Download iPad 2021 & iPad mini Stock Wallpapers [Get 10 Walls in QHD+]

Download iPad mini 2021 wallpapers (10 original images) in 4K RES. Days ago, Apple held an event to unveil the new iPhone 13 releases for 2021. In the same event that was held in Apple Park in California, USA, “Online” it also unveiled two new versions of its famous iPad, one of them is the iPad 2021. “It is an identical copy of the iPad Pro 2021 in design with some minor changes internally.” The other is the actual new version, the iPad mini 2021, which came with very thin edges, similar to the iPad Air 2020 in design, but in a smaller size. And now you can download wallpapers for iPad 2021, as well as wallpapers for the new iPad mini 2021 in full resolution from below.

iPad 2021 specifications

iPad 2021
Apple iPad 2021

The usual version here is the iPad 2021 came with iPadOS 15 as it is still the same old processor A13 Bionic, which in fact we saw in the iPhone 11 two years ago! Although the chip is old, it still delivers great performance even by 2021 standards and also compared to the A12 Bionic chip found in the previous iPad version.

In this processor, the technology for processing images captured by the camera has been upgraded and developed. The front camera here as well has received a major update and has been upgraded to 12-megapixels with a wide angle shooting feature of 122º. Also, the new iPad 2021 display also has True Tone technology, which was previously exclusive to the iPhone only.

iPad mini 2021 specifications

iPad mini 2021
Apple iPad mini 2021

As for the iPad mini 2021 – it is considered the smallest tablet from Apple ever with a screen size of only 8.3-inches. It also has a great design with very small screen bezels like we saw with the iPad Air 2020 from last year, maybe even smaller!

As for some of the features that distinguish it from the basic iPad, which include multiple color options, with a matte anti-reflective design, whether from the back or even from the display, in addition to the brightness of the screen itself has been upgraded to 500 nits. Yes, the tablet still has the fingerprint sensor built into the power button like we used to and like we saw with the iPad Air.

80% boost graphics with 5G support

ipad mini

From my personal opinion, the most important thing about the new iPad mini 2021 here is its support for 5G network frequencies, which may reach a download speed of 3.5GB/s. While the American company did not mention which processors it had put in the iPad mini 2021, it did mention that the performance of the last tablet has become 40% better compared to the previous version, and graphics processing and gaming performance has jumped to 80% better than the previous version!

And with the Neural Engine chip built into the processor, which is responsible for artificial intelligence technologies, you will get a distinctive and fast experience in some of the tasks assigned to it, such as translating texts in real time using the camera as an example, but not limited to.

The newest iPad Mini for 2021 has also supported a USB-C port instead of the usual Lightning port on Apple devices, which will allow you to use Android chargers in abundance and not have to use only expensive Apple chargers.

The camera has been updated to be 12MP

iPad mini 2021 camera 12 megapixel camera with 4K photography

As for cameras, it may not be the thing that you are interested in if you decide to buy a tablet or an iPad, because they are ultimately devices for productivity and watching content and not photography, but nonetheless they have been significantly improved in recent iPads.

So, here you will get a new 12-megapixel rear camera with an autofocus sensor with an f/1.8 aperture. There is also the famous True Tone flash from Apple, ISP tec has been improved with Smart HDR features for better light distribution in bad lighting conditions, and finally the iPad can shoot and record 4K videos. As for the front camera, it also came with a 12-megapixel camera with an ultra wide feature.

iPad 2021, mini wallpapers

The new Apple iPad devices have also come with some dazzling new Apple wallpaper designs, and from the next section you can get the iPad 2021 wallpapers – and also the iPad Mini 2021 wallpapers in the original quality “note that the backgrounds of the basic version here are actually iPadOS 15 wallpapers”, and the designs You will only find the new one with the mini version.

Download wallpapers for iPad 2021:

Direct download link: Google Drive

Download iPad mini 2021 wallpapers:

Direct download link: Google Drive

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