Now You Can Upgrade Your Nokia X20 to Android 12.0 Developer Preview!

The stable Android 12 update for Google Pixel devices is coming soon, probably before the end of this month. Which means that most other phone manufacturers are currently preparing themselves to update their devices to the latest OS as well, or at least start beta programs for each of them, and as it seems that there are some companies such as Samsung, OnePlus or even Xiaomi have already started! Now, it seems that the well-known Finnish giant has also joined in this event by supporting the Nokia X20 to test Android 12 for developers “developer preview”.

So, if you happen to be a Nokia X20 user – then you can now try out Android 12 before everyone else by following some simple instructions, detailed below.

Nokia X20 (Android 12)

Nokia X20
Android 12.0 “Developer Preview” is now available for Nokia X20

If you don’t know, the upcoming Android 12 will come with several features and pivotal changes that include a complete change in user interface design using the Material You design language “became more circular and borrowed this idea from the One UI” with some other new features.

As you will also notice that Google in this version of Android has focused its efforts more on improving privacy and security control options, which among its features is that it will alert you if any app accesses the camera, microphone, or even GPS, etc. so that you can deny these permissions if I wanted.

Personally, I did not expect Nokia to move so quickly towards supporting its devices to experience the upcoming OS, especially since it was not the best in sending the Android 11 update to its devices since last year until now, in addition to the fact that there are still many “eligible” devices that did not get the previous OS up yet! But even so, here we are and the company has officially announced the release of Android 12 developer preview of the Nokia X20 – which means that we can expect Nokia to release the stable version of the same phone soon.

Now, if you happen to have a Nokia X20 and you want to join the Android 12 beta program, then you can download the new beta ROM yourself on your phone by using some of the steps that you will need to follow below, but with that, you must provide some necessary requirements first, which are as follows:

  • Always keep a backup copy whether you’re upgrading to a new OS, or going back to an earlier one.
  • We’re talking about a beta for developers here, so expect bugs that might be in the core functionality.
  • Charge the phone battery to at least 60%.

Explanation of downloading Android 12 for Nokia X20

  1. Update the My Phone app to the latest version.
  2. Inside the app, click on the banner support (you will find it at the bottom).
  3. Scroll down again and tap on Android Developer Preview.
  4. Allow the app to check your phone’s IMEI number for identification, and agree to the terms of use.
  5. Once you join the beta program, Nokia will send out the new OTA update within 12 hours.
  6. You can also wait 20 minutes, then manually check for a new update by going to Settings > About phone > Software updates.
  7. Once it appears that there is a new update, simply click on the Download and Install button to get it.

Now you can enjoy Android 12 on your Nokia X20. And if you happen to be bored with the experience and want to downgrade and go back to stable Android 11, then you can do it via the My Phone app as well.

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