Which Is The Best iPhone iOS Themes for Android in 2023? There’s 5!

Most of the cell phone holders in the world own Android phones, but despite that, most Android users undoubtedly wish to replace their phones with iPhone because it is known that all Apple devices are distinguished by their elegant shape and also represent an excellent experience for everyone who used them.

But the only problem with owning an iPhone is its high cost, so if you are a fan of the iPhone, this article is written specifically for you to be able to experience using an iOS on your Android device, and here are the best 5 ways to have this interesting experience.

Of course, there are a lot of iOS themes available for Android phones, but in this article we will talk about the launcher apps for the iOS 16 experience, which will give you a unique experience that simulates the experience of using an iPhone.

1. iLauncher iOS 16

iLauncher Theme

There is no doubt that the iOS 16 is distinguished by its elegance and sophistication, which is the main reason why all phone holders want to own an iPhone, but with this theme, we will provide you with the experience of using most of the features of the iPhone on your Android phone due to the high cost of purchasing the iPhone, and what distinguishes this theme is that it has a lot of features The iPhone (such as the control center, the notification center, as well as the lock screen closing system).

And the most important thing that distinguishes this theme is its smoothness and lightness on the device, so it will not cause you any problems in operation and will not cause any weight in the operation of the phone or any errors and you can use it with ease and ease.

2. Launcher iPhone

Launcher iPhone

This launcher represents a unique experience that completely simulates the experience of using the iPhone, and the best thing about this theme is that you can convert your phone from Android to iOS 16 with just one click, and the theme comes with a lot of iPhone features, which will make it your best choice for an experience completely similar to using the iPhone.

Launcher iPhone comes with a lot of features and general features such as the search bar and many other general features, as well as it is supported by many gestures and icons available on the Google Play Store, and you can change application icons easily as you like and of course all notifications appear to you just as they appear on the iPhone.

Did you know that you can now download Dynamic island for Android and get the great features of the iPhone 14 Pro.

3. Control Center iOS 16

iOS 16 Control Center for Android

This theme comes with a very neat appearance and you will have an interesting experience with it and feel like you are using a real iPhone, and this launcher gives you direct access to several applications such as: camera, screen recorder, and clock). In addition, of course, you can switch between the mobile applications and discover all the cool features of the theme that also allow you to easily access all the settings of the phone.

Also, by swiping your finger and swiping up, you will be able to access the basic features such as: Airplane mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, calculator, and many more. This launcher is like a full version of the iPhone and will give you the wonderful feeling of owning a real iPhone.

Each launcher and theme from the above represents a distinct and complete experience for using iOS 16 as well as iOS 15, which will make you feel completely satisfied with this experience, although you may find some annoying ads in some of them when using them, but in general it is an experience worth having and that If you are a fan of iPhone.

4. iPhone 14 Pro Theme

iPhone 14 Pro Theme

This is one of the best iPhone launcher theme from my personal experience, as this launcher includes a variety of iPhone 14 Pro features for your Android phone, and will also give your phone an appearance completely similar to the appearance of the iPhone and will completely change its appearance. Let’s not forget also the premium wallpapers that accompany this theme, icons and more iPhone-related features that you will be impressed by when using this launcher, and you will discover many other features when using it.

Despite all of these features, you may find the accompanying ads a bit annoying, but as an overall experience you will find it very good and you will love using it a lot and gives you the real feeling of owning an iPhone already.

5. Launcher iOS 16

iOS 16 launcher for Android

This theme is also an emulator of the iOS 16 launcher, as it gives your Android phone the elegant iPhone look you want in addition to many other features, and the recent update of this theme has provided a lot of features that were not allowed to be used before. There is no doubt that it has almost all the features of the OS and one of the most unique things about it is the 3D touch screen. You can also get the wallpapers for iOS 16, in short, this theme will turn your Android phone into a real iPhone.

These were the best Android themes that give you the look of the iPhone in a way that is very close to the real one, and you can try each one to choose the one that is closest to you, including those running iOS 14 as well as iOS 15 or 16 as well, I tried as much as possible to diversify between them to choose what you like Including.

Despite the large number of advertisements, but given all the advantages; This annoyance can be dealt with or overlooked if you are an iPhone fan and care a lot about experimenting with its appearance on your Android phone. And if you benefited from this article and tried one of the previous themes, you can share with us your experience and your evaluation of the theme you used in the comments.

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