Download Battlefield Mobile v0.7.0 .APK .OBB “Alpha Test” – Installation Guide!

Now you can download Battlefield Mobile APK 0.7.0 Alpha Test” beta for pre-registration apk + data files direct link size 766MB. EA introduced us to Battlefield Mobile, the first version of Battlefield for mobile. The game will be in your hands soon in the coming period. Where the giant gaming company stated that the Battlefield Mobile game will be available on Android and iPhone devices later this year 2021. The game has been launched on the Google Play Store through pre-registration at the present time.

In the coming lines, we will provide you with the most important features, conditions, and other features of the mobile version of this game. Before all this, pre-register for the game through the link below on the Google Play Store.

Download Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile apk

Game Battlefield Mobile
Version 0.7.0 alpha-test
Last update May 25, 2022
Size 102MB [APK]

[appbox googleplay]

TapTap pre-register for iPhone: Pre-Register

Download Battlefield Mobile 0.7.0 .APK

Get Battlefield Mobile:

Get Battlefield Mobile apk “Alpha”

Download Battlefield Mobile OBBExplain how to install Battlefield Mobile APK alpha test on Android: 

  1. Download the Battlefield apk file from the top, or from the Tap Tap: from this link
  2. Install Battlefield APK – You may need to enable install apps from unknown sources.
  3. Once the game is installed, go to its icon on the phone and launch it.
  4. After launching the game will ask you for OBB data of 433MB – Agree to download.
    Download Battlefield Mobile Update APK
  5. Once the download is finished, the game will work with the caveat that it is still an alpha beta version.
    Battlefield Mobile Demo
  6. Now the game will ask you to choose your age “month and year”.
    Battlefield Mobile Mohamedovic 05
  7. Then you will be asked to sign in with your Google, EA account “or continue as a Guest”.
    Battlefield Mobile Mohamedovic 06
  8. Finally, enjoy playing the best Battlefield Mobile game on Android.

Note: Battlefield Mobile will be available on smartphones later this year. What is now allowed is pre-registration on the game. Until the official launch date of the first version of Battlefield for mobile comes, you should visit the site in order to find out all that is new.

Battlefield Mobile 2042 “2022”

Battlefield Mobile
Battlefield Mobile 2042 officially announced on EA Games

Based on what was stated regarding the game’s features on the Google Play Store. The game will be a first-person shooter entirely, that is, without a change in this mode. The player will also be able to play most of the modes that were present in the computer version of the game, where the campaign mode will be available for single-player, first-person combat combat, and teamwork consisting of a group of players is also available. Perhaps you can find all this in Call of Duty or in PUBG Mobile and also in PUBG New State.

But this game is distinguished by the fact that it writes the main threads and all the details of what the future war will be like in 2042.

Battlefield for Mobile Features

Diverse arsenal of weapons in Battlefield Official Mobile Version

Battlefield has now arrived with its full features on mobile screens, offering us an unparalleled form of first-person combat. Where you will enjoy all the excitement and thrill by building the strongest team, fighting enemies and destroying everything around you.

The great crowd of total war

Build a team in the Battlefield Mobile game. Attack all the maps in this game, hack all the modes, and fight against the veteran players. And do not forget to collect a powerful arsenal of the finest weapons scattered in different parts of the battlefield. And fight for control of the powerful vehicles in the game such as tanks and ATVs. And you can make explosions and destruction on the widest range in different environments of the battlefield. And in the midst of this momentum, you will upgrade your fighting abilities to be more fierce performer in the team war.

Things you only see in Battlefield™ Mobile

Battlefield Mobile 01

There are things in this game that are distinguished that you do not find in any other fighting game from the famous names and others. For example, you’ll find eye-catching explosions and wild combat situations that are repeated every round. Where you can experience the collapse of the tower while riding in an EVI, or for example, attend the scene of a devastating missile launch at the building that you are landing on from the parachute. Or the scenes of enemies being buried under the rubble of the building that you destroyed with your tank, they are all memorable and unforgettable scenes.

Different strategies in Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile 02

Try different and unusual strategies in one of the most powerful first person fighting games. You will experience all this and more in every map in the game and in every mode in it as well. You can also choose or access a lot of ranks and classes that are available in the game, such as, the rank of fighter (attacker or raider), medic, support team, recon, and others.

Download battlefield mobile 2021 apk latest version direct link

You can also get a lot of game accessories and get a unique set of items that are weapons, clothes, skins, weapons, tools for certain classes and ranks, and more. And know that the most powerful and real weapon you have is the rank you belong to in that game, which inevitably fits with the way you play in Battlefield. Given the terrain of the game’s maps, it offers some strategies that you can follow to prevail in most combat situations.

  • Hit the terrain on foot with light, tactical movement.
  • Capture an EVI in order to cause explosions on a large scale at tremendous speed and while providing the element of surprise to the enemy.
  • Use stealth melee weapons to kill enemies without them realizing.
  • Create a shock and awe campaign against enemies with fully armed tanks.
  • Always turn to the prize chest to get various items that will help you fight battles on land, sea, sky and air.

Defend your team

Battlefield Mobile 03

Fight fiercely with the help of your team members in order to control the course of things on the battlefield. You can join a combat battalion or make a team with the help of friends to enter the battle zone where the fighting is at the highest level mercilessly. This is in order to savor the ecstasy of winning and win more prizes. And use the strategies that tilt all the battle towards you.

This of course helps later to increase the capacity of the soldiers in your battalion or your collaborators in the team. Here is the right arena for you to experience the real fun of dazzling team war, defend your team, destroy enemies and fight for survival. And all this through a range of modes such as multiplayer mode, specific mission mode, and others.

Making modifications and customization for soldiers

Battlefield Mobile 04

Make the appropriate specializations to get the maximum ability from your soldier, which matches the way and strategy of your playing in this very powerful game. You get to advance in the game more and increase your rank, so you have to constantly upgrade and renew your personal weapons and accessories. You can also earn more items that help customize the soldier by completing the missions of the soldier’s novel mode in the game. Where you have to study the story of the soldier well to immerse yourself in the missions of the game, from which you reap a lot and a lot.

Whichever way you wage war, the individual skills and collective abilities of your team or battalion that inevitably lead you to victory in one of the most powerful first-person combat and mobility games is the key here.

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