Download PUBG PC v1.0.0 EXE [New Era Update, Mobile Version, Installing Guide]

PUBG for PC, especially the latest New Era update, is one of the greatest updates that is now available starting from September 8, 2020 and comes with a lot of updates such as the Erangel 2.0 map as well as some updates and additions to the Livik map, in addition to the new Kraken map. The new update brings us a lot of features, including fire mode, Cher Park, and other great features.

If you like PUBG, then you probably know about the Game Loop emulator, which is basically the improved and improved version of the original Tencent Game Buddy emulator , and both were programmed by the company, Tencent, the original developer of PUBG. Two days ago, PUBG v1.0.0 New Era update was launched for users on both Android and iOS devices, and now users of the third platform or Windows are wondering when they can download the new update and install it on their computers, especially since all users who will download PUBG v1.0 New Testament Between the date of September 8th, until September 13th, 2020, they will be rewarded with many gifts. So, today we’re going to talk in detail about how to download PUBG 1.0 New Erangel on your computer.

Download PUBG Mobile for PC (2020)

Version v1.0.0
Last update September 8, 2020
Size 2GB
Programmer GameLoop
OS Windows


You may also want to try PUBG Lite PC (a lighter version of the original PUBG for the computer), as well as there is PUBG Mobile Lite, or even PUBG KR (which is the Korean version and has many advantages compared to the original game), in addition to PUBG Vietnam, which is the Vietnamese version of the game PUBG Mobile.

Installing Guide

Follow the next steps carefully, in order, to be able to run the new PUBG New Erangel update on your computer:

  1. Go to this page, and click on this link.
  2. Now download the PUBG mobile game for the computer: direct link.
  3. After downloading and installing, launch the Gameloop emulator, and go to the My Games section.
  4. Search for PUBG Mobile and tap on it.
    Download the update of PUBG Arangle for the computer
  5. Or instead of the last step, you can search for the game directly by typing it in the search field above.
  6. From here, click the blue Update button, it may take some time depending on your internet speed (update size is approximately 2GB).
  7. Once the update process is completed, you can now launch the game and enjoy the ERANGEL 2.0 map on pc.


  • W / A / S / D – Action buttons
  • Left mouse click – shoot
  • Right mouse click – aim
  • Mouse Scroll – Zoom in and Zoom out
  • C – Crouch
  • Z – Prone
  • Q / E  – Peek
  • 1/2/3 – Change Weapon
  • 4/5/6 – Bombs and other similar weapons
  • 7/8/9 – Bandages, Balms, Energy Drinks, etc.
  • F – Pick up objects, open or close doors, or jump off a plane
  • Ruler or Spacebar button – to jump or climb

What’s new in PUBG New Era v1.0 PC (Season 15)

And for those who do not know the meaning of UX, they are letters indicating the user’s experience and the extent of his interaction with the game, which the game of PUBG always seeks to develop with every update it makes to it. Where the officials in charge of the game decided to add a completely different user experience from before, and this experience includes a completely different user interface from the one that you are used to before. Which will include an enhanced and improved user interface with a comprehensive animation change.

You can also make all adjustments to any element of the user interface to suit your needs in the game of PUBG Mobile. This, of course, will be reflected in the development of gameplay with the PUBG PC 1.0 update.

Improved classic animation performance

  • Improve the transition between standing and bending.
  • The use of the first aid box ends once the player is moved to the enemy position.
  • Gyroscopes are used when using shells.
  • You can change the direction and angle of view while jumping by scanning the phone screen from right to left or vice versa.
  • Improved graphics for Monster Truck, while enhancing the look of landscapes you see while driving.

Field battles

  • Shooting was able to remove the immunity to killing of some players in PUBG MOBILE in Arena mode.
  • Players can change the direction of the slide in Arena Mode based on the direction in which they slide.

PUBG settings in v1.0 update

  • Now there are separate settings for the lobby and graphics of the battle.

Improved training mode in Point Park

  • Each player is given their own terrain to train and improve on their fighting skills in the “Training Grounds” mode in Cher Park.
  • In Training Grounds, you can practice shooting, throwing grenades, and practicing on different levels of difficulty.
  • You can enter the training ground through Cheer Park.

Extreme Arena in Cher Park (available October 23)

  • You will enter the game alone and face a large number of monsters. And the building you enter in will be transparent, and this will give other players the ability to watch you fight these creatures.
  • Players’ rankings determine where they park on the Island of Point Park.

Halloween at Cher Park (available October 23)

  • You will be given a lot of changes in the Halloween event in Cher Park once you unlock the training ground that contains monsters. Where players will need to fend off waves of monsters in a dark and foggy night environment.
  • The points that players earn on the Monster Crush Training Grounds will be displayed in their respective rankings.
  • Cheer Park and other locations will have all the distinctive decorations during the Halloween event.


There is also an important note: people who still play any old version of PUBG, even the penultimate Livik, will not be able to join the battle or play the game with players who have updated to the latest version. Also, according to the official website, the players who will download the new update between September 8 and September 13 will receive the following prizes: 2,888BP and also 100AG in addition to the Red Racecar Knight Backpack.

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