Download iOS 18, iPadOS 18 Stock Wallpapers ‘Get 16 Walls in QHD+’

The upcoming iOS 18 update for iPhone has finally been officially released, bringing a plethora of new features and improvements, especially in the realm of artificial intelligence, which is the current trend followed by most phone companies. The next iOS update introduces a new design for the Control Center, numerous customizations for the Home screen, enhancements to the Photos app with improved editing capabilities, a new update for the Messages app, and many other features and upgrades.

In addition to these advancements, iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 also introduce some new default wallpaper designs by Apple, which are now available for download in their original quality and can be immediately used on any phone, even if it’s not from the iPhone series.

iOS 18.0.0 Update

iOS 18 Update for iPhones

Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC 2024, which users have eagerly awaited, was held yesterday. During this event, the American tech giant unveiled its new releases for all smart device operating systems, including iOS 18 for iPhone, iPadOS 18 for iPad, WatchOS 11 for smartwatches, and macOS 15 for Mac devices.

Key highlights of the new iPhone update revolved around artificial intelligence, branded by Apple as “Apple Intelligence.” What sets this apart from other companies using similar technology is that it integrates deeply into the operating system itself rather than being just an add-on, as seen with Samsung. A notable addition with the iPhone is the integration of the new ChatGPT model directly into Siri, potentially introducing features like AI-generated wallpapers for the first time on iPhone, among many others powered by the same technology.

Users who choose to install the developer preview will have the opportunity to experience these new features firsthand.

iOS 18 Wallpapers

Apple has designed 8 unique new wallpapers for the upcoming iOS 18 operating system (though there are actually only four wallpapers, each available in both regular and dark mode versions). Continuing the feature of clock wallpapers for the lock screen, the company has decided to design iOS 18 wallpapers in a similar fashion.

You can utilize the depth-effect feature with any of them if you choose to use one. Now, you can download any of the new iPhone wallpapers and immediately use them on your phone.

These new wallpapers are available in the original QHD+ resolution, with dimensions of 1290×2796 pixels. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about quality as they are pulled from the developer version of the new system. Below are preview versions of each wallpaper.

However, I advise against downloading any wallpapers you see in the following album because, as mentioned, they are for preview purposes only. If you wish to obtain any wallpaper, please visit the Google Drive link provided below the attached wallpapers.

Download iOS 18 Wallpapers in Original Quality from Google Drive

iPadOS 18 Wallpapers

It seems like you’re expressing disappointment with the design of Apple’s wallpapers for 2024, feeling they lack distinction compared to previous iOS versions like iOS 17 and earlier, which featured more memorable designs. Perhaps you might find the new macOS 15 wallpapers somewhat distinctive, especially with the new Macintosh Retro designs.

However, the iPadOS 18 wallpapers seem to follow a similar design trend as their iOS counterparts within the same release. The new wallpapers are available in the original QHD+ resolution, with dimensions of 1640×2360px.

You can view the wallpapers in the following album and download any of them from the download link provided below the attached images.

Download iPadOS 18 Wallpapers in Original Quality from Google Drive


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