What Are Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives for Android in 2023? There’s 7 Choices!

YouTube Vanced alternatives, here is your best guide! By visiting this guide, you are already one of the fans of this wonderful addition that the developers gave us to access the paid version of Youtube, but for free! Yes, this is what you will get by downloading the YouTube Vanced tool, and you must feel dissatisfied after closing this app and stopping its updates. It’s actually happened a year ago and it was announced on it’s official Twitter account.

So do we now have no choice but to go back to using the free version of YouTube? Or buy the paid version? of course not! This is not how it works in Android world, as there is always another solution or alternative, but more than one real alternative!

This is what we will see today in our article, after YouTube Vanced has officially stopped.

1. Pure Tuber

Alternatives to YouTube Vanced

If you used the YouTube Vanced app previously, let me tell you that we are now talking about another that is completely similar. Pure Tuber is really no different from the Vanced that you are now looking for an alternative to. It provides you with dark or AMOLED night mode, you can play videos on the background while using it, as well as in the form of a minimized window as well.

One of the best alternatives to YouTube Vanced, if not the best one already. In fact, if you try it, you will not feel any difference from the basic app, which has already been closed, unfortunately. You can download it on your phone from Google Play. There is also another way, which is through the official website.

2. YouTube++ for iOS

The alternative that we are talking about this time is for iPhone users, and one of the best unofficial tools or that you can download from external sources away from the App Store, you can watch videos from YouTube without showing any ads. We shouldn’t have forgotten Apple users, so YouTube++ is one of the suggestions in our YouTube Vanced alternatives guide.

Alternatives to YouTube Vanced

You can get it from unofficial stores such as TweakBox or Altstore as well. These stores are dedicated to obtaining apps outside the Apple App Store, and you can also download paid apps for free using them.

3. NewPipe

Alternatives to YouTube Vanced

The same features that we talked about in the section of the Pure Tube app are also provided by NewPipe. Here you can watch whatever videos you want without any ads, play video and music in the background while moving between apps, it is also amazing that you can sign in with your Google account with all the channels that you were previously subscribed to.

4. SkyTube

Alternatives to YouTube Vanced

It is also a tool for watching YouTube videos without any ads, but with the addition of some other features, there is, for example, an interface to read articles with new news, other content that you may like to read, you can also choose the content of the videos that you want to watch on YouTube.

And the great thing is that it provides you An interface full of movies too! The important thing in the end is that we got what we wanted, which is videos without any ads. Link to download all versions of the Sky Tube (free and open source) from GitHub.

5. LibreTube

Alternatives to YouTube Vanced

The app that we are talking about this time within the list of YouTube Vanced alternatives is really very simple in terms of the interface, you will get a tool that plays videos without ads only, there are no other features that we can really talk about, but the good thing is that it gives you almost the same YouTube experience. With it, you can create a new channel and start uploading your videos!

Download the latest version of the app via GitHub

6. ReVanced

ReVanced 2023

YouTube ReVanced is the best alternative that you can get if you are an old user of the YouTube Vanced that has stopped working, which came very similar to it in its features and updates, especially when you know that it came based on the latest version of  YouTube .

As we mentioned, here you will get a very similar experience to the original Vanced before it stopped, such as the ability to block video ads, the ability to play video in the background, PIP mode (picture-in-picture), play music while the screen is closed on the lock screen.

7. Using browsers with Ad-Block

All that we talked about previously are apps that we can consider as alternatives to YouTube Vanced. In the end, as we mentioned more than once, we want to watch the videos without any ads, and this time to complete this we will use browsers that have the ability to prevent any ads of any kind during Your browsing experience, including YouTube, not all ad blockers do the same thing that always annoys us on YouTube, but Kiwi, as well as Brave can do it, here are the Google Play download links!

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