Xiaomi Released Mi A3 Android 11 Firmware Update, But Don’t Install it Now!

The Chinese company Xiaomi has started sending the Android 11 update to the Mi A3 users since yesterday. And if you do not remember, the Xiaomi Mi A3 was launched in 2019 as part of the Android One initiative, and at that time it came with Android Pie out of the box. The phone later got the Android 10 update last March 2020 as its first major version of the system.

Now, the company has started launching Android 11 for it, which is its second and latest update. However, if you are lucky and haven’t downloaded the update yet, the official Android 11 OS for Mi A3 came with a fatal bug which shuts down the device permanently once the update is installed. Below, we will talk about the Xiaomi A3 Android 11 update issue and what users encountered after installing it.

Mi A3 stops working after Android 11 update!

The latest official Android update for the Xiaomi A3 , which came with the Android 11 operating system, came in an approximate size of 1.4GB. The reason we warned you not to download and install the update now in the event that it did not receive it, there are many users on social media platforms who have indicated that the phone has stopped working and responds completely once you download the OTA update and install it on the phone for an inexplicable reason yet!

So, once again, if you happen to receive a notification of Android 11 update on your Mi A3, and you have downloaded the update, then I advise you not to install it now, hoping that the Chinese company will soon send another update without errors and fix what the first update did to stop Phone after installation.

The Mi A3 has stopped working after updating to Android 11

So, What’s new?

But if you are wondering what this new version of the system contains in case you are lucky, and your phone for some reason is still working after the update, then you will get many new things and include a new design for chat bubbles, Power menu with some new additions, some changes in Notifications as well as volume buttons, performance improvement compared to previous versions, and many other things.

Of course, Android 11 update for Mi A3 came with the latest security patch for December 2020. In short, the update contains all the usual Android 11 OS features that we have seen several times before along with some customizations that have been added by Xiaomi, which is often the main cause of the problem. The phone stopped working after the update.

Android 11 update for Xiaomi A3

As usual, official Android updates are usually sent to users around the world in batches, not to everyone at the same time. So, in case you haven’t received the latest system yet, you can check for a new update manually by going to Settings> System Updates. However, as I told you before, there are many complaints from users that the Mi A3 no longer works at all after installing Android 11.

Android 11 caused the Mi A3 to stop working
Xiaomi has told Mi A3 users via the official Telegram group not to download the official Android 11 update now!

Once again, do not download the Android 11 update for Mi A3 now because it will cause your phone to stop working permanently, so I strongly advise you to wait a while until we hear new news from the company about this problem, or to send another different version that does not contain this problem. And also, the company has advised users on the official Telegram group not to install the update now until they send a different one.

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