Download macOS 15 Sequoia Stock Wallpapers ‘Get 2 Walls in 4K’

Apple held its annual WWDC24 developer conference, which was packed with many new features and enhancements that users have been anticipating for several years. While the highlight of the event was the new iOS 18 for iPhone and the upcoming artificial intelligence features with Apple Intelligence, the company also announced the next system release for Mac devices, macOS 15.0, featuring numerous changes and new upgrades.

Additionally, Apple has designed some distinctive default wallpapers for macOS, which you can now obtain in their original quality for use on your computer or laptop.

macOS 15.0: Sequoia
macOS 15.0: Sequoia

macOS 15.0 “Sequoia”

You might be wondering what the name ‘Sequoia’ means that Apple introduced with the latest macOS operating system release. Sequoia, refers to a giant redwood tree that grows in the state of California, USA, as per Wikipedia.

Sharing iPhone Screen on Mac

One of the most requested features by Apple users in macOS was the ability to share their iPhone screen on their Mac. Finally, macOS 15 has introduced this feature natively. Here, we’re not just talking about screen sharing; you can fully control your iPhone from your Mac, and all iPhone notifications will also appear on your Mac screen alongside system notifications.

AI Features with ChatGPT

Another groundbreaking change compared to older versions of macOS is what also distinguishes iOS 18 – the completely new Apple Intelligence features for AI and the integration of the ChatGPT model with macOS.

Suggestions for Improving User Experience

macOS 15 Sequoia will also suggest the best placement for open windows on your Mac screen when you move them to the edge. There are also enhancements in video conferences and calls, such as the ability to easily change video backgrounds during sessions and preview the window you intend to share before actually sharing it with other users you’re currently speaking with.

Other Features

There are also numerous other features and upgrades such as the new Apple Passwords feature for storing all your passwords in one place securely, text effects in Messages, the ability to design your own emojis, scheduling messages to send them later at a specified time, improvements in note-taking, and many more features that you can experience if you decide to install the developer version.

All these features are accompanied by new designs from macOS 15 official wallpapers, which you can now obtain in full resolution.

macOS 15 Wallpapers

As we are accustomed every year with the new releases of iOS & iPadOS as well as macOS, Apple designs new wallpapers for all versions of its smart operating systems. After sharing with you iOS 18 wallpapers for iPhone in full quality hours ago, you can now also get macOS 15 wallpapers in full resolution.

macOS Sequoias wallpaper and a new Macintosh wallpaper

Below you will find an album displaying only the new macOS Sequoia wallpapers for viewing purposes, not for use, as they are compressed to be displayed on this page. To obtain the original versions, please visit the Google Drive link provided below the attached macOS wallpapers.

Download macOS 15 Wallpapers in Original Quality from Google Drive

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