Download One UI 3.0 Stock Apps on Older Samsung Devices [Root, Installing Guide]

Since Google finally released stable version of  Android 11 update, Other Android OEMs began issuing the same update for their phones, but as we all know with their own interfaces. Of course we exclude from this talk Nokia Android One devices, which has already begun issuing the update. for example, Huawei has issued this update accompanying EMUI 11 , and this is also what Xiaomi will do when it soon releases its phones, this update accompanies the MIUI 12 interface that has already been issued to most phones.

The same thing Samsung has done for some phones so far, by issuing Android 11 update alongside One UI 3.0, which is in fact a great new version for Samsung Custom UI. in fact this is what we are used to from this elegant company’s interfaces, and rich in additions that give you the best experience for sure, For example, a new basket has been added in which all deleted messages are stored in the messaging application, you can now return the modified images to their original ones again, you can also activate calls and messages through Bixby on other devices, and many other distinctive additions.

This update has already been released for many devices belonging to this company, including the S20 series, or the Note 20s as well, which are considered the latest flagships from Samsung so far, but as there are some devices that got the update, there are also some others that have not yet been updated. It is a pity that you do not get this new experience with these features until this time, but thanks to the developer AlexisXDA, you can enjoy part of this experience, as it provided us with a way to run One UI 3.0 apps on a phone running One UI 2.0 by implementing some The steps that we will explain in this article.

Install One UI 3.0 Stock apps

Unfortunately, this developer could not provide a way for users of phones that did not get the update to run all the applications of the third version of them and enjoy their features, but it is good that he was able to provide some applications as well, there is no other solution through which you can update the phone or even the applications, and the manual update It will not be a solution in the event that a version of the phone itself is not available in the first place, and with the following list you will find all the apps that will be installed on your phone by performing the steps.

  • Clock.
  • Messages app.
  • Digital Wellbeing.
  • Keyboard updates.
  • Contacts app.
  • Gallery app.
  • New additions to Bixby Routines.
  • Link Sharing.
  • Finder app.
  • Quickboard app (shortcut keyboard).
  • Share Live.
  • Samsung Browser app.

After knowing the list of applications that will be installed on your phone by performing the following steps, you will have to, before starting them, download the following files to your phone’s storage, because we will need them mainly in the explanation, the first by flashing it will delete all the basic apps already on your phone. The second, it will replace them with the new apps, and you will also have to unlock bootloader for your phone in the article referred to, and complete the same with the steps in the article Install TWRP recovery on your phone . Do not skip to the steps without implementing what is in this paragraph.

Download file delete essential applications

Download the OneUI 3.0 installation file

Steps to Flash One UI 3.0 apps via TWRP

  1. Make sure at the outset that you fulfill all the necessary requirements in the previous paragraph, because as we mentioned, no steps will be taken without them.
  2. Restart you Samsung Device into TWRP recovery mode, and from the main interface, click on the Install option.
    Install via TWRP Recovery
  3. Now, you will see your phone’s storage  and its files. Select the “Flash This Before” file first from the two files that you downloaded from the above.
  4. After that, swipe at the bottom, and the file flashing process should begin.
    Swipe to flash via TWRP
  5. After installation is complete, you will have to repeat the same previous steps with the previous file named “”.

Now finally, the steps for installing the One UI 3.0 apps have been completed on a Samsung phone running the previous version, and you can now enjoy trying these applications until the update is issued for you if it is scheduled to be available to you in the future. If you encounter any problem while following the steps, just leave it for us in a comment and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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