Download Counter-Strike 2 LEAKED Limited Beta Test ISO ‘Direct Link Inside’

The game design giant Valve officially announced the second part of one of the most long-awaited games, Counter-Strike 2, the “PC version”, as the game was supposed to be available for download and play by all its fans by the summer of 2023. After the official announcement a few days ago, the company has started the game beta program for some selected players.

The purpose of this initial version is to be tested by interested players to learn about new features, as well as to search for any errors or problems with the stability of the game so that developers can remedy and fix them before launching the stable and final version several months later.

Counter-Strike 2
Counter-Strike 2

Download Counter Strike 2 (BETA 2023)

Game Counter-Strike 2 beta
Version 1.0 (March 25, 2023)
Size 19GB
Compatibility Windows 10 & 11 (64-bit)

Download Counter-Strike 2 beta from here: direct torrent link.

Surprisingly, this limited beta of the new Counter Strike 2 game of 2023 leaked on the internet a few hours ago and a lot of people have downloaded it as we speak and also play it and find out what’s new in it. However, there is something that you should know, which is that even if you are able to download the original game files, you will only be able to run and play them offline with computer bots, and not in the usual way, since we are talking here about an initial trial version of it.

Counter-Strike 2 Leaked Online

And if you’re wondering, who exactly leaked the game online? Well, nobody knows that! One thing is for sure, most likely one of the people chosen to try the game has uploaded the installable files online via a torrent site. Note that this was discovered by user Artie Yamamoto on Twitter.

In this tweet, you can see that the full Counter-Strike 2 demo files have become available for everyone to download and play directly without waiting. The game, as we mentioned, is currently available on a site to download torrent files, and at the present time there are thousands who have already downloaded and tried the game, and even some of them have uploaded some screenshots on their social media accounts.

Above, we have provided a link to download the Counter Strike 2 game with its new beta version for the year 2023, but we are not responsible for it, and if you decide to download it, it will be entirely your responsibility! This is because there is a remote possibility, but it is possible that some of the game links available on the Internet will be to download just random files, or even the game files themselves, but they contain malicious software, for example.

So, be careful before downloading any files to your desktop, and make sure you have a powerful and effective antivirus.

And while it may be tempting to try this leaked version of the game now, it is better to wait until the developers make it available to download the stable version of it after fixing the current errors in it, especially since the game is coming next summer, that is, a few months from now, so you will not need to a long wait.

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