Funtouch OS 10 Based Android 10 Firmware Update for VIVO Devices

Based on the number of smartphones sold in the first quarter of 2020, Vivo was ranked sixth in the list of the world’s largest smartphone makers by 7%. According to the latest statistic from Counterpoint, this percentage has been over 21 million phones in that period. Regardless of the ranking of the Chinese company among the top 10 smartphone manufacturers in the world, Vivo may not be known to many of you. As a quick introduction to this amazing partner, Vivo was the first company to put the fingerprint sensor usnder the screen with the Vivo X20 that announced by the company in 2017. Therefore, yes that sensor that you have on your phone now is actually owned by this company.

Funtouch OS 10 update

You will also find that Vivo technologies and innovations are available with several other smartphones, but this is not the purpose of this article. Today we will be talking the official system updates for vivo phones, more specifically the Android 10 update which comes along with the FuntouchOS 10 interface for the phones that support it.

Like a few other phone manufacturers, Vivo supported three of its smart devices in the Android Q beta program: Vivo X27, Vivo NEX S as well as Vivo NEX A. However, these phones only got Android 10 days ago, Precisely on the previous June 4. The question now is, will my phone get the Android 10 system or not? Well, we’re here today to answer that question, just read what we’re going to say next.

Vivo phones that support Android 10

Surprisingly, most Vivo devices still have a long way to go to get the stable version of the last system, because most of their phones up to the time of writing these words are still working with the beta of the system, and they are expected to receive the latest update at some point during the quarter The third of the current 2020, that is, in the coming period. So, here are the company devices that have got the Android 10 update so far:

  1. Vivo NEX 3 5G
  2. Vivo iQOO phone
  3. Vivo V17 Pro
  4. Vivo Z1 Pro phone
  5. Vivo Z1X phone
  6. Vivo V15 Pro
  7. Vivo S5
  8. Phone Vivo S1 Pro
  9. Vivo Z5
  10. Vivo Z5x
  11. Vivo S1  (beta)
  12. Vivo Z3x phone (beta)
  13. Vivo X30 (beta)
  14. Vivo X30 Pro (beta)
  15. Vivo Z3 (beta)
  16. Vivo X23 phone (beta)
  17. Vivo Z5i (beta)
  18. Vivo Y17 phone (beta)
  19. Vivo V11 Pro (expected in August, September 2020)
  20. Vivo V9 (soon)
Did you know that the company has already participated in the beta program for the upcoming Android 11 system with the support of the Vivo NEX 3S phone .

Update 1 (July 28, 2020)

Vivo has officially stated that the Vivo V11 Pro will receive a Funtouch OS 10 update next to the Android 10 operating system sometime during August or early September 2020. The Vivo V9 phone, only the statement of the Vivo R&D team, is under testing.

As for the Vivo X30 Pro phone from the other side, it started receiving Android 10 update next to the FuntouchOS 10 interface for users in China without providing any confirmed information whether we are talking about a stable or experimental version. ( Source)


You should know, however, that this list is not complete, because as we mentioned earlier that Vivo is still trying to send stable versions of the last system to the rest of its phones because most of them at the moment are still in beta. For our part, we will closely follow this matter, and we will add anything new to happen on this matter.

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