Download Garena Free Fire: Rampage 1.50.0 Update (OBB/APK) Inside


Download Garena a Free Fire: Rampage V1.50.0 You can also download Free Fire update and install the new Rampage manually by APK & OBB files and enjoy the new character Wolfrahh and also Falc PET. The new update also includes the new M82B weapon as well as a new anti-hacking system in addition to skill activation indicators as well as the new training ground.

Garina is one of the most famous companies in Southeast Asia, which produced many famous games such as league of legends and recently Garena produced Free Fire game for Android . It is considered among the Battle Royal games (Battle Hero) and similar to other famous games such as Call of Duty Mobile, or PUBG Mobile.

Free Fire 1.48.1 Update

Download Free Fire: Rampage

Download Free Fire 1.50.0 (APK, OBB)

Name Free Fire: Rampage
Version number 1.50.0
Last updated June 17, 2020
Size 600MB
Programmer Garena



Important note:  above we have put links to download the Free Fire_com.dts.freefireth.apk  2020 update file as well as the OBB com.dts.freefireth update file with the latest update. After downloading them, you can either follow the automatic installation process by installing the APK file only, or the manual installation process by placing the OBB folder in place correctly by following the steps below.

What’s new in Rampage 1.50.0 Update

  • “Wolfrahh” character: You can reduce the damage caused by hitting the head with fire by 25%. You can also damage the enemy with an increase of 15%.
  • The new character, Falco:  increases the speed of skating when jumping from parachutes by 45%, and increases the speed of diving after the parachute opens by 50%, and the effect extends to the rest of the team.
  • New M82B weapon:  It is a sniper weapon available in Hot Zone in classic mode. You can also buy it from the Clash Squad store. It comes with some ballistic aids that reduce the power of the bright walls to appear at the end of the game.
  • A new anti-penetration system:  An anti-penetration system has been added to prevent any player from using an additional application that takes advantage of him and gives him preference over other competitors.
  • Skill activation indicators:  This feature has been added to indicate the appropriate time to activate the character’s skills.
  • New training ground:  Many features have been added to the new training ground, such as vehicles, glossy walls and many improvements, such as extending the range for shooting and practice area, among others.

Free Fire Update 1.50.0 (Rampage)

This update will bring many more features to the game. The update is now in the trial phase, and on the mentioned date it will be launched worldwide. You can download it, dear reader, through our website or through the Google Play Store. Among the advantages that this update will bring us are the new Wolfram, the Falco pet, a new training ground, the M82B rifle, and many other features. The size of the new update has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be in the range of 600MB. And away from a lot of talk, let’s get to know the features of the new patch.

Many improvements have been added:

  • Add a new skill and winning rate board.
  • The new Clash Squad store.
  • New “Hitmarkers” tagging feature added to settings menu.
  • New prizes for the new registration in the game.
  • A new and better classification system.
  • Kalahari will be added to the matchmaking group.
  • Players who quit the round from the middle of it will be banned many times from the Flash Squad rating.
  • The bot takes control of the team members who are not connected to the game.
  • The Purgatory will be made available in Classic Mode, which is mostly populated by players eliminated from the round.
  • There will be many improvements and adjustments in weapons.
  • The inhaler will be added to the EP or HP.
  • Emote slots will increase from 6 to 8.
  • A warm-up time will be added for players to prepare for battle, estimated at 30 seconds in closed battles in Garena Free Fire.

Free Fire game design

Have me put this game in comparison with the popular Babbage land game. The graphics for a free Fire game are fairly average for PUBG, and they look like it in the form of furnishings like the look of tables and the foggy scene of houses. However, the game works very smoothly on phones that do not have a powerful processor like the PUBG game.

And you’ll find the game very smooth on your phone more than PUBG, and you will not notice a fall in the frames as it happens in PUBG at times. This, of course, depends on what you prefer, if you prefer smooth performance then you should play Free Fire, but if you prefer high-quality graphics, you must play PUBG. You will find some strangeness when your player turns around the map, or when you carry a weapon.

The weapons in Free fire are similar to the familiar PUBG game, but Free Fire excels in the presence of laser weapons that you will not find in Babbage. Below is a list of the most important weapons in the game.

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