Download Windows 11 ISO [Build 22000.466 64-Bit, 4.8GB], Installing Guide!

Now you can download Windows 11 ISO “Official Stable Version 22000.466” with 4.86GB size for 64-bit architectures and install it yourself on your computer, Then upgrade it to 22000.466 build Four days after the official announcement from Microsoft, today the first beta builds of Windows 11 have been released.

You can update to it by going to Settings, then Update & Security, then Windows Insider Program. Or alternatively you can download this beta version of Windows 11 in ISO format. In this article, we will explain everything about Win11, the features available in the beta version, and a short user experience summary (not reliable, but to give you an idea).

Windows 11: Stable Release

Microsoft, in a blog post , has officially announced the first internal preview of Windows 11. However, there are restrictions on who can get the latest upgrade. There are some requirements as well. So if you want to bypass all these requirements and limitations, and upgrade anyway, download and install Windows 11 ISO with First Insider Preview 22000.434 from below.

Windows 11 ISO 22000.434
Windows 11 ISO 22000.434

Download Windows 11 ISO

The easiest way to download and install Windows 11 is by officially joining the Windows Insider Preview Program. Once you become a member, you can download dev build 10.0.22000.466. This is a free update for users of Windows 10 that complies with the operating requirements then immediately after that you can update to version 22000.466 through the Windows Updates section in Settings.

The other way is to download Win 11 ISO, burn it to an external storage memory (such as a flash memory), then install it on your device, and bypass the restrictions that prevent you from updating it in the previous way from Windows 10 directly.

Please note that this method will require reformatting the entire system disk and losing the files saved on it, unlike the update from Windows 10, so take a backup copy first from your OS before you take any step.

Windows 11 ISO Download Links (Stable Version)

OS Windows 11
Build 22000.466 (Release Preview 64-bit)
Last update Jan 14, 2022
Size 4.86GB
Developer Microsoft

Previous Versions:

Important Note: For Windows 11 Cumulative Updates, you should know that they are files with a .msu extension – and while you can install this file extension by double clicking on it like any regular program, another installation method is simply by using command prompt are as follows: 
  1. From the keyboard, press the Windows + i keys.
  2. The Power User menu will open in front of you – from here choose  Command Prompt (admin).
  3. Finally, copy and paste the following line into the command window that opens in front of you:
    wusa C:PATH-TO-UPDATENAME-OF-UPDATE.msu /quiet /norestart

How to install Windows 11 Cumulative Update

Some important articles that you will likely need when you start installing Windows 11 ISO on your device: 

How to Download Windows 11 ISO from UUP Dump

  • Open the link for the version of your processor architecture, then click on Create download packages.Download Windows 11 ISO from UUPDump
  • It will download a ZIP file containing files for all systems (Windows, Linux or macOs).

Download Windows 11 ISO Trial Version from UUPDump

  • Unzip and extract these zip files, then open the file corresponding to your operating system (windows.cmd for Windows, for Linux, for Mac).
  • This in turn will start downloading the full size Windows 11 ISO file.

Windows 11 features and new additions

After the leaked version of Windows 11 filled the internet, and Microsoft confirmed that it was actually real (a new Windows operating system was released), the features we got to see were quite a lot in terms of UI, performance, and even new added features.A comprehensive update in the Windows Store 11

Let’s take a look at some of the most noticeable features of Windows 11 that we have known so far.

New icons for file browser

The new file explorer has been redesigned with new colored icons, new ribbon menu as well as better placement between folders and files which gives explorer a more visible look.Change the appearance of the file browser icons in Windows 11

New Start Menu and New Taskbar

The taskbar and Start menu in Windows 11 have been moved to the center of the screen, with some new animation effects added when opening folders and programs from the Start menu.

Everything with rounded corners

While Windows 10 has all corners sharp, Windows 11 brings rounded corners to everything. From file explorers to apps and even drop-down menus, everything finally got a modern look that’s pleasing to look at.

Cool new themes and sounds

With Windows 11 you have 4 default themes to choose from, and also a special dark mode theme. And for sound effects, everything you hear, from startup to notification alerts and warnings, is soothing sounds your ear loves to hear.

Completely Refurbished Microsoft Store

Finally, the design of the Microsoft Store has been revamped. It now makes it easy to navigate the different sections of the Store, as well as better places for apps. You’ll also find a selection of movies and series that you can purchase to download and view instantly on your device. It has also been stated that Android apps can be downloaded directly from the Windows Store in cooperation with Amazon, which is a great thing and a big hit for Android emulators like Gameloop and NOX Player.The new Windows 11 App Store

All-new Settings app!

The Settings app now has colored icons as well as new settings pages. The highlight of the Settings app is the power and battery management page. The page now gives you more detailed information about battery health and new options for battery control as well.New Settings app for Windows 11

Known issues in the official beta version of Windows 11

There have been some issues that some users have encountered with Microsoft Windows 11 beta (version 10.0.22000.51), here are some of them:

  • When updating to Windows 11 from Windows 10 or when installing an update to Windows 11, some features may be deprecated or removed.
  • taskbar
    • The taskbar is not displayed across multiple screens but will return in the next release.
    • Some errors occur where the preview window does not display the entire inner window when hovering over the open programs on the taskbar.
  • Settings app
    • When upgrading a computer with more than one user account to Windows 11, the Settings app will fail to launch.
    • Power Mode settings do not appear on the Power and battery management page.
    • When you launch the Settings app, a green flash may appear.
    • When using Quick settings to modify Accessibility settings, the user interface may not save the current settings selected.
  • Start
    • In some cases, you may not be able to enter text when using search from the Start menu or taskbar. If you encounter this problem, press Win + R on your keyboard to run the Run command, then close it.
    • You may encounter a problem while unpinning an icon from the taskbar, or you may encounter the command bar disappearing from the file browser. If you encounter this problem, restart your device.
  • Search bar
    • Program icons may not load in the search box, and appear as gray boxes.
    • When you move your mouse pointer over the search icon in the taskbar, the last third search does not appear and remains blank.
    • After clicking the search icon on the taskbar, the search panel may not open. If this happens, restart the Windows Explorer process and try again.
    • The search panel may appear black and not display any content. If you encounter this problem, restart your device.
  • Microsoft Store
    • The install button may not work in some applications.
    • Ratings and reviews are not available for some apps.


If you have updated to Windows 11 official beta, don’t forget to update the Microsoft App Store. As for the release date of the final stable version of Windows 11, the expected date is October of the current year 2021. Of course, we will provide you with the latest updates on this topic before anyone – God willing -.

In the end, if you have any incomprehensible step, or any query that raises your question, tell us in the comments below, and we will be ready to answer you as soon as possible, and see you in other useful topics.

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