Oppo R17 ColorOS 7.0 Based Android 10 Firmware Update [Official Beta]

 OPPO R17 was announced for the first time in the third quarter of 2018. At the time, we saw a lot of smartphones in the mid-range, following the footsteps of OnePlus 6T in terms of great design and even pricing. To be honest, OnePlus design engineers usually quote a few things in their designs from OPPO. Oppo R17 phone came with a Qualcomm mid-range chip Snapdragon 670 that still offers great performance even by 2020 standards. The phone came with Android Oreo, and then later it was updated to Android Pie . Now, you can get Android 10 update with the ColorOS 7 for Oppo R17.

OPPO R17 Android 10

OPPO R17 | ColorOS 7 update

Android 10 update for Oppo & Realme phones

The phone which is still very popular in many markets, is now officially waiting for another major update, yes we are talking about Android 10. Recently, among the devices waiting for the release of ColorOS 7.0, Oppo has announced that R17 as well as R15 will soon receive Android 10 beta updates. In keeping with its promise to its users, the company has already launched a beta program with the Oppo R17 for China users right now, and soon the R15 will join it. Below you can see the official company statement (translated from Chinese):

Dear Friends, Starting now, the long awaited ColorOS 7 update for the R17 with its limited release has begun. Note: These beta versions often focus on basic system functionality as well as performance tests. So you may notice that this release has some stability issues, and it is only suitable for those people who want to try new features. So, please handle these steps carefully. (Source)

Oppo ColorOS 7 global update 3

What’s new in Android 10 for Oppo R17?

So, what’s new in the upcoming Android 10 update for Oppo smartphones? Well, actually a lot. Next, you can see the official change log in the new system:

System & user interface

  • System has been updated to Android 10.0
  • Custom UI has been updated to ColorOS 7.0
  • Security patch was updated to January 2020

Apparent changes

  • Most user interface designs and colors have been completely changed to make them more comfortable and efficient to use.
  • OPPO Sans font was added by default to the system, and the system is now more beautiful and tidy than its predecessor.

Smart Breeno Assistant

  • Added a list of help instructions for the smart OBO assistant Reno, which allows you to perform daily tasks faster with fewer steps, in addition to the ability to create shortcuts for these tasks to perform them even faster.
  • The ability to search by video and audio via the Renault Assistant has been added. Now you can search by voice depending on the image of a place, person, etc.
  • The ability to open the camera with voice command by Breeno.


  • The overall performance of the camera is improved as well as the imaging experience is improved and some new features are added.

Explain how to update Oppo R17 phone to ColorOS 7.0

Important note: Android 10 beta update for Oppo R17 has already begun reaching users who have registered with ColorOS 7 beta program. The version of the system also comes with the number PBEM00_11_F.01. Oppo also said that users who have upgraded their devices to the latest system with the number PBEM00_11_C.06 & PBEM00_11_C.07 & PBEM00_11_C.09  will be able to join the beta program and then get to try the new system before others.

Steps below are for OPPO beta versions only, that is, it is different from the usual update when you have the same update file which is usually with OZIP extension. So, below we’ll explain how to join OPPO beta program, then install the system manually from within the phone settings. The steps you will read below are the same for the Oppo or Realme phone and are specific to knowing how to get the Android 10.

  1. First, go to your phone’s settings, then head to the System Updates or Software Updates section.
  2. Now go to the small green settings icon at the top as you will see in the following image in the left or right corner.
    Android 10 update for Oppo & Realme phones
  3. Now click on “Trial Version” icon as it appears in the previous image, then fill in the required information from you and finally on the “Apply Now” button.
  4. Once again, go back to the System Updates option and click Download Now button.
    Android 10 update for Oppo and Realm phones
  5. In the last section of the previous image there is a Cancel Application button and it is for canceling the entire process if for some reason you decide that you do not want to join the beta program.
  6. Get here and we’re done! Just wait for the new update to download, then enjoy all the benefits of the latest Android 10.

Oppo R17 Android 10


It is important for my dear friend to notice that this is not a stable final release, even in relation to being experimental, because it is still preliminary releases in its early beta stages, and in such versions companies focus first on the basic functions of the phone and that the system is appropriate for the experience for the user. Consequently, you should expect that there will be some errors or that this system will lack some of the system’s usual “or non-essential” features. But even so, Oppo claims that this version is suitable for basic everyday use, so you can install it on your primary phone.

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