Top 50 Apps for Rooted Android Devices [Updated 2020]

Today’s lesson is about a list and an explanation of the best root applications, stating the advantages of each application and the ways to download and install it. A strong reason why users love the Android system is that it is a flexible system that can be completely or radically modified and changed, and the Android user in general is able to change the widget, icons, And so on, with the whole system.

There are hundreds of thousands of Android apps available in the Google Play Store to change the look of the system only! But the time will come when you will be finished with your modifications and changes in the Android system, you will want more changes and then the root will appear in the scene.

What is ROOT?!

The authority to access system root, is specifically similar to the ‘Administrator’ account feature on Microsoft Windows systems and gives the user full access to modification, change, and full control of Android system roots like the companies that produce it. with root as an Android user you have the authority to change The whole system, really I mean literally completely!

Best Root Apps in 2020

If you are a user of the Android system and you have root access, and you are looking for very useful applications after making the Root for your phone to fully control the system on your Android device, then you are in the right place, here is a list of the top 50 applications for rooted Android devices you can Get it and try it out after root.

1. Root Checker

The Root Checker application helps you to make sure if the root is working perfectly and correctly on your Android device, please note that this application helps you to make sure only that the Root is working properly and this is his job in particular and it does not have any other functions i.e. it does not help you to make a root for example .

[appbox googleplay com.joeykrim.rootcheck]

2. SuperSU

SuperSU helps you control the powers of applications that require root on your Android phone and activate these applications permits or cancel them at any time.

[appbox googleplay com.mobiappsstudios.validator]

3. Titanium Backup

The best application in its field and function is to save a full backup copy of applications and games on Android system, including its data, so that you do not have to install and prepare it again.

[appbox googleplay com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup]

4. Greenify

Greenify application helps you to strengthen the performance of the Android system in general by cutting out the work of some programs that you need in the background, and allows you to conserve the battery by inserting the entire system in sleep mode in the case of not using it, but it works in the background.

[appbox googleplay com.oasisfeng.greenify]

5. System App Remover

It helps you to easily delete the preinstalled system apps on the phone that you most often do not need and never use. Of course, you can remove system applications without root , but this process is much easier in case of root.

[appbox googleplay com.jumobile.manager.systemapp]

6. Root Booster

The Root Booster app allows you to control your phone’s RAM, clean it periodically, and also control the processor’s own settings in order to provide you with the optimum performance for your phone.

[appbox googleplay com.ram.memory.booster.cpu.saver]

7. MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check

Have you ever heard of SWAP MEMORY or SWAP RAM? Well, it is a feature that allows you in the event that the RAM capacity of your phone is almost over, you can allocate a portion of the internal memory to replace the random memory as if it is a new piece of random memory, this application helps you to do that.

[appbox googleplay com.roehsoft.meminfo]

8. Tasker

Tasker app for Android helps you control the behavior of your Android phone when things or things that you define happen. For example No Hoss, to switch your phone mode automatically to silent mode when someone calls you that you select. Wonderful program is not it?

[appbox googleplay]

9. Terminal Emulator

This is an app whose job it is exactly like its name, which is writing terminal command lines on your Android phone. Of course, Linux users know this feature well and are somewhat similar to CMD in Windows.

[appbox googleplay jackpal.androidterm]

10. Device Control

Device Control is a very powerful and beautiful application that allows you to do several tasks at one time and provides you with many features such as the features of the Tasker application, a browser for root files, an Editor application, or a manager for phone files through a WiFi connection.


11. Disk Digger

Of course most of us know or deal with this wonderful application in one way or another. Application disc Digger can retrieve your files or photos deleted by mistake. The application comes in two versions, one of which can work without root, but it works at its fullest power with the presence of root, of course.

[appbox googleplay com.defianttech.diskdigger]

12. Kernel Auditor

Adjusting the kernel (system kernel) settings of your Android phone allows you to get the best performance.


13. Root Explorer

Allows you to fully control and modify Android root files.

[appbox googleplay com.speedsoftware.rootexplorer]

14. Wakelock Detector 

Wakelock Detector app helps you to know the most depleting applications of the battery of your Android phone by monitoring the use of the wakelock feature.

[appbox googleplay com.uzumapps.wakelockdetector.noroot]

15. Flashify

Of course most of us know or deal with this wonderful application before. And for those who do not know it is an application that allows you to install or [flash] different Android system modules without having to enter the custom recovery, but you must still be very careful while using it.

[appbox googleplay com.cgollner.flashify]

16. Quick Reboot

I think the Quick Reboot app has a clear function as soon as you read its name. The application helps you to place several shortcuts in addition to your phone’s Power menu, such as restarting the phone directly in the Download or Recovery Mode without having to remember the shortcuts or a combination of buttons for those modes, or you need to turn off the phone first.

