Get Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Android 12 Update Now ‘One UI 4’ [Installing Guide]

I think that you, as a current user of one of the Samsung devices, are very lucky because of the company’s remarkable interest in updating all its eligible smart devices for the Android 12 operating system, along with the One UI 4 interface. From the mid-range devices “whether old or new ones”. It has already started since yesterday and sent the update to users of Galaxy Note 10 Lite as well as Galaxy A72 – and today, hours ago, the company started sending Android 12 update for the Galaxy S10 Lite with a stable version finally.

So, are you waiting for the new system but it still hasn’t reached you yet? Well, we have a way to get it and install it now!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (Android 12)

One UI 4 update for Samsung S10 Lite is currently arriving for users in Spain while we are talking about the version number G770FXXS6FULA  – it also came in a size of 5.77GB , knowing that whether the new update version number or even its size will often be different depending on the country to which the system is sent.

Also, don’t be surprised by the big size of the update, because here we are talking about a new version of the operating system as well as a new version of the user interface, so I strongly advise you before performing any steps to make sure that you have a stable internet connection with a suitable speed to avoid any interruptions during the download.

New Features

As for the new things, the Android 12 OS for Galaxy S10 Lite came with a lot of changes, both virtual and behind the scenes, especially those that you will find with the completely new Samsung interface One UI 4. Some of these additions include the new widget system in Android 12, which came In Material You design, new shapes for animated effects when opening apps and switching between open ones, a new design for the Quick Panel, as well as the ability to apply night mode depending on the wallpaper colors you’re using now.

Download One UI 4 for Galaxy S10 Lite

As we are used to, the official Samsung updates for the operating system as well as One UI often do not reach all users at the same time, but these versions are released in batches, and for groups of countries divided at intervals. So currently your friend in another country may have got the new update while your phone is still running Android 11. So, I highly advise you to wait for the official update to arrive in your region.

But on the other hand, if you don’t want to wait, then go through the following steps to manually download and install the official update on your phone yourself.

Device SM-G770F
UI One UI 4.0
OS Android 12
Size 5.77GB
Security Patch December 2021

The easiest and official way to be able to download the Android 12 update for Samsung S10 Lite will be by performing the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Software update > Download and install .
  2. Now the phone will communicate with Samsung servers to check for new updates.
  3. If there is a new update, it will immediately show the official change history with a download button.
  4. Simply click on the blue download button to start the download.

The other method will be using external tools, which in turn download the official ROM from Samsung servers with direct links. These tools include three options, which are as follows:

Download explanation

  1. Download Frija or Samsung Firmware from the links provided above (we will use Frija in the tutorial).
  2. From the phone settings look for its version number “It will be something like SM-G770F for Galaxy S10 Lite.
  3. You will also need to know your phone’s CSC code (the country or region code of the phone).
  4. After running the tool, put the phone version number “full with SM-G770F characters not without it”.
  5. Also put your phone’s CSC code in the CSC field inside the tool.
  6. Check the Auto box.
  7. Also check the decrypt automatically box.
  8. Click on the check updates button.
  9. Once the update information appears, click on the download button below.
Download Samsung Galaxy S10 One UI 4.0 full stock firmware update
Download Android 12 update by Frija tool

Finally, after getting the update file, follow the steps to install official update on Samsung Device and you will have the latest operating system available for your phone.

Have you downloaded and installed the Android 12 update alongside the official One UI 4 for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite? Did you face any hurdles or difficulties while installing the update on the phone? Just let us know what you think of the explanation or if you encounter any problems during the steps and we will be happy to help you.

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