Increase Android Games Frame Rates ‘FPS’ easily with this Magisk Module!

In today’s lesson, we are going to look at how the game frame rate increases in various big Android games on your smartphone. The word FPS which stands for Frames Per Second is precisely the definition of what it does! It is a general measure of the number of scenes per second a game plays on your Android phone, or how your on-screen GPU can handle for that game.

So, More frames FPS means here to get scenes more through per second, and therefore a better experience, faster, and smoother while running some games that require a large number such as PUBG, Fortnite, or Free Fire, for example , but not limited to.

And to be honest, who does not want this wonderful feature in the games he plays constantly, especially since it is a basic reason for which you might buy a flagship. So, without any further talk, let’s go over how to provide FPS for all Android phones with simple steps “Note that the following steps require root first”.

What is the way to increase games frame rate on Android?

Steps to increase the number of frames of games on Android

As mentioned above, all the steps that we are going to mention below are very easy and do not require any prior knowledge, but the only necessary thing that you must have first is that your phone is rooted with Magisk Manager. And if you happen to not have done so yet, then I highly recommend visiting the following explanations first, and then come back here again to complete the steps:

Once you are done with rooting the right way for you, now it’s time for the actual steps to be able to increase the FPS rate in any Android game. I mentioned that rooting by Magisk is a necessary condition because in this explanation we will use a module or add-on from Magisk whose function is to deceive the system or game that your phone is a different type, the Samsung Galaxy S10 specifically, by making some changes in the build.prop file, so the game will It automatically unlocks all the features that you will only be able to take advantage of if you are a user of a flagship phone.

Once you download and install this add-on, you will be able to play and enjoy all your games at “at least” 60 frames per second, or if that’s the maximum number of frames your phone screen can display. And if you’re wondering how few, then you should know that most of the games you’re playing right now will never get above 30fps unless your phone is a flagship with a powerful chip.

Installation steps

  1. Download the extension from this link:
  2. Open the Magisk app > go to the Modules icon (in the top right corner).
  3. From here, click on the “Install from storage” option and go to the place where the extension was downloaded and choose it.
  4. Now Magisk will start flashing the tool on your phone, and after it’s done, click on the Reboot button.
  5. After rebooting, the tool should now work with the new settings on all games.

After testing, I personally was able to run Black Desert Mobile at the highest settings available with 60fps on my Samsung Galaxy A52. And if you were wondering, yes, this method not only increased the FPS frame rate, but also improved the overall game experience so that it became smoother and faster in changing the internal options and not just inside the game.

Black Desert Mobile 60 FPS

Although the experiment worked and you got what you wanted, maybe for some reason you want to go back to the original settings again, so all you will need to do here is remove the Magisk module that you downloaded and installed in the previous steps from within the application itself, then restart the phone and everything will be back as it was.

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