: You should know that you are downloading a ROM that is primarily intended for the Chinese user and not for the global versions, so this is an official version yes but it does not however contain any of the usual Google services. Once the Global update link for global releases is available, we will add these links here.

Install MIUI 12 update (official from within settings)

 You can go to the explanation of installing the factory system on the Xiaomi phone and there you will find detailed steps accurately on several different ways to install the new system, or you can simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Download the update file from the link provided above, then transfer the official update file  to the internal phone memory as mentioned above.
  • Head over to the Settings app > About phone > System updates . Now by pressing the three points above list select the phrase ” choose the update package ” or the Select Update , the Package .
    • In case you did not see this option, simply click on the MIUI logo for 10 consecutive clicks, then after that the option will appear.
  • Or, you can just skip the last step by launching the Updater app which you will find within the system applications on your phone.

Installing an official ROM for Xiaomi phone

Installing an official ROM for Xiaomi phone

  • From here, go to the update file that you moved to the internal memory in the first step, then the system will directly (Decrypt) the update file and install it automatically.

Get here and we’re completely done! Only now you can discover and enjoy the new MIUI 12 system on the Redmi 9. If you have any questions, or if any step is not understood in the update steps, just leave a comment as you like and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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