How To Patch Original YouTube APK to Get All Vanced App Features!

Here are the links to download YouTube .APK version 18.15.40, so that you can install Vanced or ReVanced on your Android with their latest update 2023. Google sends continuous updates to the official YouTube app and adds many features from time to time. Meanwhile, the company is also getting rid of features that it deems unnecessary, such as the number of dislikes, the old way to choose the video playback resolution, and many other features that users would like to have back.

After that, thousands of users turned to use a modified version of the official YouTube app such as Vanced or ReVanced, which until recently worked perfectly. But a new problem appeared, the latest version of the YouTube Vanced was with v17, which unfortunately has permanently stopped working due to the recent YouTube updates  because there is a new term, for running YouTube on Android devices, which is that it has at least v18, so the a new problem appeared: Content is not available on this app which required users to update the app to the latest version.

Content is not available on this app. Watch on the latest YouTube app

The solution to this problem if you don’t want to use any of the available alternatives is to download an updated “unofficial” version of Vanced from GitHub or use the better alternative, ReVanced. And while you can download and use one of the unofficial versions, unfortunately it usually does not contain the new in-app YouTube updates by Google.

YouTube Vanced apk 2023
YouTube Vanced with 2023 Update

So a great solution has appeared recently, which is to download the latest version of the YouTube apk yourself with version number v18.15.40, and then manually patch or modify the original file so that you can get all the features of the ReVanced version over the original app.

So, are you excited and want to try the new method? Now let’s get started!

Download YouTube v18.15.40 APK

Links to download the YouTube apk with the latest official update:

installing YouTube ReVanced steps

The developers of the ReVanced app (the MOD version of YouTube) recently launched a new tool called manager, which made it easier for users to patch and create a customized version of the official app with the latest update that contains all the features of the Vanced app, which are as follows:

  1. From GitHub download manager-0.1.0.apk and install it (here are all versions ).
  2. Uninstall or disable stock YouTube app on your device. (Hold the app icon > App info > Disable/Uninstall)
  3. Download the YouTube v18.15.40 from the links above.
  4. Transfer the YouTube apk file to the phone’s memory.
  5. Now from the Revanced Manager app go to “Patcher” tab.
  6. Click Select application.
  7. From your phone storage, choose  “YouTube 18.15.40 APK”.
  8. Go back to “Patcher” and hit “Select patches”.
  9. From here choose all the modifications you want to apply to the original YouTube app.
  10. Click “Patch”.
  11. Click “Install”.
  12. Finally, press “Done”.

Now open the YouTube app on your phone and enjoy all the content available in it with no ads whatsoever!

Download latest version of microG

If you don’t know, microG app is a very important and even necessary tool if you want to sign in and use your Google account (which is the same YouTube account that contains all your channels as well as subscribs) in any of the YouTube mods if you want to use one, knowing that it is very safe as well as open source and is available for download from a trusted source which is GitHub.

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