How to Download Stable Windows 11 ISO 22H2 Directly from Microsoft Servers!

Now you can download Windows 11 ISO (Release Preview channel version 22H2 Build 22621.4 all languages) with direct link from Microsoft, size of 5GB with an explanation of installation from the beginning or update from the current version. If you are following, it has been almost two months since we saw the first version of the Windows 11 beta “Insider Program”, and before that also a version of it was leaked before the official announcement in early June 2021.

And if you were wondering, this is not just a small update to Windows 10, because Windows 11 is a completely new version in terms of performance as well as the user interface. Microsoft themselves has stated that this version of the Windows is the best ever since its inception. Due to the fact that many people were unable to join the Insider Program due to Microsoft’s installation requirements.

Windows 11 ISO “22H2 June Update”

The attached links below are direct links to the Windows 11 iso file – so you can simply create an external bootable USB stick with the new system and use it to install this beta version of Windows, or you can use an official Microsoft tool like the Windows DVD Tool as an example.

OS Windows 11
Version 22H2 (64-bit)
Last update June 10, 2022
Size 4.96GB
File name Win11_English_x64.iso
Windows 11 22H2 ISO
Update to Windows 11 “version 22H2”

So, we have excellent news, that you are now able to download Windows 11 ISO directly from Microsoft, without external links, without any complicated steps, only from the official source! So, below we will talk in detail about the steps you need to follow to get Win11 ISO file (latest official version) from the official and trusted source.

Windows 11 ISO (directly from Microsoft)

Although you may be eligible to join the Windows 11 beta program and download it the normal way from within the Windows Updates section on your device, unfortunately you can only download Windows 11 ISO from a trusted source through UUP Dump – and although it is a really reliable source, It doesn’t simply give you an ISO file, but every time you enter it it collects the contents of an installable Win11 ISO file, not to mention it’s very slow unfortunately!

But all this has changed now, because you can download Windows 11 ISO with a direct link through the official Microsoft page for these versions in the same way we explained before so that you can download Windows 10. This method is not only useful in the event that you qualify to install the next Microsoft OS, because in the end you already have an official way to get Windows even if it is bad!

But my talk here is directed to those who want to install Windows 11 on an old PC or not compatible with the restrictions of the American company, and therefore they will first need to get the Windows 11 ISO file from a trusted official source. So, are you one of them? Then you are in the right place!

Steps to download Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft

Windows 11 ISO files are now officially available for download from Microsoft. The question is, what can you do with this ISO? Well, you can simply update to Windows 11 directly (in case your device is now running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10). Or you can simply choose to install a clean copy from scratch without updating your current operating system by following the steps of the Windows flash drive  after you have finished the download.

In fact, there are three ways if you want to get Windows 11 officially from Microsoft. So you can choose between any method you prefer from the official website. If you are currently upgrading from Windows 10 and your device is compatible with the upcoming system, then we highly recommend that you wait for a new update notification to appear in the Windows Updates section. 

If you are looking for a way to get the Win 11 ISO file officially from Microsoft, then follow these instructions: 

  1. Open the Windows 11 page at Microsoft: Microsoft Windows
  2. Scroll down to: Download Windows 11 disk image (ISO)
  3. From the “Select Download” options, choose Windows 11, then click the Download button.
    Get Stable Win 11 ISO 01
  4. Now scroll down again to choose the Windows 11 download language (in our case it will be English).
    Get Stable Win 11 ISO 02
  5. Now press Confirm to prepare the download link.
  6. Finally, press the Download button.
    Get Stable Win 11 ISO 03
  7. You should know that the Windows 11 ISO download link will only be available for your device for 24 hours from the time of creation.
    Get Stable Win 11 ISO 04
Again, you must remember that the Win11 ISO download link that you will get from the official Microsoft page will only be valid for 24 hours from the time it was created, so if to want to download it again then you will need to repeat all the previous steps from the beginning.

Steps to install Win 11 ISO 22000.194

Upgrade to Windows 11

With the download of Windows 11 ISO – now you have two ways to be able to install the new Windows. One of them would be by upgrading directly from the current version of Windows to the new one in case you want to keep your current files and apps, or simply start installing Windows 11 from scratch if you want better performance by getting rid of all the old OS files. So, follow whatever method you want from the following links (explanation links for each method):

Did you know that we have a way to be able to install Windows 11 on an old laptop with a 4th generation or older Intel processor.

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