Download Windows 11 ISO 22H2 “Build 22000.795” Directly from Microsoft!

Yesterday, Microsoft finally released Windows 11 update 22000.795 for the all-new version 22H2 to all members of the Release Preview channel, which is usually as stable as the final versions of Windows. The good news is that the American giant has made it possible to download the ISO files for this new version officially through its site, so that you will not have to download Windows from any external websites now, if you want to do so, so that you can follow the manual installation steps on your computer, even if it does not support the new OS.

Download Windows 11 “22H2 Update”

Windows 11 22H2 ISO
Update to Windows 11 “version 22H2”
OS Windows 11
issue number 22621.232 – 22000.795 (64-bit)
Last updated July 14, 2022
System size 4.96GB
file name Win11_English_x64.iso

Download version Windows-11-22H2.iso (English) Direct link for 64-bit architectures

Windows 11 download links (version 22H2 July 2022):

  • Update from 22621 to 22622:  x86-64
  • Version 22621.232 (3rd Beta Update): x86-64
  • Version 22621.290 and also 22622.290 (beta): 22621 || 22622
  • Version 22621.169 (2nd beta update): x86-64
  • Version 22621.105 (Release Preview Update): x86-64
  • Version 22621.160 (Beta 1 Update): x86-64
  • 22H2 version (cumulative update 22621.4):  x86-64
  • Version 22H2 (Update 22621.3 June 2022):  x86-64

Older versions of the previous version 22000 (21H2) through July 2022: 

  • Version 22000.795 (July 2022 update): MSU  || UUP dump
  • Version 22000.778 (optional June 2022 update): MSU || UUP dump
  • Version 22000.776 (other search improvements):  x86-64
  • Version 22000.766 (some search improvements):  x86-64
  • Version 22000.739 (June 2022 update): MSU || UUP dump
  • Version 22000.708 (fix for some bugs): MSU || UUP dump
  • Version 22000.706 (some improvements):  x86-64
  • Version 220000.675 (May 2022 update): MSU || UUP dump
  • Version 220000.652 (April 2022 update): MSU || UUP dump
  • Version 22000.651 (Secure Boot added improvement) from here:  x86-64
  • Version 220000.613 (April 2022): MSU || UUP dump
  • Version 22000.593 from here:  MSU || UUP dump
  • Version 22000.588 from here:  x86-64
  • Version 22000.556 from here: MSU || UUP dump
  • Version 22000.527 (February 2022):  MSU || UUP dump
  • Version 22000.526 (taskbar weather update): x86-64
  • Version 22000.493 (February 2022): MSU  || UUP dump
  • Version 22000.469 (fix kit & Jan 2022):  MSU  || UUP dump
  • Version 22000.467 (Windows Retail Demo Fix):  x86-64
  • Version 22000.438 (VPN connection issue fixed): MSU  || UUP dump
  • Build 22000.466 (beta channel fixes): x86-64
  • Version 22000.434 (January 2022 update): MSU  || UUP dump
  • Version 22000.376 (December 2021 update): MSU  || UUP dump
  • Version 22000.348 (Software Installation Fix & November 2021): MSU  || UUP dump

You can get the latest June 2022 update of Windows 11 from the link attached above, or you can go directly to Microsoft’s official page of Release Preview versions and download them yourself From a direct link via Microsoft servers.

What’s new in Win 11 22H2 update?

Microsoft has released the new Windows 11 update 22H2, which came with two consecutive releases so far, 22621.3 and 22621.4 with many new features including several additions to the Start menu, redesign of the taskbar, Mica integration are now supported for most of the core functions of the system, the much awaited feature from many users that were not present since the first version of Windows 11, the drag & drop is now available on the taskbar, now users will have the live & voice captions feature, improved swipe navigation and added some new gestures for tablet users, and many more new things.

Apart from the above, the new major update for Windows version 22H2 came to improve all the basic system functions that existed from the beginning so that as a Windows user you will get the best possible stable experience from an operating system on his PC.

Windows 11 22H2

If you want to get this update normally without having to manually download the Windows 11 22h2 iso file, then you will need to join the Windows Insider Program. After you have completed the joining steps, try searching for a new update in the Windows Update section, you will find that a new version of it is already marked with the word cumulative update “a major update that complements your current version”, and you will notice that you have the option to download it or not, meaning that you will not be surprised that it was downloaded if you restart your device, for example, but with that, I strongly advise you to download it because it is the most stable version of Windows 11 so far after I tried it.

According to Microsoft, the update is currently in the Release Preview stage and soon and will be sent to all devices running Windows 11 now, and at the beginning of the next year 2023 the company will start sending update 23H2, which will be the next major update for Microsoft, knowing that the version of Win 11 23H2 is now in the beta phase is now available via the Developer Preview channel in the Windows Insider Program.

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