[appbox googleplay com.awiserk.kundalias.rootboot]

17. AdBlock Plus

Who among us did not bother him ads provocative in the Android system, whether site ads when browsing or even ads for applications and games that you use on your phone. The AdBlock Plus app allows you to completely get rid of all these annoying ads completely and you can download and install it through this link: Adblock Plus. There is an application similar to it and very powerful as well and many users prefer it which is the ad blocker application for Android AdAway.

18. Magisk Manager

The father, king and strongest of all Android system modifications and changes. The MagicManger app is an integrated system that allows you to completely change the Android system from A to Z with its many and very huge modifications and modifications. You can read about it carefully and learn how to install and handle it through a lesson: An explanation of Magisk Manager .

19. Dumpster

It is a simple but very cool app. Trash can apply to your deleted files in case you want to recover your deleted files again, or you have deleted them accidentally.

[appbox googleplay com.baloota.dumpster]

20. BetterBattery Stats

This application helps you to fully control the battery of your Android phone and know all the information available on it.

[appbox googleplay com.asksven.betterbatterystats]

21. Boot Animations

An application that allows you to change the Boot Animation of your Android phone.

[appbox googleplay com.jrummy.apps.boot.animations]

22. Rec. Screen Recorder

Rec. It is a very beautiful and easy-to-handle registration app, which provides you with very powerful and unlimited features to record the screen for a free application and competes with competently paid applications for Android phones.

[appbox googleplay com.spectrl.rec]

23. Servicely

It helps you control all the background applications. It is a more powerful application than you can imagine, try it and you will not be pampered and will be amazed by how many features it has.

[appbox googleplay com.franco.servicely]

24. 3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox is a powerful application that contains the features of several applications within one huge application and an updated interface that is easy to handle and use in the language design. Instead of downloading multiple applications, I think it’s best if most of the features you need are in one app.

[appbox googleplay]

25. BuildProp Editor

The most powerful in the field of modifying the Build.Prop file.

[appbox googleplay]

26. Servers Ultimate

Servers Ultimate is a very cool app for converting your old Android phone into a versatile [mini server]. The application has very strong and many features and we will talk about it in a separate lesson, or you can read its features yourself from the developer. You can download it here:

[appbox googleplay com.icecoldapps.serversultimate]

27. KSWEB: Server + PHP + MySQL

A complete guide for web developers on Android. It is an Android application that contains a web server, a PHP programming language, full support for MySQL databases and msmtp for email sending services.

[appbox googleplay ru.kslabs.ksweb]

28. GLTools App

GLTools is an app to control graphics quality and graphics power in general. You can use it, for example, to improve the PUBG Mobile game on your Android phone.

[appbox xda com.n0n3m4.gltools]

29. Viper4Android

Viper4Android 50 best root apps

Who among us has not heard or used the most powerful application in the field of acoustics, pure sound amateurs and strong sound effects. Downloadable Viber4Android app is available through Xposed installer and also Magisk Manager. You can download Viper4Android through XDA.

[appbox xda com.pittvandewitt.viperfx]

30. LiveBoot

The LiveBot app has a mission to help you know what is happening to your Android phone at the same moment it occurs while providing a LogCat file with a full report of the system’s actions in detail. The app is also developed by SuperSU programmers.

[appbox googleplay eu.chainfire.liveboot]

31. Link2SD

link2SD best 50 root apps

The problem of full internal memory suffers from most users of Android devices of the middle class, because the Android system consumes approximately 4 GB of internal space, allowing the user less than 4 GB remaining in the event that if your internal memory was 8 GB, like most medium devices, for example. Here comes the role of the Link2SD application because it has the function to help you transfer all the contents of the internal memory from applications and data of any size to the external memory SD or External Memory. In any case if your system is Android Marshmallow 6.0 or Nougat 7.0 you will not need it, but if you are on Android Lollipop 5.0 system or less, I strongly advise you to this wonderful application.

[appbox googleplay com.buak.Link2SD]

32. Set DNS

50 best root apps 15

SetDNS app is the best way to force your Android phone with root privileges to use the [Nameservers] domain names you specify for it whether you are on a WiFi network or even phone data.

[appbox googleplay com.halosoft.needtools.setdns]

33. Nandroid Manager

Nandroid Backup 50 best root apps

Nandroid Manager is the most powerful tool that you can work with in the backup and restore all data! I mean the whole whole. It is the best solution to backup Android system in general, including programs, games and their data, as well as messages, phonebook, photos and the system in full. I personally advise you to give it a try because it saved me a lot of trouble in the past.


