Install LineageOS 19.0 based Android 12 custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S2 Now!

Just a couple of days ago, we talked about how Android smartphones that are two or three years old at most are officially ending support from the manufacturer and how an old 10-year-old phone like the Samsung S3 that was updated to Android 12 by installing a custom ROM from one of the XDA Developers. Without considering the large number of old phones that follow the same approach, thanks to the independent developers who love these phones in the various sections of XDA and other similar sites, the current challenge among developers of the old Galaxy S series in particular still remains!

Yes, if you think that an 11-year-old phone like the Galaxy S2 has expired years ago, then what would you think if you knew that this same antique device now supports Android 12 installation via a LineageOS Rom!

Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android 12)

Android 12

The Developer rINanDO from XDA has taken this bold step, and modified the open source version of LineageOS 19 ROM with Android 12 to be able to install it on Samsung Galaxy S2 the GT-I9100 variant. Although this version of the ROM is still in its initial “alpha” stages, But the idea that the latest version of the Android operating system works on a phone we saw 11 years ago is impressive and surprising at the same time!

What is working?

However, after testing, most of the basic functions of the Galaxy S2 with Android 12 work without errors such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even audio outputs such as the external speaker as well as the headset. And you may be surprised when you know that the radio feature works as well, which means that you can now actually download this version and flash it on your phone and use it as a backup phone.

Known bugs

Are you looking for bugs and problems? Well, sit back and listen because there are plenty of them out there, which is natural if you’re wondering!

You will encounter some issues such as the video recording and the camera app crashing if you try that, or the camera app being crashing too if you take a single photo using it, which are probably enough to prevent you from downloading and trying the ROM.

But nevertheless, the ROM developer has stated that he will stick to working on this version and try to fix all the bugs that he currently has to be suitable for daily use and also helped by some other developers at XDA.

But personally, I see that whether this version contains errors or not, it is still impressive that someone can run the latest version of the Android system on this very old phone, which I consider one of the best Android devices that have ever made.

So do you have the phone now in your possession and you haven’t used in years? Well, it’s time to revive it again! Head to the next paragraph to learn how to install Android 12 on the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Download Android 12 for Samsung Galaxy S2

LineageOS ROM with Android 12 for the Galaxy S II that we are talking about today and the download links available below are not official from Samsung, so you should expect some stability errors or encountering a glitch in the basic system functions as we mentioned above.

Device Galaxy S II – GT-I9100
ROM LineageOS 19.0
UI AOSP 12.0.0-r18
OS Android 12
ROM at XDA LineageOS

Download this file in case you want to root after installation: i9100_magisk_boot.img using Magisk Manager.

Custom ROMs installing guide

Of course, today’s explanation isn’t for beginners, and you’ll need some knowledge of what we’re talking about today. But despite that, everything has a beginning, and this page may be your beginning to enter this wonderful world full of new things. So, if you decided that you wanted to give it a try, so go ahead and see what we are saying next, carefully!


If you are new to this matter, and you are implementing it for the first time, besides that you have reached this page by searching for something and then you found us by accident, then perhaps you should know that there are some necessary requirements first before you go to install the modified Android ROM on your phone.

  1. Save a backup copy of the phone files.
  2. Unlock your device’s bootloader.
  3. Install TWRP custom recovery – Use this version: TWRP 3.3.1-1
    • You will find it attached below with the steps
  4. Do an NANDroid Backup.
  5. You will also need to download the Google Apps bundle from here: BitGapps, arm, 12

install a custom ROM via TWRP

Initially, you will need to prepare your phone to install a completely new operating system, so we will make some changes, which are as follows:

Now the steps to install the ROM via recovery:

  • Download the ROM file from the links attached above, then transfer the files to the internal or external memory.
  • Reboot into TWRP recovery mode.
  • From the recovery main menu, go to Wipe> Advanced wipe, then choose the System, Data, Cash, Dalvic sections, and then drag the Swipe button below to execute. This process will remove the current system from your device.

TWRP Wipe to Install LineageOS 15 1 Mohamedovic

  • Once again from the main recovery menu, go to the Install button, then browse storage files to the ROM file on the external memory. Install LineageOS 15.1 on Xiaomi Mi A1 with TWRP Mohamedovic 03
  • Once the ROM has finished flashing, press the Reboot System button that will appear below.


You probably know this since you are reading these steps, but the first booting after flashing any of the above mentioned Android 12 ROM usually takes a long time, so do not worry, this is normal. Given that these ROM are not official but from some independent XDA developers, there is a possibility that the phone will not succeed in the first booting, and therefore you must be ready for all possibilities, So we mentioned making a backup NANDroid within the necessary requirements.

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