Download Old iPhone Stock Wallpapers with Full Quality “All Of Them”!

With each new iPhone, Apple usually also designs new wallpapers to distinguish this particular version of the iPhone to improve the experience of new display technologies and highlight them through the colors of the unique iPhone wallpapers, in addition to the new iOS version.

Of course, while preserving the old iPhone wallpapers that users loved with the previous phones from the American company. However, things have changed slightly since the announcement of the iPhone 14, as well as the characteristics and features of the new background management system in iOS 16, as Apple unfortunately abandoned all the old iPhone wallpapers and replaced them with iOS 16 wallpapers for all phones that have been updated to the latest OS.

Although the wallpapers integrated by default with the latest iOS are actually very impressive and loved by most users, there are still many of them who want to retrieve the old iPhone ones that they used to have on their devices for a long time, perhaps since it was purchased and operated for the first time!

So, if you are looking for a way to get old iPhone wallpapers in their original quality as you are used to, then I am happy to tell you that we have collected them all for you in one place, via direct download links!

Download old iPhones wallpapers

Old iPhones Wallpapers

Here are the links to download all the official default iPhone wallpapers that were announced by Apple, starting from the first iPhone, which is the iPhone 2G, to the last iPhone, which is the iPhone 14 – knowing that all of the following links are direct, whether on Google Drive or Mediafire, and it is also compressed with the Zip extension so that you can Deal with it and extract its contents on your phone easily:

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