Fix Content is not available Error in YouTube Vanced 2023 with these Solutions!

What is the way to solve the problem that the YouTube Vanced or even ReVanced apps are no longer working with an error message “Content is not available on this app”. In today’s lesson, we will try to fix the problem through several methods, including updating these app, whether Vanced or Revanced, to the latest version, which is 18.03.36. And in the event that these solutions did not work as they should, then we will try using some excellent free alternatives, since the basic version of the app has unfortunately stopped working a while ago.

So, let’s get started!

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced
YouTube Vanced

If you do not know, the YouTube Vanced app or its new current alternative, Revanced, are external tools that allow users to access YouTube content without any ads, in addition to some advantages and features that you will only be able to obtain by subscribing to YouTube Premium (paid), and these include Advantages: play videos in background, block ads, restore dislikes count below the video, the ability to hide the short videos section or reels from the home page, restore the old video resolution settings, and many other advantages that you can discover on your own.

But unfortunately, after the recent YouTube update, quite a lot of users have encountered a new error interface and the message “Content is not available on this app. Watch on the latest YouTube.” So we came here today to try together some ways to solve this problem.

Fix Content is not available on this app message

Recently, this common problem appeared when some users tried to play YouTube videos in the Vanced or ReVanced app, which is “Content is not available on this app”. The strange thing is that this message does not appear with all videos, but with some specific content, without knowing what is the difference between this video and another that works without any problem on the same app!

Content is not available on this app. Watch on the latest YouTube app

This message may appear because the system notices that you are using an old version of YouTube because these external applications are naturally not as fast as updates to the official versions, especially since Google recently stated that the minimum version of the YouTube that users can use at the present time is v18.0 or higher.

So, a lot of YouTube Vanced users have noticed a new message asking them to update the app to the latest version. So, if you are an existing user of one of the alternative YouTube versions with v17, v16, v15 or v14 versions, then you will notice that it has stopped working and here you will need to update to at least v18.

So, are you looking for a solution to this annoying problem? Try one of the following solutions!

Update YT Vanced Version to 18.02.33

The solution here is to try to download the YouTube Vanced APK via several different methods and not the usual official method. The easiest way to do this would be by using the Vanced Manager app, which you can update the version installed on your phone to the latest version available, in addition to its other necessary tools such as the YouTube Music app, as well as the microG tool of course, on your various smart devices such as your smartphone, tablets, smart screens, Or TV Box devices such as the Xiaomi Mi Box S.

Note that these updates come completely officially from the developers of the app.

However, when you follow this method, sometimes the servers responsible for these updates are very slow which results in the app not being updated, so try downloading the files available below more than once to try to solve the problem in case you don’t succeed in the first attempt.

Download links for the latest versions of microG:

microG tool if you don’t know is very necessary to use with YouTube Vanced if you want to log in to YouTube using your existing Google account, knowing that it is free and open source and works as an alternative to the Google Play Services package for the YouTube app.

Download the new YouTube Vanced 18.0 update 2023:

Link to download the latest version of YouTube Vanced apk v18 Direct links from GitHub.

And in the event that your phone has root privileges, I advise you to use this module with Magisk:

Installation steps

  1. Install Vanced microG package first (necessary to be able to sign in to your Google account).
  2. Install any applicable version of YouTube Vanced above.
  3. Run the app > sign in with your account > then enjoy the new features.

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