Download Free Fire: Winterlands 1.102.1 2023 Update .OBB/.APK Inside

Download Garena Free Fire 1.102.1 apk + obb direct links You can also get Free Fire latest update and install it manually. As with previous updates, the Free Fire OB42 update is surrounded by a lot of controversy and excitement for the community of players interested in the popular game.

Free Fire apk
Free Fire: Winterlands

Download Free Fire

Download Free Fire .APK 1.102.1 direct links:

Game Free Fire: Zombie Hunt
Last update 1.102.1 (OB42) October 31, 2023
Size 400MB

Free Fire 1.102.1 Direct Server: 

From the previous links, download free fire apk – then download the (you will need to unzip it). Now you have the apk + obb files, and to be able to install them on your Android phone, follow the steps of this lesson.

Official store links: 

Free Fire 1.102.1 New Update

free fire winterlands 1

The Free Fire OB42 (Winterlands) update contains several features, which are as listed below.

  • Guild 2.0: Say hi to the revamped Guild system! Play matches with guildmates and earn Activity Points that can level up your guild and unlock awesome goodies at the Exchange Store. Participate in Guild Wars to put your teamwork to the test on a Battle Royale fighting pit and get bonus rank points!
  • Battle Royale Adjustments: New methods of earning FF Coins to better balance the in-match economy. New items and attachments to diversify your battle strategies!
  • Snow in Bermuda: The entire island will be blanketed with beautiful snow, while Peak will have gentle snowfall and deeper snowpacks. Additionally, water surfaces on the island will transform into ice.
  • New Character: Ignis, the rebellious teenager, is all about fighting injustice. He forms a fire screen that obstructs view and causes burning damage instantly and over time to enemies who pass through.

Free Fire design

Have me put this game in comparison with the popular Babbage land game. The graphics for a free Fire game are fairly average for PUBG, and they look like it in the form of furnishings like the look of tables and the foggy scene of houses. However, the game works very smoothly on phones that do not have a powerful processor like the PUBG game.

And you’ll find the game very smooth on your phone more than PUBG, and you will not notice a fall in the frames as it happens in PUBG at times. This, of course, depends on what you prefer, if you prefer smooth performance then you should play Free Fire, but if you prefer high-quality graphics, you must play PUBG. You will find some strangeness when your player turns around the map, or when you carry a weapon.

The weapons in Free fire are similar to the familiar PUBG game, but Free Fire excels in the presence of laser weapons that you will not find in Babbage. Below is a list of the most important weapons in the game.


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