PUBG Mobile IN v1.1.0 Official Indian Version, Apk & OBB Download Links Soon!

For nearly two months, Indian fans of PUBG Mobile have been searching for something new about it, or in a better sense for a new version. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India banned PUBG Mobile game, which was specially developed for Indians, along with other 118 Chinese apps that had invaded smartphones in India. This is what made the game players there wait over two months, hoping that the game would come back again and be released by the government.

According to what the game developers said about what happened from the Indian government, the issue of the game returning to operation again is just a matter of time. This, of course, came back overjoyed game fans. The company worked to fix many of the defects found in the old version. In order to better reproduce the game again. And due to the excessive interest of the developer in the Indian version of the game, it only specially developed its own official website for it, unlike the official website known for the global one.

New PUBG website for India

Download PUBG India 2020

Google Play Store and also iOS App Store Official Download Links coming soon …

Download PUBG IN v1.1 (APK/OBB)

Game PUBG Mobile IN
Size 600 MB
Version number 1.1.0
Updated November 20, 2020
Developer Tencent Games
OS Android, iOS

PUBG India  APK & OBB & XAPK download links coming soon …

PUBG Indian Version APK download link Revealed!

According to recent developments in the game, the waiting time for the Indian version is nearing the end. It has been announced in some news that there is an advertising and marketing campaign about PUBG India started on Friday 20 November 2020. Users have noticed that the download link of PUBG India has appeared on its official website, which you can access through this link. These users found a link to download the game through the news section of the official website. But it is still not activated to this day. Below, I show you a screenshot of the PUBG Mobile Indian version APK official website.

A link to download PUBG Mobile Indian version APK appears

Also, a new icon has been developed in a new form for the PUBG Indian version. But as I mentioned to you, when you click on the icon to access the game URL, you will not be able to access it at the moment. This was stated by some of the game players on Twitter.

PUBG Banned in Insdia for this reasons!

The main reason for banning PUBG India is due to the claims made by the Indian government, represented by the Ministry of Information Technology and Electronics there, regarding the game’s impact on the safety and security of Indian society. Since then, the game has been removed from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store as well. Players who are playing the game have moved to play it on other servers after it was banned on the Indian servers.

Subsequently, PUBG revoked the rights to distribute the game on Tencent’s Indian servers, and said it would distribute it independently. But this was not enough, and it had no effect on the game’s comeback, to restart it again. For this, some reports have indicated that PUBG may cooperate with Reliance Jio or Airtel for the speedy return of India. This is what made the company announce the return of the game very soon.

What’s Different in PUBG Mobile India?

PUBG Foundation announced that it’s popular game, PUBG Mobile, will return to work on Indian servers with a local touch. And that the new game will be called “PUBG Mobile Indian version APK”. And it will be separate from the global PUBG Mobile, just like the Korean version and the Chinese version of the game.

Some changes have been added to India game based on the requirements of the somewhat conservative Indian market. Where special settings will be made for a simulated training ground. The color of blood will be replaced by green instead of red, and all characters will be dressed completely from the first round. The state will impose some strict limits on the length of the game in order to limit the playing of the game for more time than is necessary for younger players.

Some teaser ads for the Indian version have shown some of its advantages. These ads have been launched by the most prominent video makers of the game, PUBG, and all the popular games; Like YouTubers, Dynamo, Corentin, and Jonathan. These announcements did not include any news on the date of the release of the PUBG IN version. However, it did not prevent fans of the game from interacting with it and celebrating it thanks to the changes in the game that these ads showed.

Changes in the way and style of play

PUBG Foundation stated that many changes have been added in the style of play in PUBG India in order to match the needs of Indian players, and to improve their performance in the game as well. These changes will build a healthy environment for playing and build a distinctive gaming culture for players inside and outside India. This is what has enjoyed this copy with many changes from what it is used to in the international versions. The changes are as follows:

Green Strike Effect: You can hide or leave traces of red blood in the Global version. But in the indian version, you will be able to change the red color of blood resulting from injury or death of the player to green, which reduces the effect of violence in the game.

The effect of limiting playing time:  This wonderful feature will have a great impact on young players. So that they are not allowed to play for long periods, and this of course gives them positive effects on their other important daily activities.

Full clothes for the characters from the beginning of the tour: The tour begins in the world of PUBG, in which the fighting characters do not fully wear them, and during the tour they seek to complete their dress, in addition to their main quest to get rid of enemies and survive until the end of the tour. But in the district of India, the combat characters will be fully dressed from the first round. They see it as better for players, especially the younger ones.

New PUBG Mobile website for India

As I mentioned in the previous lines of this article, there is a new official website for the Indian version of the world-famous game “PUBG Mobile Indian APK”. Currently, this site contains social media posts from various YouTube channels interested in the game. It currently does not contain any additional information about the game, but he announces the coming of the game in the near future.

A new and exclusive league in PUBG India

PUBG India stated that it intends to host a new exclusive league. This league will be considered a gift from the game to fans of the game who are eagerly waiting for the new version after it has been banned, which will increase the intensity of competition between players and teams.

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