34. Full! Screen

Fullscreen 50 best android apps

Full! Screen application helps you activate the full-screen mode through the ability to hide the appearance of the navigation bar or system bars for easy interaction with Android tablets.

[appbox googleplay]

35. GMD Gesture Control

It helps you to link a specific movement or activity of the Android system to certain sensors or buttons, or when pressing the screen with certain movements or angles, try it very beautiful application

[appbox googleplay com.goodmooddroid.gesturecontroldemo]

36. WiFi Password Viewer

WiFi password 50 best root apps

The app has exactly the same function as its name, which is to show WiFi passwords saved on Android phones.

[appbox googleplay com.simonedev.wpv]

37. ES File Explorer

The application is self-explanatory and requires no explanation. But it suffices to tell you that it is the most powerful Android file browser in general. The ES app also comes with a browser for root files in the event that your phone contains root.

[appbox googleplay com.File.Manager.Filemanager]

38. Xposed GEL Settings

If you want to tweak and change to the entire Google Launcher interface, you will need this great app. It needs an Xposed app first to work. If you have not used or installed Xposed before, then you can follow the following lessons:


39. BusyBox App

A simple tool to install Busybox tools in your phone with one click.

[appbox googleplay stericson.busybox]

40. DataSync

It helps you to share a specific application on your Android phone with another phone by extracting the APK package and then sending it using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even on the Internet.


41. TWRP Manager

Who among us did not deal with TWRP Recovery. This very powerful application is for managing TWRP recovery with all its versions and one of its advantages is that it helps you to take a backup copy of your entire system and retrieve it again easily and easily and also helps you to take a backup copy of Partition EFS and Modem and Bootloader files responsible for IMEI and the Android phone network in general . It is somewhat similar to working with NANDroid Backup except that you can work while the phone is working, not via recovery.

[appbox googleplay com.jmz.soft.twrpmanager]

42. Trickster MOD Kernel Settings

This wonderful application has the function that it helps you to change the settings of the Android phones kernels (system kernel) in general to reach the strongest performance in the Android system

[appbox googleplay com.bigeyes0x0.trickstermod]

43. Settings Extended

Settings Extended comes with a very nice and new idea and is responsible for saving your favorite programs and applications for easy access to them from one place instead of entering the settings of each application separately, and also puts it with notifications if you happen to forget and sometimes forget them.


44. OTA Updates CUSTOM ROM

This very powerful application is specifically aimed at Android system ROM developers and also for users of modified and cooked ROMs, and its function is to download pneumatic updates for modified ROMs, whatever it is, of course in the event that the ROM developer uses it in the modified ROM. Through this application, he can send OTA air updates to Rom users such as AryaMod team roms for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 devices, for example.

[appbox googleplay com.ota.updates]

45. Button Savior

If your phone does not have navigation keys on the screen or lower navigation keys, or for example if it is trying to keep your phone buttons like the Home button or volume control buttons, or in the case if your real buttons on your Android phone have a problem and it does not work anymore, then This application is the solution and its function is that it provides you with control buttons and navigation keys on the screen and is easy to handle and control its settings, I advise you to try it.

[appbox googleplay]

46. ​​Cheat Droid Pro

A very simple application and its function is to modify the Android game data for game enthusiasts, adjust game points and increase money or units of purchase, and almost identical in its properties with Cheat Engine .


47. Fontster

The Fontester app (as you may have noticed by its name) is tasked with helping you to change the types and fonts of fonts on your Android phone, throughout the entire system. It also has a huge base of fonts that you can choose from as well as it has a UI designed with attractive color UI.

[appbox googleplay com.chromium.fontinstaller]

48. HEBF Optimizer

The HEBF Optimizer app whose main task is to “improve / enhance” the performance of your Android device by using its internal hardware to the maximum extent possible. What also distinguishes him is that he nevertheless improves the battery consumption to enjoy its continuity in an unimaginable way.

[appbox googleplay com.androidvip.hebf]

49. ADB Over Network

ADB Over Network application helps you write ADB command lines and give the different commands to your phone simply over the air (wirelessly) without needing a computer or a USB cable to do that.

[appbox googleplay moe.haruue.wadb]

50. Termux

Last but not least, you can do many things with Termux. It can convert multimedia files (audio or video) to several different extensions. The Thermux app also gives you full control over the “video coding and coding” process on your phone as well as it allows you to transfer all types of files to and from more than 100 different extensions that support FFmpeg formats.

[appbox googleplay com.termux]


Did you like our list of best best root apps? We will be glad to know your opinions via the comments section below.

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