install Samsung GALAXY Note 10 Lite One UI 3.0 – Android 11 Firmware Update [Download Link inside]

Last month, the Korean company Samsung launched Android 11 update for the Galaxy Note 10 phones as well as the Galaxy S10 phones, and they also added the Galaxy S10 Lite. And now, there are many users who indicated that the Android 11 update for Samsung Note 10 Lite next to the One UI 3.0 has already reached them with its stable version, even though the phone was supposed to be updated to the last system in March 2021 next. But this is not surprising, given that Samsung has done so with most of the releases that it has updated in the past few period.

If you happen to not receive the update yet, then you can download and install it yourself on the phone using the steps shown below.

Samsung Note 10 Lite (Android 11)

One UI 3.0 update for the Galaxy Note 10 Lite came with version number N770FXXU7DUA8 and it will also require a large download capacity, since official Samsung updates are usually more than 4GB in size, and sometimes up to 6GB. The official update so far has been sent to phone users in France, and soon it will be available to all users around the world.  Android 11 update for the Galaxy Note 10 Lite also came with the latest security update for January 2021.

One UI 3 features on Samsung Note 10 Lite

Samsung Note 10 Lite Android 11 update

One UI 3.0 update for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite has brought a very large amount of features, the first of which of course is the latest Android 11 system by Google with the latest security patch for January 2021, in addition to some radical improvements under the hood. The virtual things include some additional control options with notification options for each application, a new design for the volume control buttons, a lot of additional customizations for the Always-on Display feature, and a lot of other things that you will be able to try when installing the latest system.

Download Android 11  for Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite users can update their devices to the latest Android system easily by simply heading to Settings> System Updates and then making sure of a new update. This method is very effective in the event that the update has arrived in the region in which you are, but for some reason you did not receive a notification of its arrival.

Although I strongly advise you to wait for the update to arrive in your area, there are some ways in which you can download the new update using tools such as SamFirm or Frija Tool – or through the download links provided below, and then you install it yourself on the phone using the detailed steps shown below.

Galaxy Note 10 Lite One UI 3.0 Update

Device SM-N770F
Version N770FXXU7DUA8
UI One UI 3.0
Security patce January 1, 2021
OS Android 11
Size 5.62GB
Release Date January 21, 2021

You can now download the update file from the bottom and install it manually on the phone by following some simple instructions, without worrying that this may affect the phone’s warranty or anything wrong happens because it is completely official from Samsung. The update as mentioned is only suitable for the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, and  you can download it from the following links.


One UI 3.0 firmware installation steps

  1. First, download the official ROM from the top.
  2. Extract the ROM contents on the computer.
  3. Download the appropriate USB driver for your Galaxy Note 10 Lite from the top, then install it on your computer.
  4. Download Samsung Odin from the links provided above (latest version).
  5. Turn off the phone completely.
      • While the phone is locked, press and hold the Volume Up  + Volume Down + Power buttons  simultaneously
      • Let go of all buttons as soon as you see a warning on the screen – then press the  Volume Up button to  enter Download Mode
        Download mode Samsung Galaxy S8
  6. Run Odin (as administrator).
    Open Odin3 as administrator
  7. Now connect the phone to the computer in Download Mode using the USB cable.
  8. If you have installed the correct drivers, this step is supposed to recognize Odin by changing the ID: COM field to blue, next to the word Added !!
    • Otherwise, re-install the appropriate phone USB driver again.
      Galaxy A6 2018 Odin ID COM Port
  9. Now in Odin Options tab, make sure that the options are ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F. Reset Time’ and that there are no other options activated.
    auto reboot f reset time odin
  10. Now, going back to the contents of the stock ROM, put each of them in its field as shown in the following image.
  11. Now in Odin, hit the BL  button  and go to the official update folder and select the ‘BL_N770F’ file  . This is the bootloader file and stands for BL = BootLoader. In the same way, also press  AP, CP and finally HOME-CSC, each of them in the appropriate field. After you’re done, the Odin should look like this:
    Install One UI based Android Pie via Odin Mohamedovic
  12. Now, all you have to do here is press the Start button to start flashing the new system.
  13. Once installed, you will notice PASS! Or  RESET! Written above, and your phone will restart itself automatically.
    Odin pass screen Mohamedovic
  14. You can now disconnect the USB cable. The first boot of the phone can take up to 15/20 minutes, so don’t worry, this is supposed to happen since it is a new OS. You should be patient at this point and not be afraid of anything wrong.

And when your Galaxy Note 10 Lite boots again, change the new settings for the phone as you like, then enjoy the Android 11 OS on your phone.

Did you downloaded and installed Android 11 with One UI 3.0 on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite? Did you encounter any obstacles or difficulties while installing the update on the phone? Just let us know what you think with the explanation or if you encounter any problems during the steps and we will be happy to answer you.

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