Download Fortnite Mobile APK 30.10 2024 Update Direct Links inside!

Now you can download Fortnite Mobile 30.10 with Season 2 Battle Pass and new outfits, as well as new characters, as well as the Doomsday game mode. Fortnite game for Android and iOS is one of the most popular open ground battle royale games in the world. The game was very popular in both America and Asia. And speaking of the new event offered by the game, you can now enjoy the new Fortnite update.

Fortnite Mobile apk
Fortnite-Mobile 2024

Download Fortnite apk

Game Fortnite Mobile
Version 30.10.0-34261954
Last update June 21, 2024
Size 244MB
Developer Epic Games
Package com.epicgames.fortnite

Download direct link from Uptodown: com.epicgames.fortnite.apk 

Download Fortnite Mobile apk 2024

Download Fortnite on iOS after Apple’s BAN!

After the recent unfortunate event due to Fortnite’s update of in-game payment methods so that you can now pay and buy things directly inside the game, bypassing the 30% that Apple requires from game and app developers on its App Store, Apple has “removed, or banned,” The game from the iOS App Store, and later Google did the same thing in the Google Play Store as well, so that you will not be able at the present time to download the game as usual.

For Android, the topic is very simple, you can simply download Fortnite apk from the top and install it on the phone and the game will be directly on your phone. As for iPhone or iPad from the other side, there are some differences, and the possibility of downloading and installing the game after Apple suspended it here will be based on luck somewhat, depending on if you downloaded the game on your phone at least once before, even if this time since Years. So, to get the Fortnite game for iPhone after removing it from the App Store, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. From the top, click on the sign for your personal account (the blue circle).
    Fortnite download on iPhone after the ban
  3. After that, go to the second box, which is Purchases, and click on it.
    Fortnite download on iPhone without app store
  4. Now you will find that you are in front of the list of all the games and apps that you have downloaded before.
  5. Now from the search button at the top, type Fortnite, and you will see that it is visible.
    Fortnite manual download for iPhone
  6. All you have to do is click on it, then download it.

This method is temporary, and it will make you get the game possible at the moment, but you will nevertheless not be able to update the game again until there are solutions to the current problem between Epic and Apple, knowing that the version that you will be able to obtain is the last so far with version number v13.40.

Fortnite update

The new Fortnite update brings us a lot of interesting elements, and we start it with the new equipment. You’ll also notice water levels drop across the map. This, of course, will be imprinted on the change in the shape of the terrain in some maps, and some of them feel that the sites have changed because of the passage of many years on them, as if you traveled through a time machine. It will finally include the auto component that millions of game fans have been waiting for.

Apart from talking about the cars that will be added to this update, it is expected in the next updates that the game will witness an Aquaman vs. Black Manta event. In addition, there will be many new items and rewards that will be created in the Atlantis location in the map. While it is likely that these two events will not be present in the next update, it is likely that they will launch with the date of the celebration of the third birthday of Fortnite. Where the game fans used to receive new prizes on the occasion of the game’s birthday every year.

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