Oppo ColorOS 14 Based Android 14 Firmware Update Supported Devices

List of OPPO Phones Eligible for ColorOS 14. Android 14 system has become available for many smartphones at the moment, and many companies have joined the trials such as Samsung or Realme. OPPO is also close and will soon join with its famous custom interface ColorOS – now with the ColorOS 14 update especially when you know that Google intends to launch the stable version of the upcoming system for Pixel phones in October next.

So, do you want to know if your Oppo phone is eligible to receive Android 14 system with ColorOS 14 interface? Don’t worry then because you will find the complete list below, which will be continuously updated as soon as any new information emerges.”

The current list, as well as all available information about the upcoming system update for OPPO devices (ColorOS 14), is continuously updated at the end of this page. So just scroll down and you’ll find that we’re adding new information daily as soon as it becomes available, noting that the last update was on: February 1, 2024.

ColorOS 14 (Android 14)

Oppo ColorOS 14

So far, Google is still testing the Android 14 system on Pixel phones, and it recently sent out update beta version 5.3, which I believe is the final beta release before the stable version we’ll finally see next month. On the other hand, OPPO has also started its ColorOS 14 beta program with the latest operating system on the OPPO N2 Flip phone several months ago, and there are also some other eligible phones for the trial.

Oppo Android 14 Supported Devices

Android 14 Logo

There are thousands of Oppo smartphones that have been updated to Android 13, and now users are wondering about the Android 14 update with the company’s upcoming interface. While there are many phones eligible for the upcoming system, there are also many of the company’s phones that will not be updated to ColorOS 14 due to weak internal hardware.

If you didn’t know, Oppo is committed to supporting its users’ smartphones for up to 4 years of major Android updates with ColorOS, of course, along with 5 years of monthly and quarterly security patches. The credit here goes to the clear policy of the Chinese company regarding these updates, we have a very good idea about its phones that will be updated to the upcoming system even if it has not been clarified in an official statement so far.

So, here’s a list of Oppo phones that will be updated to Android 14 with ColorOS 14:

Find Series

  • Find N3 Flip
  • Find N2 Flip
  • Find N2
  • Find X6 Pro
  • Find X6
  • Find X5 Pro
  • Find X5

Reno Series

  • Reno 10 Pro Plus
  • Reno 10 Pro
  • Reno 10
  • Reno 8 Pro
  • Reno 8T
  • Reno 8T 5G
  • Reno 9 Pro+
  • Reno 9 Pro
  • Reno 9

OPPO A & F Series

  • OPPO A58 4G
  • OPPO A98
  • OPPO K11
  • OPPO K11x
  • OPPO A78
  • OPPO A1
  • OPPO A1x
  • OPPO A56s
  • OPPO A96
  • OPPO A58 5G
  • OPPO F21 Pro 5G
  • OPPO F19 Series
  • OPPO F23

However, you should know the following:

  • This list is compiled based on Oppo’s policy on official updates and tracking its previous updates.
  • Oppo has never officially stated which of its smartphones will support the update to Android 14.
  • There may be some phones that may get ColorOS 14 but are not mentioned here.

What we know so far about the ColorOS 14

November 6, 2023: Oppo started offering the opportunity to join the ColorOS 14 beta program for users of the Find N2 Flip phone.

November 9, 2023: The Android 14 beta program for Oppo Reno 8T, Oppo F23 5G, and Oppo A78 users is now available.

November 16, 2023: Oppo announced the availability of the ColorOS 14 update in beta for several phones, including Find N2 Flip, Oppo F21 Pro, Oppo F21s Pro, Oppo A77s, Reno 8, and Reno 7.

November 18, 2023: Oppo began rolling out the stable Android 14 update with ColorOS 14 for qualified phones, starting with the Oppo Find N2 Flip.

November 22, 2023: The Android 14 beta program is now available for Oppo Find X3 Pro 5G users in several countries.

November 30, 2023: Oppo Find X5 users started receiving the stable Android 14 update with ColorOS 14.

December 10, 2023: Oppo initiated the rollout of the stable Android 14 update with ColorOS 14 for Reno 10 Pro+ 5G and Reno 8 Pro users.

December 13, 2023: Oppo K10 5G users in India can now experience the ColorOS 14 update in beta.

December 24, 2023: Oppo A77 and Oppo A77s users in India began receiving the stable Android 14 update.

December 25, 2023: Oppo A58 users can now join the ColorOS 14 beta program in India.

December 26, 2023: Oppo announced the ColorOS 14 beta program for Oppo A38 users.

December 29, 2023: The ColorOS 14 beta update is now available for Oppo Find N3 Flip users.

January 4, 2024: Oppo Find N users are receiving the stable Android 14 update with ColorOS 14 in China.

January 17, 2024: Oppo announced the second batch of devices eligible for the Android 14 beta update, including Oppo Find N3 and Oppo Find N3 Flip.

February 1, 2024: Oppo revealed the list of phones scheduled to receive the Android 14 update with ColorOS 14 during the first quarter of 2024. You can see it in the following image:

ColorOS 14 Update timeline
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