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Download Garena Free Fire 1.93.1 Booyah Day apk + obb direct links You can also get Free Fire latest update and install it manually. This update will provide some new stuff also includes a Vector Akimbo weapon. There are also some great additions, whether in weapon options or the form of settings, in addition to the Clash Squad Season mode.

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Free Fire 1.93.1 (.APK, .OBB)

Game Free Fire: Booyah Day
Version 1.93.1 (OB36)
Last update Sep 20, 2022
Size 429MB
Developer Garena

Free Fire Rampage 1.93.1 direct download links:

Free Fire: Booyah Day

Free Fire 1.93.1
Free Fire Booyah Day

The developers of Free Fire have given players the opportunity to experience the features that will be present in the Free Fire OB30 update on advanced servers. It is clear that the new patch will steal the excitement of the players through some of the features that we will review in the following lines.

After the update is officially released, players will be able to download it from the Google Play Store for Android, and from the App Store for iPhone. In addition, developers will reward players with many items that will appear when downloading this update.

What’s new in the Free Fire Boyah Day update?

  1. Clash Squad Season 9 – Starts 09/29 11:00 AM GMT +2.
  2. The Air Vending Machine is now available in Battle Royale.
  3. A new weapon – the healing sniper is now available in Battle Royale.
  4. Modify weapon stats.
  5. Adjust the character balance.
  6. Match replay system is available in Battle Royale and Clash Squad.
  7. Players can now customize the amount of items to be dropped from the bag.

Free Fire: 4nniversary [1.64.1]

Download Free Fire 1.64.1 apk + obb

  • Clash Squad Season 8 – Begins 08/05 17:00 GMT+8.
  • New 1v1 Mode “Lone Wolf” – Available soon!
  • Players can now request items from teammates in Clash Squad.
  • New Weapon – AC80 now available in all modes.
  • Weapon Stats adjustment.
  • Character Balancing Adjustment for Jota, Luqueta, Shani, and Alvaro.
  • Added drag-to-run option in the settings menu.
  • Adjusted rank points calculations in the Battle Royale (Ranked).
  • Brand new lobby design available.

Free Fire: Rampage [1.62.2]

Download Free Fire 1.62.2

  1. Clash Squad Season 7 – Begins 06/09 17:00 GMT+8.
  2. Grandmaster Rank now available in Clash Squad.
  3. Pet Rumble – now available with matchmaking.
  4. New Weapon – Mini Uzi.
  5. Grenades HUD can now be split into two slots.
  6. Character Balancing Adjustment for Paloma, Clu, and Laura.
  7. Weapon Stats adjustment.
  8. Training Grounds Update:
    • Bumper Cars
    • Boxing Ring
    • Airship 1v1

Free Fire: World Series (1.60.1)

The new Free Fire Bermuda announcement caught the attention of fans and fans of the game all over the world. The new update of the game, “World Series Update”, will appear on April 14th. It provides us with many additions to the game, in addition to many features that will enrich the players’ experience. The Free Fire game has revealed many of the features that will be found in its new update via posts on social media platforms. It also launched the second season, including the second episode, which will bring us many great features as well and a lot of changes in many of the basic elements in it. Here, dear reader, are some of the features that will decorate the new update.

New features in Free Fire Bermuda update

In the World Series update, there will be a comprehensive change in the user interface that greatly improves it than before. Through the new interface, users will have easy access to all the necessary elements, and among those elements will be access to the fighting characters, examine them and choose from them with ease and ease. In addition, players can switch between skill sets and abilities via the gear section via the lobby. One of the fundamental things that will change across the board in the modernization of Bermuda is the level system. As it will be completely reconfigured, it will be free, and all you will only need is an extra piece of free memory of the smartphone on which you are playing the game.

Free Fire update 1.59.5 (The Cobra)

Garena Free Fire Cobra Update

  1. Clash Squad Season 5 – Begins 02/05 17:00 SGT.
  2. Classic Mode (Battle Royale) Update.
  3. War Chest for looting now available.
  4. Revival Point now available. (Casual Mode Only)
  5. Revival Card now available. (Casual Mode Only)
  6. New Training Grounds – Batou
  7. New Item: Fancy Hammer
  8. New Item: Giant Dice
  9. Map and zone adjustments
  10. New Weapon – MAG-7
  11. Dynamic Duo system available 02/09!
  12. Free Look now available.
  13. In-game Radio Commands now available.
  14. Weapon Stats Adjustment.

