Download PUBG China 2024 和平精英 1.26.18 APK/OBB Links inside!

Now you can download the update for the Chinese PUBG game apk 1.26.18 with a direct link of 1.94GB, which also comes with the name 和平精英 (Peace Elite if we translate it from the Chinese). The Chinese version of the PUBG that we have seen a while ago and it is also one of the most awaited updates from all users, even those who play other versions of PUBG like the Korean PUBG for example. The map has finally been officially released in Game for Peace.

PUBG Mobile China apk
和平精英 ‘PUBG China’

Download PUBG CN apk

Game Peace Elite 和平精英
Version 1.26.18
Last update March 20, 2024
Size 1.96GB
programmer Tencent
Package com.tencent.tmgp.pubgmhd

Did you know that you can now download PUBG New State (global version), which is the new version of the PUBG Mobile game.

Chinese PUBG (和平精英 apk)

In the Chinese PUBG game, you will get a new look for that classic map known in the game. Therefore, the update will require more than 1.9GB of internal memory for Android devices. With the launch of the new update, players will notice the initial and significant changes that will occur to the game’s characters, and the enhancements and customizations that will occur to the graphics of the game in general.

PUBG Mobile China apk

Before that, the developers of the game pledged to make clear modifications to the characters of the PUBG Mobile game, as well as to the graphics of the game, its different environments, and its battles.

Erangel map is one of the oldest and most played maps in the PUBG Mobile game, and many players consider it as an essential thing that distinguishes the game from the beginning of its launch. The map is basically an 8 by 8 kilometer island and features a variety of terrain. The Metro Exodus update was first announced at the PMCO Finals, but an official launch date has yet to be announced.

PUBG Erangel 2.0 Update.jpg

PUBG Chinese is a good matchup for a lot of English speaking players with Chinese speaking players. Games like PUBG always seek to increase cooperation between people from all over the world of different cultures and languages. It is possible to find in your team people who speak Chinese and others speak English.

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Smith explained that once during a game of PUBG, the Chinese version, he exchanged expressions of love and friendship between his team members, who also spoke Chinese and English. They even added each other on social media and have been friends since then.

He also said that it can be a little difficult when it comes to making alms if you only speak English. Most of the games of all kinds and classifications serve those players who are located in North America and Europe. So they put the English language first. But the pubg game decided to serve players in East Asia and in China in particular, given the large number of them in this region, and brought them the Chinese pubg apk.

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