Redmi 5 Plus MIUI 12.0 update not coming, Xiaomi Confirmed!

A few days ago, we saw the official MIUI 12 update, the upcoming release of the Xiaomi interface for its smartphones, along with MIUI 12 beta for some Xiaomi phones already available to users in China. Thanks also to the independent Android community of fans of Xiaomi phones, there is also a modified version of MIUI 12 for the Poco F1, which we will talk about later with mentioning how to install. At this point, we have a good idea of ​​which Xiaomi phone will get the new system.

Is the MIUI 12 update list final?

With Xiaomi launching an official list of phones that will get the next MIUI 12 which has already received support for installing the beta version, of course many questions have arisen by these users who did not find their phones in this list. Is this the end flight of our devices, and will not get additional Android updates? Does Xiaomi intend to add more phones to this list, or is it final?

Will Redmi 5 Plus get MIUI 12?

Well, Xiaomi has already received many of these questions from many of its users, and the company has already tried to clarify this as much as possible in the official social media accounts, as well as MIUI support forums. For Redmi 5 Plus users, it seems that there are no plans for Xiaomi to update it to the upcoming MIUI 12, according to a response from a Xiaomi support in the MIUI forums .

Redmi 5 Plus will not receive MIUI 12


Let’s quickly remember, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus has been launched in two versions. One of them was directed to the Chinese user and the other one was released globally in the name Redmi Note 5 Pro as well, and surprisingly it is just different names only but in fact it is the same phone without any changes. To be honest, this is something very strange, given that the Redmi Note 5 was among the Xiaomi phones that are waiting for the MIUI 12 update, and it was even among the phones that had the support to install the trial version. Why is Xiaomi not updating the Redmi 5 Plus – this is unknown yet. However, we will follow up on any relevant news on this matter, and we will post it here.

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