Free Fire update 1.57.0 (New Beginning)

Download Free Fire 2020 Operation Chrono

Free Fire officially announced the Free Fire 1.57.0 update today in collaboration with Spanish footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in the all-new game update New Beginning with Operation Chrono. This update includes the character of Cristiano himself inside the game, which will be added in the game starting on December 19, 2020, and here are some new things that you will get after downloading Free Fire New Beginning apk + obb:

  • Clash Squad Season 4 Mode – Starts December 8th
  • Vector Akimbo new weapon
  • Update training areas
  • Bermuda Elements Update
  • Add some new fireworks
  • Plugins interface now supports landscape mode
  • A new interface for users in the Battle Royale mode as well as Clash Squad
  • Ability to set and customize the weapon balance
  • Increased P90 strike damage
  • Increase the destruction power of the M4 weapon

Free Fire update 1.54.1 (BOOYAH Day)

Download Free Fire on Boiah

The new Free Fire update for September 2020 was finally launched for users hours ago, and it will enable all players to experience new features soon, and here are some new things that you will get after downloading Free Fire BOOYAH Day apk + obb:

  • New Weapon – PARAFAL
  • New Weapon – The Flamethrower
  • New Grenade Mechanism
  • New Spawn Island
  • New Armory Menu
  • New features in the Settings Menu

Free Fire Update 1.52.0 (3volution)

Dear reader, pay attention to the next lines, as it will transfer all the features of this new update from the free fire game, which is named 3volution. So, get to know the latest developments.

1. New characters in 3volution

Two new characters have been added to the game. They are the adorable characters of Luquinta (Lucas) and the life of Firebound. They will have a lot of other unique abilities than other characters in Free Fire before.

2. A new pet will be added to Free Fire 3volution

A new character will be added to the game, which is a pet called “Mister Wage”. It is an adorable pet that has the ability to make “Gloo Walls”. This is useful when you do not have grenades that make Wall Glo.

3. Bermuda scheme (Bermuda Remastered) in 3volution

Free Fire will launch Bermuda Game in its new update. It is a bermuda map that was already in the game before. But new places will be added in this update.

4. Add the new convoy crisis mode in Free Fire 3volution

In Freefire, a new mode will be available, called Convoy Crunch. This mode will be available with the launch of the new update of the game. You will be able to play this mode on the Bermuda map that we mentioned in the previous feature.

5. A new lobby and island awaited in 3volution

The new lobby (the closed room where players compete) will be redesigned as well as the fully-anticipated island in full. This will be done in conjunction with the third anniversary of the game.

6. Adding new medical help in the Free Fire 3volution update

A new medical aid has been added, which is the syringe, which the player can treat in the event of being hit by competitors’ bullets without the need for another player’s help.

You can see the most important features of the new update in the next video, which shows the new characters and the new pet that was added, while showing the rest of the other features that we have listed in the past from the lines.

Dear reader, you will be able to download the new update from the Free Fire game from the Google Play store for Android and App Store for iPhone and iPad. This will be available to you as soon as the update is launched. Immediately prior to the update, game servers will be subject to maintenance and no user will be able to access the game in this period.

Free Fire Update 1.50.0 (Rampage)

This update will bring many more features to the game. The update is now in the trial phase, and on the mentioned date it will be launched worldwide. You can download it, dear reader, through our website or through the Google Play Store. Among the advantages that this update will bring us are the new Wolfram, the Falco pet, a new training ground, the M82B rifle, and many other features. The size of the new update has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be in the range of 600MB. And away from a lot of talk, let’s get to know the features of the new patch.

Many improvements have been added:

  • Add a new skill and winning rate board.
  • The new Clash Squad store.
  • New “Hitmarkers” tagging feature added to settings menu.
  • New prizes for the new registration in the game.
  • A new and better classification system.
  • Kalahari will be added to the matchmaking group.
  • Players who quit the round from the middle of it will be banned many times from the Flash Squad rating.
  • The bot takes control of the team members who are not connected to the game.
  • The Purgatory will be made available in Classic Mode, which is mostly populated by players eliminated from the round.
  • There will be many improvements and adjustments in weapons.
  • The inhaler will be added to the EP or HP.
  • Emote slots will increase from 6 to 8.
  • A warm-up time will be added for players to prepare for battle, estimated at 30 seconds in closed battles in Garena Free Fire.

Free Fire game design

Have me put this game in comparison with the popular Babbage land game. The graphics for a free Fire game are fairly average for PUBG, and they look like it in the form of furnishings like the look of tables and the foggy scene of houses. However, the game works very smoothly on phones that do not have a powerful processor like the PUBG game.

And you’ll find the game very smooth on your phone more than PUBG, and you will not notice a fall in the frames as it happens in PUBG at times. This, of course, depends on what you prefer, if you prefer smooth performance then you should play Free Fire, but if you prefer high-quality graphics, you must play PUBG. You will find some strangeness when your player turns around the map, or when you carry a weapon.

The weapons in Free fire are similar to the familiar PUBG game, but Free Fire excels in the presence of laser weapons that you will not find in Babbage. Below is a list of the most important weapons in the game.


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