Android 12.0 Beta Available for Oppo, Realme, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Tecno, and Others!

If you follow, then you will most likely know that the Google I/O event is usually one of the most important annual events in the technical arena, because through it we often know all the new things about the upcoming Android operating system, and this year was not different, as the American giant Google finally announced the first beta version of Android 12.0.

Besides Pixel phones, the new OS has become available for installation on other Android devices, specifically those that support Project Treble from Google or the GSI version. In fact, Android 12.0 did not officially come with support for Pixel phones only, but it came with support for several specific phones from other OEMs, and this is our topic today. Below, we will talk about all the phones that support the installation of the beta version, as well as provide the download link if it is available from the manufacturer.

Android 12 update is now available for some Android devices

Android 12

And if you are wondering, the new Android 12 update came with many new features in terms of customization capabilities specifically, something that was lacking in all Android versions, and any of us once heard the word stock android or AOSP, knew in advance that it was poor in customizations, but what distinguishes it is only its strong performance and lightness. But this has changed now, and Android in its AOSP form is able to compete with other custom interfaces such as MIUI, One UI, or ColorOS.

For example, One of these new things is the ability to change the general color of the system, whether for the settings icons or menus, depending on the predominant color on the wallpaper that you use on your device now, for everything to be compatible with the other. Next to the feature of circular miniature windows, which you can now place on the lock screen as well, not only the Home screen, like the usual in previous versions of android.

Of course, the Pixels are the first to be supported by Android 12, either with the previous developer version, or the beta versions. But despite this, there are also some other companies that have supported their devices to try the new Android 12 beta OS, and some of them even provided the download link for it. Next, we will talk a little about which phones are now able to download and install the Android 12 beta, or if it is available from its manufacturer or not.

ASUS ZenFone 8 Series

Once the announcement of the new operating system was over, the Taiwanese company ASUS revealed the availability of beta system versions of the latest flagship ZenFone 8 series with it. The surprising thing here is that the Android 12 update for Asus phones may permanently abandon the ZenUI interface assigned by the company, and the upcoming system releases will come with a similar experience to the stock Android as Nokia does at the present time. In fact, you can download Android 12 now from this link: (for ZenFone 8) and install it yourself on your phone.

OnePlus 9 series

OnePlus 9, as well as OnePlus 9 Pro, who were announced in March 2021 with Android 11 out of the box, has also become supported to join the Android 12 beta program. Also, the Chinese company mentioned in its support forum about the experimental update, and in the same notice it attached the links to download the ROM for each of them.

Oppo Find X3 Pro

Find X3 Pro, the latest flagship so far from the Chinese company, Oppo, is the only device that has been supported for the new Android 12 beta update, so that other versions of the same phone were not supported for the beta system for an unknown reason.

Of course, we already know that the Android 12 update for OPPO devices will come next to the ColorOS 12 interface dedicated to it, but despite this, this beta version came with the stock Android without any customizations, and often you will see the next ColorOS version with the stable update of the OS. If you are wondering, the Find X3 Pro has received Android 12 beta support in all its versions in Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, and also New Zealand so far.

Realme GT

But if you are wondering which of the Realme phones support the Android 12 update, the new update is currently available only for the Realme GT for its units that were sold in China only . Realme GT is a flagship from the Chinese company with a Snapdragon 888 chip under the hood and has not yet been launched globally. As per the official announcement, the Android 12 Beta update for the phone will be available at the end of May.

Sharp Aquos

Although it is almost not present in the technical arena, at least globally, but the Japanese company Sharp has officially indicated that some of its smartphones will be supportive of the Android 12 beta program, although it has not indicated which of its phones will get the trial update, or even when this will arrive.

Tecno Camon 17

In fact, I was personally surprised as you read it, but the Chinese company, Tecno, which specializes in mid-range devices, has officially announced that the Camon 17 will be supportive of the Android 12 beta program along with Pixel devices and other companies! In fact, the company has already provided a download link for the beta for phone users who like to experiment. However, the company hasn’t mentioned anything about which of its phones will be eligible for the upcoming system update.

TCL 20 Pro 5G phone

The phone of the Chinese company TCL, the latest so far, which is TCL 20 Pro 5G, has been supported to test the latest Android operating system 12, and the company has already provided a download link for the beta update for those users who want to experience and try the next update before everyone else, noting that the version for The regular TCL 20 “does not support” the beta program yet, so do not try to install this version on your phone if you are a user of it. And also, the company even shared a link to download the previous stable version, “Android 11”, in case you wanted to rollback to it again if you got tired of trying Android 12.

Vivo iQOO 7 Legend

As for Vivo, the Android 12 beta update will be available for only one of them, the iQOO 7 Legend, through this page from the company. The Chinese company has already provided a download link for the beta system if you are a phone user and want to experiment, and it has also stated that the Beta 2 version will be available for the phone in July 2021. In the event that you have tried and encountered some errors or are bored with this version and want to rollback to the stable version again, then download the previous version of this link and install it on your phone.

Xiaomi Mi 11 series

Although the Android 12 for the Redmi Note 7 phone is already available for installation “unofficially, of course” – the company here has only supported the latest Mi 11 series to officially test the upcoming Android system. The beta update is available for the following phones (with the download link next to all of them):

For some reason, the company did not support the Mi 11 Lite to try the next OS, so it may announce its support in the next few days. Previous beta versions download links are Fastboot versions available with .TGZ extension which you can install only with Mi Flash Tool. So, go to the link and follow the instructions after you’ve finished!

ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G

The Chinese company ZTE also joined this ceremony by this official announcement and has supported the latest Axon 30 Ultra 5G to test the Android 12 beta OS. And if you happen to be a phone’s user, you can download the beta OS from this link and then install it yourself on your device. And if you are wondering, the company did not mention anything about whether it intends to support the Axon 30 (the regular version) or not.


All the download links available here are preliminary beta versions of the Android 12.0.0 operating system, so expect a lot of errors and stability problems in the basic daily functions that will appear from time to time, so if you want to experiment, I will not prevent you, but try it on a phone that is “not essential” for you. Because most of these versions are not compatible with your regular daily use on your device. Of course, these bugs will eventually be fixed before the stable version, but are you can deal with them until that time? Only you know the answer!

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