Download Windows 10 Pro ISO 21H1 – June 2021 Update [Direct Links Inside]

Here is an explanation of Windows 10 Pro iso download with direct link (whether 32-bit or 64-bit), latest version 21H1 from Microsoft after solving the problem of the SSD disk that was corrupted after defragmentation or maintenance and arrangement of files. After the distinguished launch of Windows 7, which is a successful progress for Microsoft, the company also launched the successful version of Windows 10, and its launch was in 2015 in order to provide Microsoft a step to satisfy its customers and to provide many features, and the system was developed in all technical aspects.

This is was a correction and avoidance Bugs and fixes for problems that were hindering Windows 7 and also Windows 8, as Microsoft praised that the version of Windows 10 is the best and most successful version the company has known.

Download Windows 10 Pro ISO Version 21H1

Download Windows 10

OS Windows 10 Pro ISO
Version number
Last update May 1, 2021
Size 5.73GB
Developer Microsoft

Download Win 10 x32 & x64 iso English May 2021 update (4.17 or 5.7GB)

Another way: Download Win 10 ISO (Arabic, English)

Windows 10 Pro ISO update 2009-20H2

In case you did not download from the previous links, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the following site:
  2. Choose the Windows 10 version you want to download
  3. After that, you will get a direct link to download the latest version of Windows 10
  4. The link will be valid for 24 hours for your IP address only.
Download Windows 10 Pro 2020 ISO with a quick direct link from Microsoft
Download Windows 10 2020 officially directly from Microsoft

Windows 10 iso installation explanation

Windows 10 is the best and giant version in terms of high technology that it has acquired, which was introduced by Microsoft to be an extension of Windows 7 and Windows 8, and by the company developing the program, which is to fix the problems that hinder the use of the previous two versions of Windows 7, 8.

A new method is used in the installation process. It is the use of the installation from a USB memory, and the reason for this choice is that when you install Windows on the device, sometimes the device is not connected to the Internet, and it does not contain any operating system previously on the device itself.

Windows 10 Pro from Microsoft

In this previous case, you may have to put a copy of Windows 10 on a DVD and install it on the device itself. The computer may not contain a DVD drive, and then the user will have to use Windows in a more practical way.

The Windows burning program can be used on a flash drive to a USB memory stick, and then we use a USB memory to boot it in a Bootable USB Flash Memory method and this method we must use a program that helps us in this specialization and this program may be Rufus, which is a free, open source and easy-to-use program. After downloading and installing the program, Rufus will recognize the USB memory file and install for Windows 10.

Windows 10 installation explanation

Partitioning hard disk while installing Windows 10

In order to benefit from Windows 10 and run efficiently on your computer, you must divide your computer hard disk into several partitions. When there is a problem dividing the hard disk into three main partitions, you should format the entire hard disk in order to get rid of this problem without exposure to any special files on the D disk that may contain videos, pictures or audio files.

If you have, for example, a hard disk on the device, let it reach 100GB, and it is not divided by partitions, meaning one part on disk C, so in the event of any problem in Windows, you lose all your files from videos, pictures, or other files. In the occurrence of the previous case, you cannot recover such files unless you are a genius in computer programming and can recover such lost files.

Therefore, when installing Windows 10, it is recommended to format the device while keeping some private files inside the D disk without being exposed to them during the partitioning process. Then you can divide the hard disk into three main sections with special rates according to the section that bears the gigabyte space occupied on it and it is divided into C, D, E as follows.

  1. C = 50GB, which is to distribute the size of the hard disk’s gigabyte 50GB for the C-disk.
  2. D = 25GB and divide the remaining 50 into 25 for D.
  3. E = 25GB and also the same as 25 for E disk.

Thus, you can store your important files on one of the D or E drives, in the event that Windows collapses at any moment, you can never lose your private files even after changing the copy of Windows.


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