Download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.23.0 Update (OBB/APK) Download Inside, Guide

Download the new PUBG Lite 0.23.0 2022 with 989MB size update and enjoy the all-new the Winter Festival, and you can now also enjoy riding the new Mirado gold car, which was added in the latest version. PUBG Mobile Lite is the version for weak Android phones with less than 2GB RAM and a weak processor and now it is officially available for download via the Google Play Store, or from an external source (download apk file), which can be installed directly on Android by some simple steps

Download PUBG Mobile Lite

Developer: Level Infinite
Price: To be announced

Download PUBG Lite 0.23.0 APK

Game PUBG Mobile Lite
Version 0.23.0
Last updated June 15, 2022
Size 989MB
Programmer Tencent
Get PUBG Lite apk one file: Lite.0.23.1_UAWebsite.apk Or other mirror: AndroidFileHost

Installing PUBG Mobile Lite apk + obb

  1. Download the ZIP file containing the complete Mobile Phone files from above, then extract its contents.
  2. Install the apk file first on your phone.
  3. Using any application to browse the storage memory files (I recommend ES File Explorer)
    • Move or copy the “com.tencent.iglite.obb” folder to the “android / obbfolder in the main memory path.
    • Run the game.
  4. Enjoy!

PUBG Mobile Lite (0.22.0)

PUBG Mobile Lite now celebrates the one-year anniversary since the launch of it. It is the version that was developed for these weak devices, and the RAM does not exceed the 2GB barrier. For this occasion, the developers of the game decided to release some updates for the release of the game. It is known that the last version of the game carries was version 0.21.0. Therefore, it is axiomatic that it will carry the new version 0.21.0.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 update will provide you with many features, on top of which is the Miramar map that was not available before on this version. The developers also intend to offer a training mode, as well as some exclusive skins to beautify the characters involved in the battles. Therefore, the common question in the minds of players relates to when is the release of the new PUBG Mobile Lite update 0.21.0?

New pubg lite update

Date of launch of the update PUBG Lite 2021

Directly to you, dear reader, the new update for the Lite version under 0.18.0 will be launched on the 25th of July 2020. Players around the world will be able to update the game on this date through the Google Play Store. And as we mentioned earlier, it will be a year since the launch of the mobile phone Lite for weak devices. Because of this occasion, the developer will launch the new update on the same day that the full year light is issued with a number of 0.21.0. Additionally, the Winner Pass of Season 13 is expected to be released on the same date.

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