Download ReVanced .APK 18.0 The Best YouTube Vanced Alternative!

Here you can download ReVanced apk YouTube Vanced alternative 2023 latest version direct link size 138MB for Android. You probably know by now that the famous YouTube Vanced app has been permanently stopped working for several months, due to the official YouTube team. And while YouTube Vanced is still working for some, it can also stop at any time due to the development of a new API for YouTube, which the app uses so that it can provide its services.

And while there are also several alternatives to the app that you can download and use any of them now, the idea of ​​​​a tool matching the official app with this number of features has always been a comfort for users. So, a while ago a project for a new open source app appeared on GitHub that we can consider a revival of the great Vanced app, and it came under the name ReVanced.

Today, we will talk a little about this new application, what distinguishes it, and the similarities between it and YouTube Vanced, in addition to that we will provide direct download links for Android, of course.

Download YouTube ReVanced .APK

ReVanced 2023

ReVanced’s developer team is currently working on a new tool called Manager app “similar to the one you needed to load when using the old app”, and as of now the app is still under development. Therefore, if you decide to download the application directly from its official page in Github, you will first need to follow the compile apk steps, so that you can finally extract the apk file and install it on your Android phone like any other application from outside the Play Store.

So, some other developers have made these steps to save this for the users who want to use ReVanced apk directly. So, download from one of the following links:

App ReVanced
Last update 18.03.36 (April 20, 2023)
Size 138MB

Installing Steps

  1. Install the microG app from above (necessary to be able to use a Google account).
  2. Now install the latest YouTube ReVanced apk.
  3. Finally, launch Revanced, and sign in with your Gmail account.

YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced
YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced is the best alternative that you can get if you are an old user of the YouTube Vanced that has stopped working, which came very similar to the old app in its features and updates, especially when you know that it came based on the latest YouTube version.

 As we mentioned, here you will get a very similar experience to the original Vanced app before it stopped immediately, such as the ability to block video ads, play video in the background, PIP (picture-in-picture) feature, play music while the screen is closed on the lock screen, and many more features that you need as a user for this type of apps.

On the other hand, if it happens that the basic Vanced is still working for you even after it stopped, you will find that it is currently working on a very old version of YouTube, which is v17.03.38. So, the ReVanced app with its latest version, which is also based on the latest version, guarantees you stability, integration, and support for the device you are currently using on it, including smartphones, tablets, Android TVs, and even if you are using an Android emulator to run it like Bluestacks.

What are the benefits of ReVanced app?

Revanced app an updated version of the original YouTube app, with some distinctive additions, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • It is based on the latest official version of the YouTube.
  • Support for the “Dark AMOLED” night mode for more eye comfort during use.
  • Block all ads that appear inside the video.
  • Block ads on the home screen and between comments.
  • Support playing video in the background, or in picture-in-picture mode (only Android 8.0 or above).
  • It will support the Dislike button with count.
  • Possibility to remove some channels from ad blocking.

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