Download Free Fire Max v2.92.1 5th Anniv. with Ultra HDR Graphic [APK Inside]

Free Fire Max v2.92.1 apk + obb is an improved “official” version of the original Free Fire game by Garena, which has been an overwhelming success on Android, since it comes in direct and fierce competition with other famous Battle Royale games such as the PUBG or Fortnite.

The update here or the fundamental difference from the usual version is that it comes with the option to increase the power of graphics to a level that may reach Ultra HDR which is what the main part of the game lacks so far. Today, we will talk in detail about how to download the game by APK file and then manually install it on the phone as it is not available globally yet.

Download Free Fire Max

Get for Android (Google Play):

Garena Free Fire MAX
Garena Free Fire MAX

For iOS: garena-free-fire-max-iOS

Download Free Fire Max v2.92.1 (APK & OBB)

Name Free Fire Max
Version 2.92.1 (OB35)
Last update July 20, 2022
Size 489MB
Developer Garena
OBB Package

How to install Free Fire Max APK on Android:

  1. Download Free Fire Max apk file from the link provided above.
  2. Activate the option to install apps from unknown sources within the privacy and security settings.
  3. Now run the game.

Free Fire Max: 5th Anniv. [2.92.1]

Free Fire 1.92.1 5th Anniv. apk

  1. Clash Squad Season 14 – Begins on 7/21, 17:00 GMT+8.
  2. New look & feel! UI complete revamp.
  3. Daily mission update: new interface and more rewards.
  4. Battle Royale mode optimization.
  5. Quick deploy of Gloo Walls.
  6. New spinner selector for Med Kits, Grenades, and Quick Msg.
  7. Character skill rework: Miguel.
  8. New Weapon: Bizon.

Free Fire Max: Rampage [2.90.1]

Free Fire Max 2.90.1 Rampage

  1. Clash Squad Season 12 – Begins on 3/24, 17:00 GMT+8.
  2. Characters are now all free with the LINK system.
  3. New “Credit System” to reward players with good behaviors.
  4. Character skill rework: Steffie, A124, Rafael, Nikita.
  5. New in-game missions in Battle Royale Classic Mode – Hit Lists and Supply Runs.
  6. New Weapon G36 – 2 firing modes.
  7. Vibration function (in-game enhancements).
  8. Reduced the installation package size.

Free Fire Max: Illuminate [2.70.0]

  1. Bomb Squad and more customizable modes now available in Craftland.
  2. Clash Squad Season 11 – Begins on 1/20, 17:00 GMT+8.
  3. New map – Alpine – now available in Clash Squad.
  4. Map balancing for Katulistiwa and Mars Electric in Bermuda – Clash Squad.
  5. New Weapon – Charge Buster.
  6. Weapon details in Backpack.
  7. Enhanced Shooting Practice in Training Grounds.

Free Fire Max: Booyah Day [2.67.0]

  1. Clash Squad Season 9 – Begins 09/29 17:00 GMT+8.
  2. Airdrop Vending Machine now available in Battle Royale.
  3. New Weapon – Treatment Sniper now available in Battle Royale.
  4. Weapon Stats adjustments.
  5. Character Balancing adjustments.
  6. Replay system available for Battle Royale and Clash Squad.
  7. Players can now customize the amount of items to drop from bag.

Free Fire Max: 4nniversary [2.64.1]

  • Clash Squad Season 8 – Begins 08/05 17:00 GMT+8.
  • New 1v1 Mode “Lone Wolf” – Available soon!
  • Players can now request items from teammates in Clash Squad.
  • New Weapon – AC80 now available in all modes.
  • Weapon Stats adjustment.
  • Character Balancing Adjustment for Jota, Luqueta, Shani, and Alvaro.
  • Added drag-to-run option in the settings menu.
  • Adjusted rank points calculations in the Battle Royale (Ranked).
  • Brand new lobby design available.

Free Fire Max: Rampage (2.62.2)

  1. Clash Squad Season 7 – Begins 06/09 17:00 GMT+8.
  2. Grandmaster Rank now available in Clash Squad.
  3. Pet Rumble – now available with matchmaking.
  4. New Weapon – Mini Uzi.
  5. Grenades HUD can now be split into two slots.
  6. Character Balancing Adjustment for Paloma, Clu, and Laura.
  7. Weapon Stats adjustment.
  8. Training Grounds Update:
    • Bumper Cars
    • Boxing Ring
    • Airship 1v1

Free Fire Max [v2.60.1]

As we mentioned above, Garena Free Fire is the direct competitor to PUBG, both on Android and computer, since its first launch. The thing I live about this game is that game developers always release new updates to improve the user experience as much as possible for all people and also add new features from time to time.

Despite that, there are a lot of current players who think that Free Fire lacks strong graphics and dazzling colors such as PUBG which has always been distinguished in this particular matter and the level of graphics remained to Ultra HD as well as HD. I would add, therefore, that the people inside Free Fire look very cartoonish and unreal, which negatively affects the overall enjoyable gaming experience.

In fact, Garena knows quite well what we’re talking about and the low level of graphics in the game, so they programmed a whole new version of the game called ‘Free Fire Max’. This version of the game features that will increase the game’s graphics to a whole new level that you might be surprised if you try it. So here are some of the new things you’ll have if you decide to use the new version.

Free Fire Max features

  • User experience and settings within the game did not differ from the basic version.
  • Improved graphics, now you have HD, HDR and Ultra HD option but it will be added soon.
  • New designs for most graphics and characters inside the game.
  • 50 players at the same time inside the map.
  • Battles are still no more than 10 minutes at a time.
  • Ability to customize controls within the game.
  • The game is completely free to download.
  • Player moves within the game are becoming much better and more smoother.

Pictures from inside the game


The new Free Fire Max update may be a powerful improvement to the original game, which is already missing to the top of Battle Royale games on phones right now. Players who expect solid graphics and vibrant colors from the game will likely use this version and will not return to the old version again until Garena releases the same update to the basic version. And the fact that this version comes with some additional powerful graphics features, there is a possibility that your phone will not be able to run it, especially if it is in the mid-range category, so here you will have to return to the basic version again.

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