Download iPhone 12 Pro Teardown Wallpapers: Get Inside Sight in FHD+

Last month, the American giant Apple finally revealed its long-awaited smartphone, iPhone 12. For the first time since the first iPhone, the company launched four different versions of its new phone for 2020. Yes, now we have iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 (standard version), iPhone 12 Pro, and finally the better version iPhone 12 Pro Max. Now it’s time for transparent iPhone 12 wallpapers or internal parts or the so-called (Teardown), which is known to provide basically the famous YouTuber, JerryRigEverything, who has already dismantled the new Apple phone So now we have the inner backs of it.

iPhone 12 Interior Teardown Wallpapers

If you are bored from using the usual mobile wallpapers , then today we have some “different” backgrounds that may be unusual at all, which are transparent iPhone 12 wallpapers or those that show the real internal hardware of the phone if you try to disassemble it and see what is inside. The credit goes to JerryRigEverything, as we mentioned, on YouTube, as well as iFixit community, which also specializes in such strange images that you can use as a wallpaper on your iPhone.

Transparent iPhone 12 wallpapers or X-Ray Wallpapers that we are talking about today come with high quality in FHD+ resolution and 1170x2532px dimensions, so you never have to worry about the low resolution or even the size of your current display even if your phone is not from Apple, yes you can use these wallpapers on any other smartphone with different dimensions.

And before you download the photos of the iPhone 12 from the inside, I recommend that you first watch Jerry’s video about dismantling the iPhone 12 Pro, which he published only since yesterday.

Download iPhone 12 Pro Teardown wallpapers

Next, you will find that we have attached Teardown wallpapers for the iPhone 12 Pro from the inside, which came in two types, the iPhone wallpapers itself from the inside, as well as X-Ray wallpapers (without disassembling the phone, which shows the new back magnet). Although it is still suitable for downloading directly via the browser and using on your phone once it is downloaded, it’s still not the HQ version of these wallpapers in order to preserve your internet data, as well as for the fact that we could not upload wallpapers with this high resolution inside the browser.

So, you can next review the wallpapers that you are about to download, and then I strongly advise you to obtain the original copy of them via the Google Drive folder link under the attached wallpapers.


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